How Many Different Plays Does an NFL Playbook Have? (Explained!)

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An NFL playbook typically has hundreds of different plays, but the exact number varies depending on the team and the offensive coordinator. Some teams may have over 1,000 plays in their playbook, while others may have closer to 500.

What is an NFL playbook?

What is an NFL playbook

1. A Deep Dive into NFL Playbook

An NFL playbook is a document that encapsulates the variety of strategies, formations, and individual plays that a team uses in their games throughout the season.

2. Building an Offense

The NFL playbook, on the one hand, spells out the offensive strategies. It includes positional routes for receivers, various running plays for backs, and the maneuvers of the offensive line and quarterback.

3. Crafting Defense

On the other hand, the playbook instructs the defensive players on ways to counter the opposing offense, showing exactly which gaps to attack, the responsibilities of each player, and the method and timing of their rushes.

4. Special Teams’ Role

It also covers special teams’ strategies, detailing situations like kickoffs, punts, kick returns, and field goal attempts, recognizing their unique role in changing the momentum of the game.

5. Code Names and Diagrams

Each play within the playbook is typically represented with a diagram, a codename, or both. The codename, made up of terms understood by the team, gives cues about the play’s objectives.

OffenseRun game, passing game
DefenseBase defense, blitz packages, coverages
Special TeamsField goal blocks, punt formations

6. Composition of the Playbook

The size and complexity of a playbook vary widely, depending upon the coach’s philosophy and style. Some may prefer a slimmed-down version, while others may have an exhaustive playbook.

7. Evolution of the Playbook

Over time, NFL playbooks have evolved from a physical book to digitized versions on tablets, allowing players easy, anytime access, and providing coaches the ability to update it readily.

8. The Language of Playbook

The language within an NFL playbook is incredibly specific, often seeming like complex code to the uninitiated. It’s a language that players must learn and use properly to communicate effectively on the field.

9. Confidentiality of the Playbook

The playbook is typically considered a confidential document, where the intel it contains can provide opposing teams with a competitive advantage if accessed.

10. The Significance of a Playbook

Ultimately, the playbook is more than just a manual; it forms the strategic backbone of an NFL team, showing the team’s approach to the game and guiding players on how they should execute their roles.

What are plays and how are they named in an NFL playbook?

Play is a term used in the NFL to describe a close-to-the-ground strategy performed to move the ball down the field during games. As a unique way to safeguard a team’s formations and gameplay strategy, odd monikers like Zoom, quick ace, and buzz are given to plays by teams. Depending on the play that is called, each moniker has its meaning and specifically refers to actions within the play.

How many plays are in an average NFL playbook?

An NFL playbook is a comprehensive collection of offensive and defensive plays designed to suit a team’s strategy and style of play. The exact number of plays in an NFL playbook can vary widely based on the team’s coaching staff, offensive and defensive schemes, and the complexity of their strategies. However, here’s a breakdown of the components and considerations:

  1. Base Plays: A typical NFL playbook includes a core set of base plays that form the foundation of the team’s offense or defense. This might include various run plays, pass plays, and defensive formations. Each base play can have multiple variations and adjustments.
  2. Situational Plays: Teams also have situational plays designed for specific game situations, such as third-down conversion plays, goal-line plays, two-minute drills, and red zone plays. These plays are tailored to exploit or defend against specific situations.
  3. Opponent-Specific Plays: Coaches analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their upcoming opponents and design plays specifically for those matchups. This can result in weekly additions or modifications to the playbook.
  4. Trick Plays: Trick plays are designed to surprise the opponent. They are less common but can be important for strategic purposes. Trick plays may include reverses, flea-flickers, and fake punts.
  5. Audibles and Adjustments: Quarterbacks and defensive leaders often have the authority to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage, changing plays or defensive formations based on what they see from the opposing team.
  6. Game Plan Variations: The playbook can change from week to week based on the team’s game plan for a particular opponent. Coaches may emphasize certain plays or formations based on their analysis.
  7. Player Package Plays: Teams may have specific plays designed for certain players’ unique skills. For example, a playbook might include plays for a mobile quarterback or a dynamic wide receiver.
  8. Special Teams Plays: Special teams have their own set of plays, including kickoffs, punts, field goals, and return formations.

How do NFL players memorize plays?

As stated earlier, plays come in massive numbers and different variations. As a rule, it is massively important for NFL players to extract and absorb every inch of information the playbook contains. However, players don’t have to memorize everything in the pages of a playbook. The playbook serves as a reference point with requirements and expectations for each playing position clearly stated. Often, offensive plays require the quarterback to memorize what every other player is doing. Blocking assignments, downfield tactics, snap count, passing routes, and running routes are basic tasks expected to be carried out by each player during the games.

How long does it take to learn an NFL playbook?

The content of a typical NFL playbook is large and it might be above a hundred pages. There is a diverse technicality in plays which makes some harder to learn than others. NFL is a grueling sport and requires players to go through the basics. Concepts and procedures of the game are in the playbook and everything therein can’t be taken for granted. Practically, to have a total knowledge of the entire playbook content would take 2-3 years for a quarterback – which is probably the most sensitive position in an NFL team’s lineup. On the flip side, it would take a year to two years for other players to learn the whole scheme.

How do NFL players know what to play?

In a custom manner during NFL season, each play is communicated to players via radio contact for a certain period before plays commence. In addition to that, Players on the substitute bench can be ordered onto the pitch if the coach wants them to have an idea of what to run before they get called upon. Pictorials or hand signals can also be deployed as a means to call plays by a sideline coach.

How difficult is it to learn an NFL playbook?

As an important piece that is essentially required to speed up the developmental process of NFL players, the playbook’s content must be absorbed into understandable terminologies and also stay grounded in ever-evolving and complex NFL games. In general, terms, learning a playbook containing concepts procedures,  and terminologies with over a hundred pages was always going to be a daunting task but could get easier as teams use verbiage to describe assigned duties, personnel, and play side. The Learning Process of an NFL playbook can be hastened when teams also try to fasten up play calls.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about different plays in an NFL playbook. Let’s check them out!

How many plays does an NFL player have to memorize?

In simple terms, each player has to memorize Nine plays out of ten.

How similar are NFL playbooks?

Playbooks come in different variations and are usually dissimilar in content. Some might have over 800 pages while some might be just above a hundred.

Are NFL playbooks sold to the Public?

No! Although there were a few cases of playbooks being sold several decades ago, it is not commonly up for sale in public as it contains sensitive information which must be closely guarded by each team.

Why do NFL coaches use playbooks?

NFL Playbooks are designed to serve as a reference point for coaches to select a winning strategy and for players to understand their roles under different circumstances during games.

Closing thoughts

NFL playbooks contain diagrammatic play designs and it is a traditional term for plays a team can call during games. the content is unique to each team’s winning strategy and players’ position. Plays come in different variations and could be up to 4000 to 6000, which must be closely guarded by each team to prevent the opposition from planning against the strategy ahead.

This article aims to provide resources for your queries about the different plays in an NFL playbook and we hope this write-up has done enough justice in that regard. For more questions about the article topic, kindly reach out to us through the comment section. 



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