How Many Golf Balls In A Box? ( You Will Definitely Be Surprised At The Amount Of Golf Balls That Can Fit Into A Box! )

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There are typically 12 golf balls in a box. This is the standard way that golf balls are sold, but there are some companies that go rogue and break with this tradition.

This Table Below Contains The Numbers Of Balls That Can Fit Into A Box, Sleeve, And Case.

ParametersNumbers Of Balls
How many golf balls in a Box?A total of twelve golf balls
How many golf balls in a Sleeve?Each sleeves holds up to four golf balls
How many golf ball in a Case?Seventy-two golf balls can fit into a Case

It is widely known that around 840 million golf balls are made annually. This is a lot of golf balls to be honest. While most of the balls sea are talking about end up in top golfer’s closets, or in the bottom of the ocean, what happens to the rest seems unreasonable. Honestly, where these golf balls go is unknown to everybody, and it is said that Americans lose about 300, 000 golf balls annually on average. It does help to break down this number into small packet sizes although it’s difficult to foreknow such massive tons of golf balls.

All golf balls begin on the course shops, at other retailers, and even on the store shelves once they’re designed and created. Large buckets, packets, cases, and even sleeves are where these balls are displayed. It is inevitable for you to see numerous different packages on sale when you’re shopping around for golf balls. We heard about people being confused and deterred on their first time shopping for gold balls. So, we don’t want you to go through the same troubles they had to go through. That’s what brought us writing this blog post to make you informed buyers who knows how many golf balls come inside a complete box.

So you may be wondering how many balls are in a box, packet, or sleeve. A total of twelve balls are what an average pack of golf contains. Besides, you’ll find three sleeves known as inner boxes, each embodying four golf balls in them.

How Many Golf Balls In A Sleeve?

The term “sleeve” is mostly used when it comes to the packaging of golf balls by most prominent brands. Things differ in the golfing world even when everyday folk would think sleeves are made with plastic materials. A cylindrical tube or a long rectangular box mainly designed to keep golf balls in fresh conditions is referred to as a golf ball sleeve. Each sleeve normally bears up to 4 golf balls. Normally, three sleeves inside one golf ball pack are always found for sale, which will offer twelve golf balls (a grand total of one dozen).

What about in a Box?

A total of twelve golf balls can be contained in a golf box on average. Three sleeves are what the calls are separated into, these sleeves keep and protect the balls to be in fresh condition. Buy from prominent brands like Callaway, Titleist, Wilson, Nitro, and Oncore,  when you’re in search of most golf balls for sale, luckily their standard pack size is 12 balls. As the standard number of balls in a box, this quantity was chosen decades ago and has been widely accepted to this day. A shipping weight of around 1.4 pounds is what a high-quality set of 12 balls should have. 6” (width) x 7” (length) x 2” (depth) should be the standard dimensions of the golf box.

How Many Balls In A Case?

A total of 72 golf balls (6 dozen) are contained in an average case of golf balls. You will definitely enjoy a vast discount acquiring a case of golf balls if you want a much larger amount of golf balls. Golfers who would love to make use of a lot of golf balls throughout the year should go for a large number of golf balls. A case of golf balls is offered by almost all those prominent brands. You can find two, or even three dozen cases even though the most common sizes out there comes in six dozen. You can check for the Callaway Hex Diablo case, it’s the largest golf balls case out there which contains 144 golf balls.

How Many Golf Balls In A 5-Gallon Bucket?

Most people wondered what quantity of golf balls will fit into a 5-gallon bucket when they see people who carry these buckets around during the game of golf. These people carry a 5-gallon bucket filled with balls that are going to be used for a game or already used golf balls. Most of these people when interviewed, said that they usually fill these buckets with the only amount of balls that are needed for the game with an approximate amount of 50-70 golf balls. But one thing you have to know is that they will still leave some spaces. So, what if some spaces are not left, how many balls will then fit a five-gallon bucket?. Please let’s discuss some basic facts before we reveal the answer to you.

What Is A Golf Ball?

A golf ball is circular in shape, teed, and almost white in color. The Tee is the common nickname of the golf ball. During games, you would see golfers calling their golf balls tees and when they are throwing them out in the holes. When it comes to golfing, a golf ball is a much-needed ingredient. So, you should definitely know that there will be guidelines and regulations for determining the weights and sizes of hold balls made in the factory. These golf balls have to be specially engineered and designed since the regulations are strict.

What Is The Size Of A Golf Ball?

If you want to figure out the number of golf balls that will fit in a 5-gallon bucket, rather than its weight, you must check for the size of a golf ball. 1.68 inches in diameter is the standard size of a golf ball. There had been restrictions by the USGA (United States Golf Association) to fix the diameter of a golf ball at a minimum of 1.68 inches across the world. This standard diameter should be followed universally even if it has not set any maximum value. Interestingly, golf balls with a diameter of 1.62 inches are used to play golf sometime ago in the United States and the R&A gave it a nickname the “small ball”. Mexico and the USA were the only countries where these small balls were allowed. After more than 60 years, the R&D and USGA have agreed to set the diameter of a golf ball at a minimum of 1.68 inches.

Why The Size Of A Golf Ball Is So Important In Golf?

Golfers find it easier to play out smaller golf balls into the hole. Golf is played by golfers on nicely trimmed grass pitches. The smaller the golf ball, the easier it gets for the golfer to put it in the hole. The velocity and speed of a golf ball is determined by its mass and size. So, golfers use more force to play a golf ball with a much larger than usual mass. However, if the golf ball has a bigger size, the golfer will definitely enjoy some frowned-upon advantages.  

Let’s Do Some Math!

Let us think about a regular US gallon of 3785.41 ccs. It’s designed to use a volume of 18927 cm3. When you consider we’re filling the gallon with golf balls with the sizes of 1.68 inches in diameter we are able to nearly think that it is going to hold over 3 100 balls. Instead of asking the issue of just how much a golf ball weighs, question exactly what the dimensions of an ordinary golf ball are. Let us carry out the calculations today. The formula is really simple in case the gallon is spherical in size. A cylindrical size of a gallon is going to be a terrible option for placing golf balls. The cylindrical size wastes a lot of room with spherical balls.

Every spherical size gallon could densely load up itself with spherical measurement balls by seventy-four % of the volume of its. A golf ball is 2.5 cubic inches or maybe 40.68 cm3 in size. Thus, the quantity of balls found by the gallon is:

= The amount that gallon is able to keep or the amount of any golf ball = (18927 cm3*.74/40.68 cm3) = 344 balls.

The math says we are able to fit around 340 balls in a 5-gallon bucket. Did it fit your guess of? It definitely did not match mine. 340 balls are extremely much to be equipped in a bucket! We pity the fool who is going to carry that container!

Do It Yourself!

Effectively, our math could be wrong. Precisely why don’t you get onto the job? Get a 5-gallon bucket and approximately 350 used standard-sized golf balls. Load up the gallon with the tees to determine the number of golf balls fit in a 5-gallon bucket. Additionally, in case you get weary of placing the golf balls in the container one by a single, we are not gonna blame you.


In case you want to count the number of golf balls that fit in a 5-gallon bucket, the volume or size of the golf balls also the five-gallon bucket is essential. Even though golfers utilize a 5-gallon pail to transport an average of 50 to 80 toes in or even from the golf pitch, our math indicates, that a spherically sized bucket is able to have roughly 340 balls. We’ve come to the end of the article. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments on this topic.


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