How Many Laces Are On A Football?

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A standard NFL ball has just one lace with sixteen lace holes and 8 cross stitches. The balls used in the Super bowl are a total of 120 and they all contain a special dye only seen with special lighting. They do this so they can be verified as super bowl used balls.

The laces used on these footballs are only used for one thing, they serve one purpose for the football. They are used to hold the leather and keep it covered tightly and closed over the overblown pig’s bladder that made the ball have the shape that it was given. In the 1800s, they did this weird thing where pig’s bladders were changed into rubber bladders. The laces used on the football would have been changed to another material if not for the fact that football plays were changed in certain ways. The change was administered and supported by President Theodore Roosevelt who now gave the lace on the football a new purpose. The lace was now used as a way for players to find it easier to hold and pass the ball without losing their grip. Let’s talk about the change in football made by Roosevelt and how it has helped. These things are concerned with the ball laces because, in order to do these new things, a grip on the ball would be your best chance at getting it right. 

The Forward Pass

At first, when football was originated, it was a very rough game because players had to run with the ball in their hands to try and make a touchdown. This made it a very tedious sport because the opponents were too much for one player to bypass. Back then this style of play made the game have very rough players who played like animals, hitting each other and all that. It was so dangerous that nineteen players died and over one hundred and fifty players were severely injured from playing the game. This was only during the season of 1905. President Roosevelt had a son in college who liked to play the game, he also got injured and so the President called colleges together to have a meeting with all of them. He made them consider making the sport a safe sport, sixty colleges were in attendance of this meeting, and in 1906, some rules were changed, the forward pass was then added to the play. 

Maintain Your Grip

The players who have been playing this game for a long time without having to make a forward pass, it wasn’t easy for them to get a grip on the new system of having to pass the ball correctly. They were playing with inefficiency till a coach from Missouri’s St Louis University figured out from analyzing the ball that the lace on the ball was the key to having a good grip on the ball. His name was Eddie Cochems. Howard Bosey was the first man to Originate the spiral throw, this is a very common way that these players pass the ball. He was from the Wesleyan University in Connecticut. The spiral throw involves holding the ball around the laces, spreading your hands round in that area. He got the inspiration after learning the underhand spiral from a Native American. 

Alteration Of Designs

After some time and after a few positive test results of the forward pass, many players and coaches liked the idea and they saw what the forward pass could do for the sport. Many colleges started making sure that their players adopted the play and were prominent in it because they soon figured out that the forward pass wasn’t that hard for players to learn. Based on the new passing system that had been adopted, the football shape had to be changed in order to let the players feel more comfortable passing the ball. The ball was at first a watermelon-shaped football but then they changed it to an aerodynamic watermelon shape. What this means is that the ball now had edges shaped like the nose of a plane. The lace on the new ball was now longer and it helped players grip the ball better. 

New Laces

New Laces

The new laces on the football for the NFL are made by the creative extrusion and technology Inc. From Brockton, Massachusetts. The laces of the ball are made through the heating of plastic pellets that turns them into strings that measure from about 46 to 50 inches of length. After the production of the laces, they are transported to a sporting goods store in Ada, Ohio. The footballs are then closed with the laces, people get to hand stitch them after the pig’s bladder has been put in. 

Passing And Kicking

Every player of the NFL has been taught somehow to pass the ball with the lace, there are different styles to throwing the ball effectively, and they all have styles that work well for them. Eli and Payton the two brothers and quarterbacks use only two of their fingers to hold on to the ball. 

The High School Footballs And The Ones Used In NFL, Are They The Same?

The high school players are young players who will soon become college players. As they grow, the football they use has to be bigger because a child cannot use the same football and as those in the NFL. 

The NFL Footballs, Do They Have Laces?

Creative extrusion and technologies, a company based in Brockton are in charge of the manufacturing of the laces used in these NFL footballs. The company has been around since 1952, they have made laces for the NFL for a very long time. They have been doing this for the past 30 years. The company is known for its prominence in making laces for different football companies. 


The laces on the football are very important to the players because the lace helps them to throw the ball correctly and make better plays. 

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