How To Get Access To Nike Employee Store? (Explained In Details!)

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To get access to Nike Employee Store, you can either get a job at Nike and a black badge with an unlimited access. Or get a guest pass from a Nike employee, and you can go once. Lastly, if you are an elite athlete with a signed contract with Nike, you can go there whenever you want. 

Nike allows any of its employees to visit Nike employee store by just showing their work ID so that they can have access to special items which are only sold in these stores. Nike also provides a temporary pass which any of its employees can give out to non-employees who want to visit Nike employee store. This will allow the visitors to get access to the different products sold at this store. Vendors selling their items to Nike are also eligible for a guest pass.

There’s also an exception for anyone who gets married or has children with a current Nike employee, but you would have to see if this applies specifically when it comes down “becoming significant others,” or “immediate family members” of any kind. You probably already know this, but the main condition you need in order in order to get a chance at purchasing anything from Nike Employee Store, is probably having “close ties” with one of its affiliates (i.e. If your relative works there).

How Does The Process Work? 

How Does The Process Work

For Nike employee friends: You can obtain Nike employee discount passes easily by having a friend who works for the company! He or she gives you an application form from their computer, you give them your full name and email address and they will then type it into the Nike employee website to register you.

For Nike employee family: Spouses and family members of full-time Nike employees and part-time Nike employees who are eligible for benefits can purchase season tickets at a $40 discount per game.

For Nike employee vendors: Nike, who is known for being one of the world’s largest and most successful sportswear manufacturers, has a team (Nike Sportswear) that often times gives special sneak peaks at their newest products to special vendors. 

What To Expect When You Get In? 

Before entering the store, a Nike employee will verify your information and your identity. Before being let into the shopping area, you should be aware that each shopper has an allotted amount of time for which they can shop. Once you’re set free to enter this area, another Nike employee will verify your ID once again. Enjoy your shopping experience here at Guest Services because their employees are helpful when asked questions and eager to help with any concerns or problems!

Nike employs a knowledgeable workforce for its Nike employee store, where patrons can browse an assortment of categories to choose from, including: sneakers belonging to the “running” category, slacks belonging to the “casual” category, and shirts belonging to the “training” category. To ensure that their patrons receive the best price possible for returning customers and for new ones, those entering the store will first pay for their merchandise at one register and then scan again their pass on another register before receiving a discount.

Nike Employee Store Inventory 

Nike Employee Store Inventory 

Nike employee stores typically carry newer inventory for a variety of athletic apparel, footwear and accessories unlike factory stores or outlets. Visiting their online store is another way to stay up-to-date on what’s available there because everything is organized and well-stocked. For those seeking even greater discounts when shopping for shoes, look for the wall in back that has green stickers representing savings that could be as much as 30 percent off.

Nike Employee Store Hours 

If you’re curious about the Nike Employee Store hours of operation, it depends on the individual store but most retail locations open almost always between 10 am to 11 am and close at 8 pm (some 9pm) Monday through Saturday. And they are open nearly every single day of the week. For more specifics on how much time there is for various tasks, you can hover over each point listed below. It’s best to arrive early into a store or else you may miss out on your ideal choice in product, as well as deal with crowds and long lines.

Nike Employee Store & Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with big sales coming from big retailers like Nike. On Black Friday, product managers can get vital discounts on high-end products and sports apparel that normally cost a pretty penny. But even during one of their biggest sales of the year, lines at Nike can get long fast as all of you shopaholics rush to catch up holiday deals for your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Nike Employee Store Differ From A Normal Nike Store? 

Nike Employee Store is like any other retail outlet of the brand and some of their deals might make your jaw drop in disbelief. But the only difference is that it’s an employee-exclusive store for Nike employees and their immediate families. So if you see another person buying stuff from this legit Nike online outlet, then it’s definitely not a retail purchase but purchased by one of the employees/their families.

Can You Use A Nike Gift Card At The Nike Employee Store? 

We don’t think so simply because if you read their website FAQs or the terms and conditions of your Nike gift card, it will clearly state that it can be used on,, the Nike App, and at Nike retail stores as far as we can gather from this research. If we are mistaken about this then I would recommend contacting a friendly customer service representative if you have one because that is likely to get you the most accurate answer rather than taking a risk in making assumptions of your own which may not necessarily turn out to be correct and save you from potential costs!

Final Word

Nike allows all of its employees to shop at Nike employee store. It makes sure that they have access to special items which are only sold in these stores. They get temporary passes as well and they can give these passes out to people who want to visit Nike employee stores.

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