I Am Not Wearing Hockey Pads – What Does This Mean?

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This phrase cane from the Batman and Brian Douglas movie called “The Dark Night”. He used this phrase to tell Brian Douglas that he was better than him. 

This whole thing started when Brian Douglas asked Batman what the difference between himself and Batman was. He asked Batman this question in this scene and Batman replied with this phrase letting Mr. Douglas know that he wasn’t the regular superhero. What we are saying in essence is that this term hockey pad is used to signify the better-armored suit that Batman puts on. His outfit as Batman isn’t just some hockey pad used for protective measures, his suit as we all know is also part of his attacking strategy because he has a lot of things built into that suit. Maybe he didn’t mean the armored suit, but he surely didn’t mean hockey pads for real. We are sure though that he was trying to say that he was better than Douglas and those other superheroes with their suits. 

Hockey Pads 

Hockey Pads 

Hockey players wear two different kinds of pads. They wear shoulder and elbow pads as part of their protective gear. 

Shoulder Pads

Hockey shoulder pads are made with padded vests. These vests are put in the pad covering the front and the back panels. They are padded so that a player doesn’t get to feel the pain when he is hit in that area. They are made mainly with Velcro straps. The straps are used for closure. It has some kind of shouldered cap on it. This is placed in the upper arm of the pads. These pads are used to protect your chest, your rib, spine, and a lot of other things too. Hockey is a contact sport as you know, this pad would help you get protection from other players on the rink so that when you hit them, it doesn’t affect you badly. For some leagues like the recreational leagues, a player wouldn’t require this pad. Also, during most of the training that involves less contact, players don’t wear these pads. They just use it during their normal games. 

Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads

This pad has its area of protection. It helps you get forearm and triceps protection because the pucks could fly and hit you on the elbow or any part of your hands. The pucks in hockey are very heavy and thick too so you would require this elbow pad so that you can get protection from any of these mishaps. A puck hitting your arm or triceps could cause internal bruising and cause a whole lot of uncomfortable pain on your hand. This is why the players wear them.  

Batman And The Scene Where He Used The Hockey Pad Phrase

Most of us must have watched the series of Batman movies and animations that has been aired so far. We should know that Batman doesn’t just do everything he does because he is rich, he is also very keen on preparation. This is one thing be doesn’t joke with. He will always prepare himself for the fight. 

He had a lot of copycats on this film and on this particular scene too. They all had guns, they thought that with their guns, they needed nothing else to win the fight. Well, they were wrong because they didn’t know that the gangsters had dogs for the fight. How many dogs can you shoot? Also, their head villain had this fear gas for the fight, guns couldn’t go up against this weapon in a fight. All of this came as a surprise to the copycats but to Batman, he didn’t expect any of this to happen but he had prepared for it by wearing his tough suit. 

During the scene, Batman got tagged by one of the digs and be sustained an injury. When this happened, Batman made it clear that he was going to reinforce his suit and make it more mobile so he doesn’t get any other surprises when he is facing villains with attack dogs. Just look at this scene and see that Batman doesn’t miss a chance to get prepared. He was preparing for his next encounter using the mistake he made in an encounter that he hadn’t even dealt with yet. This is why he can say that he doesn’t wear hockey pads like these other copycats who think that it is just wearing the suit that matters. 

At the end of that movie, it was said that Batman had managed to insert a spying sonar devise into almost all the phones that were used by people in the city. Batman is keen on preparation. He has to make sure that he is prepared all the time. 


How Is I Am Not Wearing Hockey Pads A Good Answer To The Question What Is The Difference Between Me And You?

Well according to the scene, he was just trying to say that he wasn’t like the person asking the question. Batman was the one who answered with this phrase. He was trying to let this guy know that he had a suit worth millions of dollars with a lot of gadget attached to it, he wasn’t exactly the same as these other guys on the scene. All of the imitators had costumes made from their homes without any super gadget to help them out. 

Robin was batman’s fellow superhero what was his phrase?

Holy. This was something Robin liked to say, most times when he is surprised, he would just yell out holy. This was one catchphrase that never left the mouth of robin. Whoever played the role of Robin in the superhero series always said this catchphrase. 


I am not wearing hockey pads became a big and famous phrase after it was used in the justice league series by Batman. Batman has a lot of fans as he is one of the best superheroes to watch on television. A lot of people liked him mainly for his suit and his car. This phrase has also let us know that preparation is key because that is what sets Batman ahead of all the other imitators. 

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