Is an Offensive Line in Football Really Much Important than the Defensive? (Explained!)

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No, the offensive line is not too important than the defensive line. Both the offensive and defensive are equally important to the teams success, and any extreme importance placed on one line over the other could have a profound impact on the teams overall performance.

Most football coaches spend immense time scouting and buying the most expensive players to make up a more aggressive offensive line. More so, they know that their action would be counter productive workout procuring or training players who would man the defensive line.

The Offensive and Defensive Line Explained

Offensive and Defensive Line Explained

Offensive Line

Five offensive linemen is the typical offensive formation in football which usually consist: two guards, two tackles and a center. Their main duty is to block players with the ball. The offensive line is made up of the most strongest and biggest men of the field and their action or inaction can make the team lose or win the game.

Offensive linemen are the biggest, strongest players on the field, and their duties can win or lose a game.

Duties of the Offensive Linemen

The major job of the offensive line is to ensure that opposing players are blocked. They must be very good at blocking both passing and running. Their speed must be fast to enable them get in front of running backs, enough strength to overpower and quickness to block the ball from small, less faster defensive players.

Play position on the Offensive line

  • Center

As the name implies, the offensive player lines up the middle. The center is the leader of for offensive line and leads most offensive charge. He snaps the ball to the quarterback that starts the play as he makes the call to starts the play that shows other offensive linemen their blocking roles. The center have the sole responsibility to tackle the strongest and biggest player on the defense to pave way for the offense.

  • Guard

The role of the guards is manned by two offensive linemen with one placed on each side of the center. Their major role is to run the farthest with enough speed to catch balls and make touchdown. The must be great athletes with great body movement.

  • Tackle

The role of the tackle is also manned by two offensive linemen and they are right beside the guards on the left and right side. The tackle are seen to have the toughest job on the offensive line because they are expected to block the linebackers from passing plays and much faster defensive ends. They hold the position is at the end of offensive line where they to block the running play. The tackle is the most valuable linemen in the offensive line.

Defensive Linemen

The defensive linemen are the first defense lineup and their job is a compliment of the jobs of the blocking of the offensive linemen.

The responsibilities of the defensive linemen are not stable but depends on the defective technique and this influence their defensive lineup

Defensive Linemen and Technique

They are different types of defensive linemen, which include:

  • Defensive tackles

When playing the 4-3 defensive technique, there are usually two defensive tackles. Their position is basically is roughly around the offensive guards and they move around in many different positions in the same area. Their major task is to prevent the opponent’s teams from running with the ball, but great defective tackles are even capable of rushing the quarterback and taking on many blocks at once, keeping the offensive tackles of the inside linebackers and jamming up the middle of the play.

  • Nose tackle

When playing the 3-4 defensive technique, where there’s only one defensive tackle usually lineup in the middle ( like the center of the offensive linemen) called the nose tackle. He is always alone in the middle and takes hit from all directions of the offense to take him out of play. Because he is usually strong and big, he can take them on and if done right he might become the living nightmare of the offense of the opponent.

  • Defensive end

This is a superior and unique defensive setup and could be used both for the 4-3 and 3-4 technique and also as a standalone. In the 4-3 technique they are stationed out the offensive tackles. In the 3-4 technique they are stationed at the end closer to the middle of the line. As a standalone, they are stationed outside the normal defensive tackles but they need the corresponding power and strength to fiercely battle with the offensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the defensive line the most important?

No, both the offensive and defensive linemen are equally important for the teams success on match day.

What is the most important position in football?

The position of the quarterback is the most important in football. His job is so crucial and versatile, he touches the ball on every offensive snap and is the triggerman for making passes. The weight of winning and losing any game rest solely on the shoulder of the quarterback.

What is the hardest position in football?

The Cornerback is the hardest position on the football team. Those who plays cornerback required to be superior in athletism and mental stability.  

What position demands the most athletism in football?

The Cornerback is one of the hardest position in football (not as compared to the quarterback), with one of the toughest jobs in football. Those who play corners are some of the men with little height on the field, but typically most of the athletic on the field. Their demands usually includes exceptional speed, agility and quickness, are basic necessity for the position.


Both the offensive and defensive line are pivotal to a teams overall performance, any slight emphasis placed on one over another would lead to the teams defeat.

The offensive is vital for scoring points that would guarantee the teams success whilst the defensive line safeguards the teams from conceiving.

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