Is It Good To Play Basketball On Double Rim? (I Bet You Don’t Know These Benefits Of Playing Basketball On Double Rim!)

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Yes, it is good to play basketball on a double rim. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, players who practiced shooting on a double rim for 10 weeks improved their shooting accuracy by 10%, while players who practiced shooting on a single rim saw no improvement.

The table below includes the edges that a double rim has over a single rim.

Double RimTraditional Single Rim
Enhances your shot arcNot quite sturdy
Improves your shooting touchesLow durability quality

We know you might have wondered what a double rim is when you saw it on a basketball hoop. Also, you might want to know if it is a good idea to play or even practice on a double rim. The good news is that our blog post will help answer all your questions concerning double rim and all the benefits attached. 

What Is A Double Rim?

Basketball playgrounds are places where you would see a double rim holding a basketball hoop. Also, you can find a double rim on outdoor courts, which are mostly public ones. 

This is simply because double rims are much durable and they can cope with outdoor environmental situations much better and far more abuse when compared to some other sorts of rims. Additionally, they help protect the rim from getting spoilt or bent mainly because of basketball players hanging up with them or maybe excessive play.

Many basketball players think the thickness associated with a double rim caused most of their shots to bounce off from the basketball at particular angles. They think that doubling a rim makes it smaller for balls to get in. These players complained that playing with the double-rim hoop makes shots harder and more frustrating. Some even prefer the single-rim hoop to the double-rim. 

If you are looking for a wonderful option for young lads and kid players, the double rim should be considered. This is more of a reason why most colleges establish playgrounds that have hoops with double rims. The height of the baskets has been reduced to approximately eight feet with the help of a double-rimmed basketball hoop. This helps make it straightforward and much easier for kids and young players to dunk on hoops. 

Additionally, they suggest double rims are robust and strong enough to prevent these kids from breaking or bending them and the kids can now hang from them just as they want and desire. The durability of the double rim helps to assist these kids to hang up conveniently and also have a great love for the game.  

An arc should be placed on the shots provided by these kids so as to get a go, although, it will require a significantly softer touch than they may otherwise have expected.

Just because of this reason, most kids had concluded that it’ll be more difficult to make shots on double rims. Nevertheless, this helps to enhance their playing skills as a prospective player because they will have to adapt to their shots.

Why Is It Good To Play Basketball On A Double Rim

Playing basketball on a double rim, a hoop with two sets of rims and nets, offers several benefits:

  1. Improved Accuracy: Double rims are often criticized for being less forgiving on missed shots. This forces players to develop greater shooting precision. When you consistently make shots on a double rim, it can improve your accuracy on standard rims, making you a better shooter overall.
  2. Toughened Players: Shooting on a double rim can be frustrating, but it toughens players mentally. It teaches resilience, persistence, and the ability to focus under pressure. Overcoming the challenge of a double rim can develop a strong mindset.
  3. Realistic Game Simulation: In actual games, players rarely get perfectly clean swishes. Double rims more closely mimic the real game experience, where shots often hit the rim before going in. Practicing on a double rim can better prepare players for game situations.
  4. Defensive Benefit: Defensively, double rims can create more missed shots, allowing defenders to grab rebounds. This can lead to better defensive and rebounding skills development.
  5. Skill Improvement: To consistently make shots on a double rim, players must refine their shooting technique. This can lead to better shooting form and touch, which can be advantageous when playing on regular rims.
  6. Strength Development: Shooting on a double rim may require more force to get the ball through the net. This can help players develop upper body strength, especially in the arms and shoulders.
  7. Home Court Advantage: Some players choose to practice on double rims if they often play on them during local games or at their home court. Familiarity with double rims can be an advantage when playing in such settings.

Single rim vs Double rim: Which Do Players Prefer?

Single Rim


  • Smoother shooting experience
  • Ball can bounce around the rim before falling through the net
  • More forgiving for players who are not as accurate
  • Provides a satisfying swish sound when a shot is made


  • Can be more difficult to dunk on
  • May not be as durable as double rims

Double Rim


  • More durable
  • Can withstand aggressive play and dunking
  • Provides a more challenging shooting experience
  • Can help players improve their shot accuracy
  • The ball will bounce off less frequently


  • Can be more difficult to shoot on
  • Does not provide a swish sound when a shot is made
  • May not be as aesthetically pleasing as single rims

Which Do Players Prefer?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as players have different preferences. Some players prefer the smoother shooting experience and forgiving nature of single rims, while others prefer the challenge and durability of double rims. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

However, some trends can be observed. For example, many professional basketball players prefer to play on single rims. This is likely because they are used to playing on these rims and they appreciate the smoother shooting experience. Additionally, single rims are more aesthetically pleasing and provide a more traditional basketball experience.

On the other hand, many recreational basketball players prefer to play on double rims. This is likely because they appreciate the durability of double rims and they find them to be more challenging to shoot on. Additionally, double rims are often found on outdoor courts and playgrounds, which are where many recreational basketball players play.

Double Rims Develop Your Shot Arc

The thickness of the rim helps you to build and develop your shot arc with a double rim. Since the thickness of a double rim is times two of the traditional rim, when compared to angled shots who attempt to go into the hoop, usually catches the ball on shots with much less of an angle. Most times, You will sometimes notice your shot which looks like it’s going into the basket easily, only to find it bounce all around the interior of the rim and outside once again.

The commentators normally make the mistake of thinking the ball is in the basket already, only to find it almost in and then outside again. That’s why they call a go’ in as well as out’ and this occurs more frequently with a double rim compared to a traditional one.

At this time you could be asked, what is the use of a double rim if it is more apt to bounce back balls from the hoop? The answer is fairly easy. The shooter should focus well when seeing’ in as well as out shots and should place much more of an arc on his shot. Since a better arc on the ball has a much better possibility of getting the hoop and makes the ball more difficult to block, a good shooter should always make use of it.   

As a player, this technique will help to enhance your form and help you with your shooting contacts. Using a double rim is a great method to enhance the shooting capability of yours because of this reason because there is much more versatility when playing with a double rim.

Double Rims Improve Shooting Touch

Your shooting touch (which all great players have) can be significantly boosted with the use of a double rim. The technique of placing the ball up quite carefully as well as gently to give it a much better likelihood of going through the hoop whether or not the shot is a tad off is what is called shooting touch in the game of basketball. A “go” (which just softly contacts the rim) had a lower probability of bouncing off from the inner rim and it’s much more likely to proceed through the hoop. A shooter must have much more contact in his shots to help make certain the majority of the shots they generate go of the hoop because the double rim is firmer than a typical rim.

Playing basketball with a double rim helps players learn how to knock off the habit of merely tossing it in a full force and how to throw the ball up carefully.

Dunking was perceived as ruggedly and was hardly used by players during warm-up drills or even outside training. Games can be postponed for hours because of a busted or distorted rim. It was in the 1990s that notable basketball players like David Thompson and Julius Erving of the ABA, American Basketball Association, made dunking very popular by showing off some snow flight to the basket, which brought about the need for more durable rims. 

Arthur Ehrat is the original inventor of the double rim even if some other persons had claimed that they were the ones that made the double rims. It was the Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Innovation and Invention that recognized Arthur as the true originator of basketball double rims. Arthur, who resided in Lowder, Illinois, was a full-time worker in a grain factory for a very significant part of his life, and he didn’t even know anything about the game of basketball.  It was in 1985 that Arthur’s nephew who was an assistant coach at Saint Louis Faculty, asked him to build and develop something like a rim that can be used to aid slam dunk in basketball. 

Arthur used a John Deere cultivator to make a spring and then used it to make a rim that could twist and spring back again after it had been pressured by a pressure of 125 pounds. Arthur named the device “The Rebounder”. 

Throughout the 1978 Final Four in St. Louis, the NCAA utilized the double rim. Although in 1979, Darryl Dawkins’s dunk shattered two backboards, the NBA didn’t phase the old-style bolted rim system until the 1981-82 season when double rims debuted as a consistent equipment upgrade

Final Thoughts

Double rim pushes you to perfect your shot even if making use of it can be quite challenging. Double rims might make the entry of your shots into the basket a bit difficult, but in the process, they help you to master how you can regulate your shots and perfect your form, or else, you just will not make much of your shots.

By forcing you to place much more of an arc and also to have a much better contact a double rim can make playing with one rim easier since you are accustomed to being forced to continue to work harder to make the shots of yours.

Your game can be easily improved if you train with a double rim, as it is a good way to easily master shot arc. Even though it is annoying to utilize in the beginning. Put simply, in case you would like to make the shots with a double rim you have to figure out how to adjust your game, that is an invaluable lesson for just about any player.


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