Is Skating A Sport?

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Yes, skating is a sport that involves blades like runners or a board with wheels that are good for gliding on ice and some other surfaces.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating

Figure skating is a sport that has to do with different people sometimes in pairs or groups figure skating on ice. The game became the first-ever winter sport to ever be featured in an Olympics. It was featured in the 1908 Olympics which was held in London. There are different events in figure skating on ice, the Olympic events are men’s single, women single, pair skating, and ice dance. The different events are also merged into a team event that was brought into the 2014 Olympics for the first time. 

There are also other events that are not featured in the Olympics but it is done in some other competition or maybe just when friends are having fun. Some of these events are synchronized skating, Theater in ice, and four skatings. We have the intermediate level and then move up to the senior level, there are usually two events that are mostly performed in figure skating. There is the short program and the free skate. Both programs depend on the discipline which could be spinning, jumping, lifting, throwing, and death spirals.

Figure skaters have different levels of competition, they start from the beginners level and then move up to the senior level, the senior level is the Olympic level. In the Olympics, there are different competitions involved, there is the local, regional, sectional, national, and international competition in Olympics. 

A body known as the international skating union is in charge of the judging of the international figure skating. These international competitions are the world championship event, world junior championship event, European Championship event, four continent championship event, and ISU challenger series. It is the Olympics so of course, so there is always something out of the ordinary. Skating could easily be turned into show business because unlike the athletes where they just run a particular distance, skating involves people pulling tricks on ice using wheels. 

Most times, after the competition, a gala is held, an exhibition gala where the winners and best skaters are made to perform programs without any competition, it is just done most times for fun. Most skaters in the Olympics do some off-season ice shows where they perform their craft. This is done during their careers as Olympic competitors and after their Olympic careers. 

Figure Skating Olympic Disciplines

Figure Skating Olympic Disciplines

Figure skating has different disciplines at the Olympic level and so we are going to talk about them. Just like most of the sports at the Olympic level, it comprises of different events. 

1. Singles

This competition here is done by one man in the male category or one woman in the .ale category. What this means is that every player has to come out and perform individually in this event. Players that enrolled for this event. No duet is allowed in this program, one person has to come out and show everyone what he or she can do. They have to do things like jumps, spins, spirals, and the rest.

2. Pair Skating 

In this event, there is usually a man and a woman who come out to perform and skate alongside each other. Both of the participants are usually in one team. Both of them have to perform elements that are particular to the discipline. They have to perform a lot of outstanding things so that the judges could pass good judgment and they could end up at the top. For instance, there are throw jumps, the man on the team would have to throw the woman into the air as she jumped. There is also lifts, in this instance, the woman is held steadily above the man’s head in a particular position. A lot of things can be done that would make the judges shocked and amazed by the performance. Your performance also has to be unique. There is also what we call the pair spins, both individuals on the duet have to move together to a particular axis.

3. Ice Dance

This is an event that is played mostly by couples because it has to do with two people skating on the ice. It sounds just like pair skating but it is different because it is more of the intricate footwork that is done in time with the music playing. The rules are different foo. For instance, the ice dance lift must go high above the shoulder and the throws and jumps are not part of the routine. 

We have spoken about the four major disciplines at the Olympics, they are women single, men single, pair skating, and ice dancing. They are all currently made to be team events, since the 2014 winter Olympics. 

Some Other Figure Skating Disciplines

1. Synchronized Skating 

This used to be called precision skating and it is done by both men and women, it has an age limit though, only people who are within the ages of 12 to 20. It is just like a group form of ice dance. The only difference is the extra emphasis that is added on particular formations that have to be incorporated  

2. Ice Theater

This is also known as theater on Ice or as some people like to call it, ballet on ice. It is very similar to group skating but it has a lesser structure than precision skating. It gives the players the chance to use costumes and props like they are facing a theater crowd. 

3. Four Skating 

This is an event that involves four skaters, two men, and two women, they have to perform their act in unison. They are obligated to come up with new skills that would involve all the skaters on the ice. 


Firstly, any event that is featured in the Olympics is a sport, some people see skating as something kids do for fun, it is a very competitive short just like most winter sports. 

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