Is Smoking Allowed On The PGA Golf Tour While On The Course? (Find Out!)

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Smoking is not prohibited on the PGA Tour, but there are some restrictions in place. Players are not allowed to smoke while they are addressing the ball, hitting a shot, or walking between shots. They are also not allowed to smoke in the presence of spectators or sponsors.

Smoking Etiquette at PGA Events

Smoking Etiquette at PGA Events

PGA tournaments are all-day events for spectators and spectators often arrive in the morning and stay until close at night. Many gates are open for 12+ hours, making it easy to forget that you aren’t allowed to smoke while on the premises of a PGA tournament by just taking into account those measurements of time. So with that being said, again there is no policy against smoking on the course at a PGA tournament but if you are concerned about what others may think of you should they see you participating in this prohibited activity, perhaps keep it at least to yourself while inside any gates would be optimal so as not embarrass or give individuals the impression that smoking is permitted anywhere other than designated areas on this licensed property.

Smoking indoors is actually prohibited, so please don’t break the rules. This particular flight will be filled with children, young and old alike as well as fellow passengers who will not appreciate cigarette smoke in such tight quarters. So while many airlines maintain that they do not prohibit smoking on flights, you might want to abide by this rule of thumb: if there are other people around, then it’s best to wait until you’re alone before pulling out a bottle or packet.

Although smoking is not forbidden at PGA events, the PGA does reserve the right to keep anyone who is acting in a manner that might be considered abusive, derogatory, rude or aggressive from attending its events. We don’t expect you would encounter issues for choosing to smoke during a PGA tournament but just to be safe and courteous of your fellow players, if you do choose to do so, stick around close by where it can be seen and make sure you’re being mindful of those around you.

Can PGA Tour Players Smoke During Their Round?

1. PGA Tour’s Official Regulations

The PGA Tour’s official rulebook remains silent on this matter. There are no explicit rules that either permit or prohibit smoking during the course of the tour.

2. Player Conduct Expectations

While there are no distinct rules, the players are expected to conduct themselves within the confines of professionalism. The PGA tour arguably discourages behaviors that could tarnish the image of the sport, including public smoking.

3. Health and Performance Considerations

From a health perspective, smoking could potentially impact a player’s performance. Stamina, concentration, and lung capacity can all be adversely affected by smoking, which could be detrimental in the demanding environment of professional golf.

4. Public Image and Perception

Many professional golfers are aware of their roles as public figures and prefer not to smoke on the course due to the potential negative image it might generate with fans, sponsors, and upcoming players seeking role models.

5. Exceptions to the Rule

Despite the lack of explicit prohibitions, a handful of players have been noted for smoking during rounds. Notably, Spaniard golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez is often seen with a cigar during his rounds.

6. Use of Alternatives: Smokeless Tobacco

Some PGA Tour players have, over the years, been known to use smokeless tobacco during their rounds as an alternative to smoking.

In conclusion, while the PGA Tour does not officially restrict smoking during the round, the practice appears to be relatively uncommon for various reasons, including potential health impacts, public image considerations, and the expectations of professional conduct.

Can PGA Tour Players Drink Alcohol During Their Round?

  1. PGA Tour Rules: According to the rules of the PGA Tour, there is no explicit prohibition on players drinking alcohol during their rounds. However, players are expected to conform to a high standard of professionalism, which typically means abstaining from public consumption of alcohol while playing.
  2. Golfer’s Image and Sportsmanship: Regardless of explicit rules, it is uncommon for professional golfers to consume alcohol during a round. This behavior could risk damaging the image of the athlete and the sport, suggesting they are not taking their role seriously or respecting the spirit of the game.
  3. Alcohol Impact on Performance: Beyond image concerns, alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on the physical performance of the players. Precision, concentration, and coordination are vital in golf. Alcohol can impair these abilities, potentially jeopardizing a player’s performance.
  4. Limited Availability of Alcohol: Even if players wanted to consume alcohol during a round, accessibility is limited. Alcohol is rarely offered in the course refreshments made available to them during professional tournaments.
  5. Health and Well-being: Many tour players prioritize their health and fitness. Consuming alcohol during a round could be deemed counterproductive to their overall wellness and physical conditioning efforts.
  6. Sponsorship Considerations: Sponsorship is significant in the world of professional sports. Golfers’ activities during a tournament are often subject to scrutiny and affect their chances of gaining or retaining sponsorship. Any public consumption of alcohol might be frowned upon by sponsors who promote family-friendly, healthy, and professional images.
  7. Significant Past Incidents: There have been very few incidents of touring professionals drinking alcohol during a round. However, the PGA Tour has had to deal with issues related to alcohol abuse by its players, off the course. The most well-known case perhaps is that of John Daly, who struggled with alcoholism throughout his career.

Can You Bring a Cigar Cutter To PGA Events?

Can You Bring a Cigar Cutter To PGA Events

Yes, you can go ahead and bring a cigar cutter with you. Both cigar cutters and cigarette lighters are not listed on the PGA’s prohibited items list so there should be no problem with carrying them around. If you would like to smoke cigars while attending a tournament, feel free to contact the event directly to confirm whether or not they allow smoking within their venue.

Can You Leave PGA Tournaments to Smoke?

Can You Leave PGA Tournaments to Smoke

When entering a PGA event, you are not allowed to leave and then regain admission. That’s the policy of  PGA. If you are wanting to smoke, there are designated areas around the course that are earmarked specifically for smoking rather than consuming tobacco products or any substances that do not pertain to golfing in the traditional sense.

Do PGA Golfers Smoke?

Yes, Smoking used to be a common thing to see on golf courses, mostly because of the PGA that partially existed in the 60s and 70s. Many players such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer would smoke while on the course. PGA even had an event called “Smoker’s Tour” during some years in the 1960s – 1970s. However, it has since been banned, and almost only professionals participate in smoking on the field; usually those who are over age 50 years old.

Today, most golfers feel stressed out by sponsors who want them to quit smoking while on the course. Some golfers choose not to smoke for health reasons or to be an example for the younger players in their peer group. Many caddies smoke while on the course and in major tournaments. In recent years, some of the most notable smokers on tour are John Daly and Miguel Angel Jimenez, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the highest-ranked golfers in history.

Prohibited Items at PGA Events

Here are list of the items that are not allowed at PGA Events;


The best way to make sure you are able to take things into the golf event with you is by bringing along a clear plastic bag. If you are planning on traveling with anything important, small handbags can come along too. No big backpacks will be allowed once entering a PGA tournament and none of them will be allowed inside without being made clear.


Are you thinking of bringing some alcoholic drinks with you to a PGA tournament? Well, all drinks including coolers are banned from being brought in.


Chairs are not allowed to be oversized and cannot exceed the size of four square feet including the legs. Some venues do allow larger chairs, but if yours is too big you may need to remove it from its bag before you enter the tournament.


Food photographers and videographers who are interested in capturing footage at PGA events must apply for media credentials ahead of time. Certain items, like DSLR cameras and Phantom 1+ drones, may or may not be allowed on the course grounds during practice rounds. Check with your event.

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