Is Track A Sport? (All You Need To Know!)

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Yes! The track is a sport that delivers outstanding benefits like proper running techniques for any kind of running, such as sprinting and distance. Generally, it involves various types of athletic events. Besides, participating in the track can be one of the most effective ways to stay in shape and train for other sports. 

Track and field have been noteworthy in the world of athletics and sporting events for a long time now. Dating back to around 776 B.C, it is one of the oldest sports. This event debuted on the first Olympic games held in ancient Greece. Sprinting, the long jump, and discus were the first track and field events. 

The Table Below Consists Of The General Chronological Timeline Of Track And Field Events. 

Outdoor TrackOutdoor FieldIndoor TrackIndoor Field
Team 800m relayDiscus throwTeam 800m relayHigh jump
110m high hurdlesHigh jump55m high hurdlesLong jump
100m sprintJavelin throw55m sprintPole Vault
Team 200m relayLong jumpTeam 200m relayShot put
1600m runPole vault1600m runTriple Jump
Team 100m relayShot put400m sprint
400m sprintTriple jump55m low hurdles
300m low hurdles800m run
800m run300m sprint
200m sprint3200m run
3200m runTeam 400m relay

Track Events

Track Events

Generally, track and field events are classified into two categories, and this includes; track events or field events. Track events are subdivided into three segments. Each segment presents participants with a different challenge. These three segments include relaying runs or sprints, running on a track over a defined distance, and running or sprinting with obstacles on the track. Participants of track events have one main objective, and that’s to run from one location to another in the shortest amount of time. We’ve listed some of the most famous running activities of the track events. They include; Steeplechase races (3000m), Long distance races (5km, 10km, half marathon, full marathon), Short distance sprints (100m, 200m, 400m), Relay races (4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m), Hurdle races (100m, 110m, 400m), and Middle distance races (800m, 1500m, 1600m, 2000m, 3000m). 

Field Events

The other half of track and field activities are completed by the field events. Endurance and speed are the skills that are required for participating in field events. Unlike running tracks that are performed in small areas, field events are performed in large open areas. Field events can be divided into two categories. These include throwing events and jumping events. We’ve made a list of the commonly played and viewed field events. They include; Discus (throw), Hammer throw, Javelin throw, Long jump, Pole vault, Shot put (throw), High jump, and Triple jump. 

Major Olympic Athletics Events

Major Olympic Athletics Events

Here is the list of a few track and field events that are included in the Olympic Games. 

1. Pole Vault — it is an athletics event in which participants use a flexible pole to leap over a bar.  

2. Javelin — this is a track and field event that requires participants to throw a spear-like implement as far as possible.

3. Shot put — this track and field event involves participants throwing a heavy metal ball for maximum distance.

4. Hammer throw — it is a track and field event in the Olympics and it involves participants throwing a heavyweight at the end of a wire is thrown for distance.

5. Discus — athletes attempt to throw a heavy disc object far as they can. Participants with the highest distance win. 

6. High Jump — it is a Track and Field event in the Olympics, and involves participants attempting to jump over the highest bar.

7. Heptathlon — a track and field multi-event in the women category including seven other events.

8. Sprint (Athletics) — they are running events over short distances, like 100m, 200m, 400m.

9. Relay Running — in this field and track event, athletes compete as a team, while passing a baton from one runner to the next. 


We’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers about track and field as a sport. Let’s check them out! 

Why Do People Say Track Isn’t A Sport?

People who say the track isn’t a sport are ignorant of the true definition of a sport. Since a sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill where an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment according to the Oxford dictionary. Nonetheless, Track and Field are one of the purest forms of sports in the world today. 

Is Track A Hard Sport?

Yes! Before you can triumph as a track athlete, you’re expected to do some drillings and to be dedicated. If you want to be better at the sport, it is advisable to start as early as possible in high school. Even if you’re a newbie, with the proper training and right dedication, you’ll triumph in the sport. 

What Is The Hardest Event In Track?

The most difficult even in track and field is pole vault. It requires participants to use a fiberglass pole while running at full speed to launch up in the air about 19-20 feet. 

Is Track And Field A Sport Or An Activity?

Just like we said earlier, track and field is a sport that comprises various sporting activities. Events in track and field are practices on either a large open field or a running track. Relay races, throwing events distance running, and jumping events. 

Which Sport Uses A Track?

Athletics! Track and Field are classified with sports of athletics and it includes racewalking, road running, and cross country running. Most of the time, athletes who complete foot racing events like sprints, middle and long-distance events, racewalking, and hurdling in the least time win it. 

Final Words 

Track and field events comprise running exercises that range from short distance sprints of about a mile to long-distance running such as a full 26-mile marathon. On the other hand, field events concentrate on throwing events and strength exercises. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know if the track is a sport. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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