Why Is Mexico Soccer Team Called “El Tri”

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The Mexico national soccer team is called “El Tri” due to its tri-colored uniform, featuring green, white, and red, which are the colors of the Mexican flag. This nickname reflects the team’s patriotic pride.

Why Is Mexico Soccer Team Called “El Tri”?

The Mexico national soccer team is nicknamed “El Tri” because of its tri-colored uniform, which prominently features the colors of the Mexican flag: green, white, and red. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. The Tricolor Uniform: The team’s distinctive green jersey, white shorts, and red socks represent the three colors of the Mexican national flag. This tricolor combination has been a consistent part of the team’s identity since the early 1920s.
  2. Patriotic Symbolism: “El Tri” reflects the deep patriotic pride that Mexicans have for their national team. The uniform symbolizes their love for their country and the team’s role as a unifying force.
  3. Historical Significance: The Mexican national team has a rich soccer history, dating back to the early 20th century. Over time, the tricolor uniform became synonymous with the Mexican team and their spirited performances on the international stage.
  4. Fan Affection: “El Tri” has become more than just a nickname; it’s a term of endearment for both the team and its fans. It unites the players and supporters under a shared sense of national identity and passion for the sport.
  5. Global Recognition: The nickname has gained international recognition and is used by soccer enthusiasts around the world to refer to the Mexican national team.

This Table Contains Information About The El Tri, Mexico Soccer Teams.

Is Mexico A Good Soccer Team?The Mexican national men’s soccer team ranked 11th in the World FIFA ranking as of April 2020. They’ve improved and grown-up seven-point higher than they were last year.  

Is Mexico A Good Soccer Team?

The Mexican national men’s soccer team ranked 11th in the World FIFA ranking as of April 2020. They’ve improved and grown-up seven-point higher than they were last year.

Which Mexican Soccer Team Is The Best?

RankClub / CountryPoints
1León, Mexico1639
2Tigres UANL, Mexico1610
3Cruz Azul, Mexico1599
4América, Mexico1583

Who Is Mexico’s Best Soccer Player?

We’ve listed a few of the very best soccer players Mexico has successfully produced, with a focus on the modern era of the last 30 years;


2. ANDRES GUARDADO, Midfielder





7. HUGO SANCHEZ, Striker

There are several episodes in the history of Mexican football, many of which have caused us to be overwhelmed by the fact that the country almost lived for soccer. The most significant ballads of national soccer have been passed from age to age. This is led so many people to have fostered respect and passion for the national soccer team.

First Point In A World Cup

Before the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, the Mexican national team participated in three World Cup tournaments including; Uruguay in 1930, Brazil in 1950 and Switzerland 1954, but were unable to secure their very first point in the tournament. It was during a heated match between the Mexico national soccer team and Wales that Jaime Belmonte scored a goal to secure a draw and they were losing 1-0 to Wales, in the 89th minute of the game. The goal proved historical as it helped the El Tri secure their first point in a World Cup.

First Victory In A World Cup

Right after getting to the 1st stage of Sweden in 1958, Mexico qualified for Chile in 1962 after beating Paraguay in a playoff. After the World Cup, El Tri lost the 1st couple of its games, against Brazil (2-0 Spain as well as) (1-0); the 3rd one did not start very well also.

Czechoslovakia scored after a few minutes of play, but Isidoro El Chololo Díaz went to tie the game in the 12th. Mexico assaulted continuously until Alfredo del Águila robbed the ball and once a private attempt delivered the ball to the net. El Tri was not executed yet. Prior to the conclusion of the game, a Czech participant handled the ball in the goal region. The ensuing penalty kick was converted by Hector Hernández, securing Mexico’s very first victory in a World Cup, 3-1.

First-Time World Cup Host

The Olympic Games were hosted by Mexico in 1968, which led to the promotion of the new sporting facilities. This promotion helped the country to be well-equipped and ready to host its first World Cup. A lot of memories were left behind by this tournament. For example, the World Cup tournament was the first of its kind outside Europe and South America. That same World Cup was also remembered for hosting the Game of the Century, at the Estadio Azteca in a game where West Germany was defeated 4-3 by Italy; five of the seven goals in the match all came in the extra time. For Mexico, hosting the world tournament inevitably strengthened the passion for football, especially in the cities where the World Cup matches were played like; Guadalajara (Estadio Jalisco), Mexico City (Estadio Azteca), Puebla (Estadio Cuauhtémoc), Toluca (Estadio Luis Dosal), and León (Estadio Nou Camp).

Confederation Cup Champions

In 1999, Mexico evolved into the sole Confederations Cup host to win the competition. In the group phase, El Tri received matches against Saudi Arabia (5-1 Bolivia and) (1-0) and also tied with Egypt (1-1). Mexico advanced as the very best of the team and faced the United States in the semi-finals. After ninety minutes the match was tied up at zero and then went to overtime. Cuauhtemoc Blanco scored a golden goal in the 97th, securing Mexico an area in the last point, wherever they beat Brazil. Just as before, it was Blanco who led the team. Los Verdes was today earning 3-2, but Cuauhtemoc took advantage of a counterattack, dribbled the goalkeeper, and also scored with his left leg to secure the victory.

Closing Thoughts – bottom line! The Mexico soccer team is known as “el tri” due to their flag, the el tricolor, indicating 3 styles. The Mexican flag has 3 colors, this includes green, red, and white. Something you need to know is the fact that all of the soccer teams in Mexico pay homage to the flag that includes virtually all 3 styles and that is what brought about naming the soccer team “El Tri”. We’ve come to the end of this blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know Why is Mexico soccer team called “El Tri”. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks



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