Most Expensive Tennis Rackets (A Well-Defined List!)

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The most expensive tennis racquet in the world is the Promixus Diamond Game Prize racquet. It is a one-of-a-kind racquet that costs about 1.3 million dollars. Made of pure gold and designed with a tennis ball on the strings. 

It was built and studded with 1,700 real diamonds that worth about $50,000. This tennis racquet weighs about four kilograms and it is normally a game prize for the Diamond Games. In this article, we’re going to talk about the top five most expensive tennis rackets in the world today. Also, we’ll look into the reasons behind the high price range.  

The Table Below Contains The Five Most Expensive Tennis Rackets And Their Prices. 

Most Expensive Tennis RacketsPrices
Proximus Diamond Game Prize$1.3 Million
The Chanel Racket$1,800 
Bosworth Tour 96 Racket$400
Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Racket$400
Yonex Astrel 105 Racket$250

A few years back, there were about 18 million people who play tennis in the United States and the number is predicted to soar higher than that in the coming years. Don’t be surprised! The game of tennis is quite a more polished and classic indoor and outdoor game than any other sport in the world. People who play tennis use the best of equipment, sportswear, and the likes. Most importantly, the tennis racquet is the most fundamental equipment that compliments your skill and experience level. 

Tennis racquets have seen modifications and changes in the overall build, construction, and technology in the past few years. A good quality tennis racquet will come at a price. Although that’s not to say that there are no affordable options. If you’re looking for a reasonably durable racket for a low as $20, you will definitely find one on the market today. The market has a lot of manufacturers who are dedicated to providing affordable, average-quality racquets. But it is ideal for you to know that the average quality racket won’t get you anywhere especially if you’re a newbie that is aspiring to become a professional or a professional aspiring to become as elite. The import of playing with a top-quality tennis racquet can’t be underemphasized even if some part of top-class tennis depends on your skills and experience. 

High-quality racquets can be really expensive for people on a tight budget. We’re talking about a price range of about $700 at least. Rackets that costs this much usually comes with the latest technology, great durability, numerous beneficial features, and high versatility. So, you’ll definitely have the best value for your money when you know how to use this equipment properly on the court. So, let’s quickly take a look at the top fist most expensive tennis racquet and what constitutes their high prices. 

5 Most Expensive Tennis Racket In The World

5 Most Expensive Tennis Racket In The World

 We’ve listed five top expensive racquets in the world today. Let’s find out some facts about them! 

1.The Proximus Diamond Game Prize

The first on our list is the Proximus Diamond Game Prize. This racquet has an unbelievable price for just one piece of equipment. It cost about $1.3 million which makes it the most expensive tennis racquet in the world today. Besides, it is a one-of-a-kind racquet that requires you to break the bank before you can get it. Wonder why it comes at an absorb price? Proximus Diamond racket is made of pure gold and designed with a tennis ball on the strings. 

Furthermore, it was built and studded with 1,700 real diamonds that worth about $50,000. This tennis racquet weighs about four kilograms and it is normally a game prize for the Diamond Games. Before you can be qualified to acquire this costly tennis equipment, you must have won three Diamond Games Racket tournaments within five years. Any player who wins this beaut has surely hit the jackpot! 

2. The Chanel Racket

The Chanel racket is the second most expensive tennis racket in the world today. It is mostly used by the wealthiest lovers of the game of tennis. This gear boasts a CC logo printed on the center of the string mesh. There’s also a Chanel sports bag with straps. Chanel recently includes the entire set of this racquet in their line of sports equipment. 

The brand “Chanel” is known for its high-quality products at exorbitant prices. Chanel products hardly price anything below a thousand dollars. This Chanel racket is about $1,800 without any customizations or integrations. You should surely expect a higher price if you want additional customizations. 

3. Bosworth Tour 96 Racket

After listing the first two most expensive racquets above a thousand dollars, it’s time to consider the ones under five hundred dollars. The Bosworth Tour 96 is an ideal option for people who are rich enough to invest $400 on a racket. The Bosworth Company is a family-owned manufacturer of this high-priced piece. Coming with a unique ten-head design, this gear is a top-performing option. 

We loved every bit of the Bosworth Tour 96 from its high-quality design to exceptional grip to high durability to great build quality. Another thing you’ll love about Bosworth rackets is that they are custom-made on-demand and they are designed to suit your needs and preferences. Ordinarily, this racquet weighs about 345 grams, but you should expect it to increase if you’re going for any add-ons. 

4. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Racket

Wilson is another well-respected brand in the tennis industry. And this particular model is endorsed by none other than the 20-time Grand Slam champ Roger Federer. Roger Federer has been using this particular design for half a decade now. Wilson designed it to deliver surgical precision and sustain string tension of 60 pounds even in the most challenging settings. 

The racquet was made to be durable and lightweight, thanks to the leather handle and graphite-aramid frame. It weighs around 360 grams and comes with similar features to Roger’s original RF97A tennis racket. A lot of tennis players are lucky to get this one for about $400 with customs. Besides, there are variants with lower build quality at less expensive prices. 

5. Yonex Astrel 105 Racket

The Yonex Astrel 105 is an ideal option for both experienced players and newbies. It is one of the most expensive rackets on the market today. Yonex Astrel 105 can sustain strong tension of 55 pounds. It is lightweight and easy to carry with a good grip. This racquet costs about $250 which is considered a good price especially when compared to other racquets on the market today. 

What Makes A Racket Expensive?

What Makes A Racket Expensive

There are some factors responsible for the high prices of tennis rackets on the market today. We’ve listed them below. 

Build Quality: Expert craftsmanship utilizes reinforced materials and strongly woven tensile fabric to make the racket feels good and comfortable during a first-time experience. Rackets are more expensive when they are equipped with exceptional build quality which offers more durability. 

Technology: Modern racquets now come with some remarkable innovations which is one of the causes for the high price range. Some of these remarkable innovations include carbon stabilizing, synthetic leather grip, shockproofing, AirLite alloy, and many more. 

Material: For exceptional durability and stability, a well-constructed racket will make use of high-quality materials like metallic or aluminum alloys. 

Are More Expensive Tennis Rackets Better?

Are More Expensive Tennis Rackets Better

Yes! Generally, tennis racquets with a high price range come with a great strong job. Don’t forget how important the strings are. They make contact with the ball during a play. So, you would want to buy racquets with great strings that do not cut out easily. Most of the less expensive will likely have low-quality strings that do not feel good. 

How Much Is A High-End Tennis Racket?

The Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 is one of the most affordable high-end tennis rackets endorsed by Roger Federer. It costs about $400 with a custom paint job. However, you should know that there are lower-end racquets from Wilson around $30-$40. 

Why Do Tennis Racquets Cost So Much On The Market?

The truth is the game of tennis is a classic and sophisticated sport just like golf. Rich people love to play tennis and the manufacturers are aware of that. More of a reason while retailers raise prices on the recent tennis gear for higher profit. No matter how high the prices are, some people can afford it. If you can’t afford the latest version with high prices, then we advise that you go for cheaper options with reasonable quality. 

How Much Should You Spend On A Tennis Racket?

Tennis rackets are a fundamental gear required to play tennis. There is a really expensive investment but that’s not to say that you won’t find a decent option in an affordable price range starting as low as $30 for a newbie player and $60 for an average level player.

Closing Thoughts 

The Proximus Diamond Game Prize costs about $1.3 million which makes it the most expensive tennis racquet in the world today. This racquet has an unbelievable price for just one piece of equipment. Also, the Chanel racquet, Bosworth Tour 96, Wilson Pro Staff RF97 2018 racket., Yonex Astrel 105 racket all made the list of the top five most expensive rackets in the world of tennis. These tennis equipment are outrageously expensive and they do not guarantee the best performance, especially if you’re not a skilled player. No matter how expensive a tennis racquet is, it can only improve your skill but will not make you the best tennis player overnight. 

We’ve reached the end of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the most expensive tennis rackets.. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!


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