Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe For An Incredible Golf Experience (Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide!)

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Nike has maintained a rich history of making premium quality golf shoes and other Sports footwear in general. They’ve got themselves a reputable name for more than three decades now. One of the notable reasons why people patronize this reliable brand is because they are assured of high-quality products at reasonable prices, and this [amazon link=”B08WHGSKZX” title=”Nike Max 270 golf shoe” /] is no different! 

As you know, a lot of top professionals including Patrick Reed, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooks Koepka, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Rory Mcllroy have been seen wearing Nike’s footwear and attire these days. This makes Nike much more popular and many people are looking to buy more of their footwear for both men and women. 

So, be assured that you will get high-quality performance from any of Nike’s products including the Nike Max 270 golf shoe that we are going to talk about today. 

What Is The Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe? 

Nike Max 270 golf shoes are specifically designed and built to give golfers flexibility, balance, and stability during the unique motion of a golf swing. Nike designed this model especially with the golf swing in mind. 

Who Is The Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe For? 

The Nike Max 270 golf shoe boasts multipurpose use, making it suitable for both professional and amateur golfers. So, if you’re a beginner or a pro, the Nike Max 270 golf shoe is perfect for you. 

How Much Does The Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe Cost? 

The Nike Max 270 golf shoe is cost-effective and available for about $150. You can get a pair of these outstanding golf shoes on Amazon.

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What Are The Nike Max 270 Golf Shoes Used For? 

Nike Air Max 270 footwear is majorly designed for golfing purposes, but you can wear it as casual wear, for running at a short distance, basketball, and other purposes.

Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe In-depth Review 

Nike announced that they won’t be making golf balls, bags, and clubs anymore back in 2016. Surprisingly, they went ahead to become one of the biggest manufacturers of the best golf shoes in the industry. Today, Nike shoes are popularly known for their variety of styles and high-quality designs at reasonable prices. More of a reason why the world’s best golfers endorse the brand’s footwear.

And today, we’ll be reviewing the Max 270 golf shoe which is one of the most popular golf shoes in the golf world today. Truthfully, there are hundreds of different Nike footwear out there on the market. But we’ll be talking about Max 270 golf shoe because it is packed with multiple beneficial features for golfers of all levels.

You’ll get to know all of its features and benefits. Also, we’ve composed a detailed buyer’s guide to help make the right buying decision. We hope our comprehensive research guides you through the right shopping path. 

Talking of great construction, the Nike Max 270 golf shoe was designed with the construction of a sleeve-like mesh upper. Nike used high-quality, waterproof material for the upper of this footwear. It is a unique material that helps make the upper more breathable and durable. Besides, there’s an innovative traction system that helps to deliver a nice grip and better comfort on the course. The outsole also has a good perimeter designed to improve the grip during rotational movements on the course. 

Beneficial Features Of Nike Max 270 Golf Shoe

The Nike Max 270 golf shoe has a lot of beneficial features which make it popular among other models on the market. Let’s check out what makes it unique! 

1. Sleeve-Like Mesh Upper 

Nike designed this model to be their homage to the original Big Air icon shoe. It’s made with a sleeve-like mesh upper which is completely breathable and helps keep out water. This mesh upper material also helps make the shoe much easier to clean and maintain. You don’t have to be scared of using this pair during wet weather conditions on the course. It’s completely easy to clean. 

2. Innovative Traction System 

In terms of traction and grip, this golf shoe features an innovative traction system that delivers incredible grip and traction on the course especially when you’re taking a swing. Also, Nike reinforced the perimeter of the outsole especially to add to the grip mostly during rotational motion. 

3. Large Air Max Design 

Concerning its comfort, there’s a large Air Max design that delivers a plush and very soft cushioning effect. You’ll find this shoe very easy to wear all day as it will bounce your feet along. 

4. External Heel Counter 

Nike Air Max 270 golf shoe comes with an external heel counter which helps to keep your feet stable and steady on uneven terrain on the course. You won’t slip and fall during any rotational movement. The shoes are solid, stable, and balance. 

5. Extravagant Padding 

This golf shoe is well padded in all areas to offer maximum comfort to help you have an enjoyable experience throughout your golf day. To add to its overall comfort, it highlights netting that has an adaptable overlay. This adaptable overlay helps to keep out water. 

6. Spikeless Outsole 

The Nike Max 270 G is equipped with a spikeless outsole that is reinforced with Nike Articulated Integrated Traction which enhances the clutch as you move around on the course.  

7. 100% Waterproof Design 

Thanks to the breathable netting upper with a sleeve-like top, this golf shoe offers 100% water-resistant. This 100% waterproof design will be crucial on a wet day for all golfers. No golfers want to change their golf shoes as soon as some water spilled on them. You’ll want something that can still withstand unexpected rainfall or water splash. 

8. Air Max 270 Silhouette

 Reinforced with stitch for stitch reconstruction of the mesh upper for a great and comfortable feel throughout your stay on the course. 

9. Durable Rubber Outsole 

Nike designed this golf shoe with a completely durable rubber outsole to withstand heavy-duty use on any surface.

10. Multiple Color Options

It is available in a number of different color options like Atmosphere Grey, Hot Punch, Black, White, and Tropical Teal. If you’re a fashionable person who loves colors, you’ll find this pair crucial to match your personality on the course. 

11. Padded Collar And Tongue 

This footwear has a padded collar and tongue at the upper for additional comfort. You’re ensured that your ankles aren’t twisted when you make quick rotational movement on the course. 

12. Heel Pull Tab And Webbed Pattern Lace-up Closure

There’s a webbed pattern lace-up closure which delivers an adjustable fit, and a heel pulls tab at the back of the shoe for easy slip-on and off. 

If you want a matching outfit for a legendary look on the course, then without having any second thoughts, go for this outstanding Nike Air Max 270 golf shoe. Overall, it is well-built and designed to deliver a tight fit, great breathability, high flexibility, and maximum comfort. It is available in a wide range of sizes to fit both men and women. Just go for it, you won’t be disappointed! 


1. It is quite comfortable to wear 

2. Durable outsole for great traction and grip 

3. It comes with a stylish design 

4. This model is 100% waterproof, keeps water away

5. Comes with a dual foam midsole for great responsiveness and all-day comfort 

6. Its lightweight is a huge advantage 

7. Packed with a lot of breathability features 

8. Available in multiple color options 

9. Boasts extravagant padding 

10. Foam cushioning 

11. One year waterproof warranty 

12. Innovative spikeless traction 

13. External heel counter for enhanced stability 

14. Multipurpose use for both amateur and professionals 


1. Users with big toes find the shoe inconvenient as it runs narrow at the forefoot. 

2. It is quite expensive for some people

Comprehensive Buying Guide

There are numerous options when it comes to buying a pair of golf shoes from Nike. You’ll have to consider the kind of design and build quality that suits your golf game. If you want to have the best golfing performance as a beginner golfer, you need to be aware of the type of design you’ll love to work with. 

Golf players who love to have an enjoyable experience on the golf course should make use of our buyer’s guide. Whether you’re buying online or going to a physical store like the Nike showroom or Nike size chart, you have to know few things as a guide to making the right buying decision. 


One of the first things to consider before the purchase of your preferred golf shoe is the grip. We recommend golf shoes with a thick rubber outsole as it is the best for enhanced grip and traction. As a golfer, you’ll need a good heel-to-toe transition and good traction on the golf course. You’ll need good traction when you want to take a swing and a thick rubber outsole remains the best consideration for better grip. 


Generally, there’s an inverse connection between the performance of a golf shoe and its weight. The greater the weight, the lesser the performance. Go for golf shoes like the Nike Air Max 270 with a lightweight design. It will help you make quick runs, turns, and swing better. 


The comfort level of a golf shoe is another crucial factor to consider before making a buying decision. If you’re wearing a pair of golf shoes that are uncomfortable, your overall performance on the course would be negatively affected. Glitzy and flashy looks might be good to the eyes, but in the long run, great comfortability is the most important beneficial feature that’s going to take your game to another level. 


The durability of your preferred golf shoes is one of the most important things to look out for before making a buying decision. No golfer would love to buy a counterfeit option that will quickly wear or tear off in no time. It is advisable to check the material used for every crucial part of the shoe to ensure long time durability. 


A slipping or sliding pair of golf shoes would jeopardize all your efforts on the course. Take note of the grip and traction quality of your preferred golf shoe. Golf is basically an outdoor game. Ensure you buy a pair that will provide great traction and stability on wet grass. 


You should go for a stylish and elegant golf shoe like the Air Max 270 if you want to make a sonorous statement with your personality in the game of golf. Nike Air Max line has a lot of designs and styles. If you’re a fashionable golfer who loves stylish shoes, the Nike Air Max 270 golf shoe comes with a unique, stylish design to suit your needs. 


Lastly, you have to know the price range of your golf shoes. We recommend cost-effective options like this Nike Air Max 270 golf shoe to all beginners who have some extra cash to spend. It is not a cheap model, but as you know, more expensive golf shoes have more durability, comfort, and great cushioning. The price of this golf shoe is about $150. 

Waterproof Design

Like we said earlier, golf is an outdoor sport and rainfall can occur at any second during a game. You wouldn’t want to have cold and damp feet while you play around the course. Golfers who still want to play some round of golf during the wet season would need a pair of golf shoes with a 100% waterproof design. Nike Air Max 270 golf shoe is equipped with a 100% waterproof design to help keep your feet dry and cool during the wet season. 

The Bottom Line

The Max 270 golf shoe is quite impressive with a stylish design. It has all the qualities known to describe a high-quality shoe. It features top-notch comfort, fitting, breathability, lightness, and stylish design which make up for its high-cost price. You don’t need to wait for anything. Just go ahead and ass this pair of golf shoes to your shoe collection today! We’ve come to the end of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Nike Max 270 golf shoe review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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