Pawning Golf Clubs

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Pawning golf clubs is a short-term secured loan that lacks the risk and cons of the kinds of loans. When you pawn your golf clubs, you use them as collateral to get a loan. The golf clubs’ pawn shop will keep your golf clubs until you pay back the loan.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the few guide to pawning your golf clubs, few things golf clubs pawn shops look in a golf club, and some places to get a pawn golf club. 

Things Pawn Golf Shop Look In A Golf ClubWhere To Get Pawn Golf Clubs
Conditions eBay 
Additional details 2nd Swing

Few Guide To Pawning your Golf Clubs

So that you have any golf clubs you’re searching to market?  Great, you’ve got a lot of alternatives.

But you are not alone.  By my exact calculations based on nothing purchase a pure figure, there are approximately (but just ) 1,252,561 individuals hoping to sell their clubs now.

Exactly, what does this mean to you personally?  Well, in regards to demand and supply of clubs, chances are, even the ones you’re attempting to sell really have a major supply however a minimal need.

Consequently, the initial step in selling your clubs would be to see exactly what they are truly value 

Should you each attempt to sell something without even understanding the real price, you’re certain to waste your time or have screwed over.

Price it too high and nobody will purchase it.  Price it too low and you also won’t get exactly what the clubs are genuinely worth.

Ordinarily, folks tend to overvalue their golf clubs, believing they’re worth much more than somebody will really pay for them.  This is most likely because they recall how much they purchased it for brand new, or else they do not understand how old and obsolete their golf clubs are.  Last, clubs having just small wear and tear can opt for a great deal less than a brand-new club, not merely a little difference.

Jump the PGA Tour Value Guide, which is frequently suggested to function as an end-all-be-all for golfing club valuations.  This is updated and can be frequently just flat out incorrect or not valuable.

A much better approach to ascertain the worth of your golf clubs would be to find out the things that they sell for on eBay.  This will offer you a fantastic rough amount of the worth of your own clubs since the eBay market is so big and popular amongst golfers.

If you’re not certain of exactly what clubs you’ve got, thus you don’t have any clue what to type on eBay, simply enter the name (Callaway, TaylorMade) along with the version name (Large Bertha, Burner) that you ought to be able to discover on the mind of this bar.

Scroll through images till you discover the specific same clubs which you have.  Be cautious, however, because most versions seem virtually identical during the time, however they have minor differences in style and may have substantial gaps in evaluation.

Double-check that you aren’t considering a club that’s SIMILAR rather than the exact same.  When you locate a game, you can choose the title and version of those clubs and paste and copy in the eBay search purpose.  Now double-check that each of the images of those clubs is precisely what you have.

Next, on the left-hand side of eBay, scroll down and then click sold listings.  This will demonstrate the numbers of the clubs you’ve sold for previously.

You will need to take into consideration the following:

1.In case you can not locate whatever has offered, possibly the club is extremely rare, useless, or your hunt was too special.  Make your look wider and see whether you’re able to discover the clubs which you have.

2. Be sure you are considering sold listings (golf clubs that really sold), not simply current listings which have not sold yet

3. Be sure to look at the number of clubs you’ve got vs. the number of clubs that the offered list has.  By way of instance, if your skates place is iron through pitching wedge, as well as the sold list is just for 5 iron through pitching wedge, then you’ve got two additional clubs (a 4 and 3 iron).  This usually means that in the event the 5-PW marketed for $200, the collection may be worth closer to $250 because of having two clubs.

4. Be sure to examine the status.  Do not compare a golf club which sold for an almost new condition for about $150 for a golf club which has much more wear and tears.  Your club may just be worth $80 from the state it is in.  All of it depends on the illness.  So search for sold listings for golf clubs at comparable caliber to yours.

5. Consider into consideration sending: It costs approximately $10-$20 to send clubs across the united states, so things that sold on eBay will generally sell for a bit more (than if you bought it everywhere ) so the seller may finally pass the transport prices to the purchaser.

6. Assess the “finished” (not marketed ) listings too.  These can contain sold and unsold items that have finished.  Green amount = marketed, black or red numbers = didn’t sell.  See how frequently your clubs do not sell.  If you find greater unsold listings than marketed listings, simply know your clubs likely are not in high demand.  The further sold listings before 3 weeks, the greater.

The most essential factor when deciding the worth of your own clubs, which will be well worth repeating, is discovering what they’ve really SOLD for on eBay.  Nobody cares if you can find just ten listings to get $400 to get a motorist.  If it sells new for about $150, that is about what it is worth in this state.

Few Things Golf Clubs Pawn Shops Look In A Golf Club

Based on the manufacturer, a pair of golf clubs may operate between $200-$2000 bucks.  Adding a putterwood, or hybrid is often as much as 300.  Any golf enthusiast can inform a newcomer to buy used golf clubs and hit a couple of balls before purchasing new.  When you have clubs you’d love to sell or pawn, pawnbrokers would really like to work with you since there’s a massive marketplace for used golf clubs.  To receive the best deals for your own golf clubs, then here are just two things pawnbrokers consider to ascertain an offer level.


Pawnbrokers will look at the brand of those clubs to think of a figure inside their minds.  Therefore, if you are pawning or selling Titleist, or Callaway clubs, then your supply amount could begin rather large versus pawning or purchasing Wilson clubs.


Pre-owned golf clubs are going to have wear and tear.  If the clasp is worn out, pawn agents will nonetheless create a deal because those could be substituted.  Pawn agents won’t create an offer should they see the clubhead is loose or gets some significant chips, dents, or spots on the club shaft or face.

Additional Details 

If you are promoting golf set having a golf purse, that may add a couple added dollars into your supply.

women’s clubs will generally get lower supplies as they’re difficult for pawnbrokers to market because there are not that many that are thinking of buying golf clubs.

Clean your clubs until you choose them to a Regional pawnshop to enhance your golf clubs look

Some Places To Get A Pawn Golf Club

The leading marketplace for the sale of used golf clubs could be overwhelming and confusing.  With tens of thousands of websites promising to assist, how do you know that the website you’re employing is reliable and will offer immediate payment when your older clubs market?  Here is our countdown at the bottom towards those four finest sites where you are able to sell used golf clubs.

1.2nd Swing

A website boasting over 50,000 clubs available having a 30-day Play Guarantee 2nd Swing is a trusted site to market or trade-in your old golf clubs.  Contrary to other websites, you do not record your golf clubs 2nd Swing.

You send the clubs into the business, they assess the golf clubs and make two supplies.  The initial deal is a trade-in worth if you’d love to update by buying another golf club on their website.  The next offer is exactly what they’ll pay in money for your golf team.

2nd Swing does provide you a selection of feasible costs on which a trade-in or market price may seem like until you send so that you’ll get an understanding of exactly just what to anticipate when the deal comes about.

2. GolfWRX

GolfWRX is a grand golf website that offers up-to-date golfing news, gear reviews, and educational videos for bettering your game.  The information-centric golf website hosts a forum to get re-selling clubs. 

When there’s the main complaint about attempting to record clubs around GolfWRX, it is the website that may be a strange and hard encounter for your first-time seller.  Selling and listing charges aren’t exactly the exact same for everybody, as a few members receive free listings if they have made a particular number of listings on the website.  While the website does have a lot of visitors, the procedure to receive your clubs recorded may give you power and excitement.

3. eBay

The very popular auction website online is really a hotbed for the sale used golf clubs.  On a positive note, all that attention does attract a lot of stock to hunt through.  By way of instance, a recent hunt for motorists brought around 85,000 listings.  There is a good opportunity, but your golf club list will get lost in the ocean of club listings.

About the purchasing side, the broad stock brings a significant number of sellers hoping to maneuver fake golf gear.  eBay does have many security policies in place to recoup your cash, however, also the hassle and hassle of buying authentic products may make eBay a dangerous minefield for your equipment-seeking golfer.

4. SidelineSwap

A one-stop store for golfers, SidelineSwap presents new and used golf gear in 18 distinct categories.  Offering everything from golf balls, to golfing shoes, to clubs, the website gives a huge array of drivers, bar places, and wedges to golfers seeking to bring new bits to their own luggage. 

List things on SidelineSwap couldn’t be simpler.  After fast enrolling in an account, sellers can list items on the site from any mobile device employing the easy-to-use SidelineSwap program.  After taking a photo and writing a short description, the product is recorded for tens of thousands of customers to view.

About SidelineSwap, buyers pay for the transport.  Following the product has sold and the purchaser has paid the vendor prints a prepaid delivery tag, attaches into the packed item, and sends it directly to the purchaser’s address.  When the buyer receives and takes the product, SidelineSwap releases the money to the vendor’s bank accounts (with no small hosting fee.)

Sellers can make positive comments with continued successful earnings and become an Elite Seller on the website!  As soon as they become an Elite Seller, then buyers can buy their things with assurance, which finally leads to greater sales for your vendor.  For selling used golf clubs, there is no better website than SidelineSwap.

Final Thoughts 

We’ve reached the final chapter of this article. We hope you will find resources in your quest to know about pawning golf clubs.

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