Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green Review

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Did you know that you could convert a designated room in your house into a personal putting green, it’s simple with the aid of [amazon link=”B001B6CH0S” title=”Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green” /]. Let me show you, the texture of the mat will provide a genuine role based on the fact that it is made to give a realistic putting experience. What we are trying to say here in essence is that it stimulates the experience you get on a golf course. You can practice putting from a vital distance – let’s say 10 feet without taking up too much space in your room, garage, home office, or wherever you must have decided to utilize this product. 

Leaving aside the fact that the Putt A Bout mat has become very famous in today’s golf world, it has been seen to help enhance your putting stroke. Which golfer do you know that wouldn’t want to improve his skills, most people don’t mind where they practice, backyard, indoors, golf course, it doesn’t matter. Everyone just wants to improve their skills and physical training. Pertaining to this, we have gotten a lot of reviews about the indoor golf practice using the Putt A Bout mat and it is said to imitate the texture, color, cup cutouts, and slope in most courses. 

To improve your skills, even more, the Putt A Bout mat has a smaller hole just to enhance your precision skills as you practice. Moving forward, it also has a little incline and won’t move around on hard grounds because of the non-skid backing. 

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What Is A Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green?

It is the most attractive indoor golfing putting green used exclusively for playing golf. It is golfing equipment used by golfers who couldn’t go to the golf course. 

Who Is The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green For?

The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green golfers who wish to play a round or two on a golf course but couldn’t get any around them. The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green serves as an artificial green at home or any confined area. 

What Is The Cost Of The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green?

The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green comes at a competitive price of just $29. It’s an affordable and pocket-friendly option for golfers on a tight budget. 

Putt A Bout Grassroots Putting 9 Feet Review

It’s a good practice resource for getting your putting strokes right. It is shaped like a kidney, has three cups to aim at, holes that are smaller by ¼ with a high-quality putting surface made to retain smoothness. Has 2 sand traps that help enhance the golfer’s accuracy. Measurements are 3×9 feet, 2 inches of height, and 4.4 pounds that makes it easy to move around. Grass imitation with no skid foam at the back. Bermuda grass gives you a strong feeling of speed. 

Is This A Quality Product?

Let’s move on to the quality of this product, let’s dive right into that. Firstly, the cutting mat has a durable surface that makes it smooth without wrinkling. Also, PET resin is used in the manufacturing of this product. The kidney shape isn’t just a design, it helps bring up a challenge for the golfer to align putts appropriately. There are several hole options available that give the golfer a chance to try out different angles. The only Con here is that there is no ball return feature. However, it possesses a realistic platform inclined next to the cups making putts angle up at the last minute. This helps you to get a more credible roll and distance cautiously without having to put the extra power to push the ball up a make-believe hill at the end like ball returns usually have. 

You know what? Wanting a ball return feature is personal because we believe that some golfers prefer walking down to get their ball just like they do on the golf course. Let’s not say prefer, let’s say they are used to it, that’s better. 

What Is The Size Of This Product? 

This particular putting green is 9 feet long and 3 feet wide having three cutout holes and two sand cutouts put in as a penalty area. All of this makes the difficulty level increase a bit and makes it enjoyable. You can improve your technique on this three-hole green without smashing the links. It is suitable for your office space or home. 

This green has a few holes that are smaller than the normal size to enhance your precision. This is a perfect putting stroke help, it comes in a bean or some might say kidney shape with nine feet long and three feet width with a quality surface made to retain smoothness. You can invite a few of your friends over to spend the night, golf tournament could be a part of the night’s schedule, you see? The putting mat serves a lot of purposes, you can’t spend the night on the golf course. 

What Is The Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green Made Of?

The mat’s surface is designed with good fiber that is constructed not to crease when folding. The bottom is designed with a PET non-slip resin. Your putting green must always have a sticky bottom to avoid sliding on smooth surfaces. The non-slip bottom is put in to guarantee safety when standing on the mat. It also possesses a foam strip in the same spot as the holes that makes it incline a little. 

Where Can Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green Be Used?

This is a very portable indoor green so you can carry it along wherever you go. If you wish, you can set it up in your office, house, or backyard. 

How Does It Work?

It’s no rocket science, whenever you feel like playing, you just roll out the mat and start putting. It is so easy, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to visit the golf course for practice after this. 

Features Of The Product

It is manufactured with polypropylene and urethane foam to keep you rest assured that it will last for a long time. 

It comes in a valid grassy-looking green design so it looks a lot like a golf course, and also so it’s not absurd to look at. 

Has a measurement of 9 feet, 108 inches by 3 feet, it is 36 inches wide and is four pounds of weight. 

As mentioned before, the cup diameter has been reduced by ¼ inch to help improve your putting skill and put you ahead when you play on the golf course. 

It’s been inclined slightly, this is so because there aren’t any flat puts in the golf course. 

Backing is made without skid to prevent it from moving around while you are on it, also to prevent floor damage. 


The Putt A Bout is built to develop the skills of both newbies and professionals in golf. We came up with a few benefits you get from getting a putting green:

1. Enhances Your Putting Stroke

Get this, training on a golf course would enhance your putting skills but the Putt A Bout indoor green would enhance your skill without the discomfort of having to go out. 

2. Saves Time

Driving or walking to the course would probably take a lot of time plus you would have to prepare intensively because you are going to meet people on the course, with a Putt A Bout mat, you train at your own time.

3. Saves On Money

Fuel costs or transport fare used to go to the golf course and even golf course fee is something you could now get free from because you can now practice without having to spend a dime. 

4. It’s Portable

Sometimes you could travel for a holiday and it doesn’t quite turn out to be as fun as you might have expected. You are a golfer, you feel like playing golf but you can’t find a nearby golf course. There is a solution to this particular problem, the Putt A Bout Par Three Indoor Putting Green is moveable and very portable, it is soft with a manageable size so much so that it fits into your luggage. 

5. Not Complicated At All

The Putt-A-Bout is not complicated for even a child to set up and use, you can allow your kids to treat themselves to a game of golf. It’s very light and all that has to be done is roll out the mat whenever you want to play. 


1. No automatic golf ball return 

2. Will eventually turn out to be uneven and wrinkled

3. Some users said it doesn’t really deliver a really green condition 

Buying Guide

An indoor golf putting green could be of great help to a golfer, considering how important it is to improve with continuous practice. The experience gotten from this Putt-A-Bout mat will help you on the golf course. 

Here are the factors to look out for when deliberating on what green would suit you best:

1. Size

You know what? Size is something to consider when going out to get anything, don’t you think? For greens, you consider the size because you would be surrounded by walls and objects. Presuming fixed quality, larger putting greens are usually more expensive and are better for practice because you get to practice different putting positions. Most times with smaller putting greens, you get tired of hitting the same putt all the time. What you do is, measure the place you want to fit your putting green into before going out to buy one. 

2. Material And Durability

Firstly, take a look at the turf of the putting green. How is the quality of the roll? Most importantly, check if it has a similar green to that of a real golf course. Every golfer knows that if your putting green is realistic enough, the higher your chances of enhancing your skill. Cheaper putting greens roll worse. 

Talking about durability, how do you check for durability? Let me fill you in on how it’s done, check and make sure the cutting mat has a solid core that is thick enough to last for a long time. Also, consider checking if the turf material withstands wear. A little trick for checking quality is to correlate the price and size, smaller greens with high prices are mostly good quality. 

3. Portability

The portability of indoor putting green is measured with size and material. Of course, larger putting greens would be difficult to move around, now let’s say you want to move it somewhere else or another room, the only suitable way would be to drag and slide it across. As for the material aspect, rubber would be difficult to move around on some particular floor types. Rubber tends to grip to certain surfaces. This might seem to be a disadvantage now but it’s also an advantage because rubber-backed putting greens don’t move while in use. The goal here is, when you know you would move your green around a lot then try to go for a portable size. 

4. Features 

Honestly, this is not a big priority, if you can get a quality putting green with various cups to putt then you have a good one. Although, some features make your life easier. For example, putting green with a ball return feature would make life easier although most of them with this feature are cheap with lesser quality. More special features are putting greens that enable you to practice chipping or the ones that feature a complete hitting mat that allows you to hit the club in the bag also to a putting green or maybe putting greens that enable you to put in break like break snakes and break pads. 

5. Budget

Just like size, budget is crucial when buying anything. Sometimes you can’t afford the exact putting green that the other guy has, maybe it’s above four or five figures, the truth is you have a lot of options and one of them should fit in your budget as a golfer. 


We hope this article has helped you see why you need an indoor putting green as a golfer, in particular, the Putt A Bout Par Three Green. This product when put to good use can put your putting skills up there and you could start playing for money in no time. 

The features of this putting mat are wonderful, you could roll it up to keep away from the drama in your house, maybe from your kids so they don’t manhandle it, and all of this at a very reasonable price. We assure you that your putting skills would be top-notch when you keep to this practice aid. 

We’ve reached the closing chapter of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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