Why Does Quarterback Says Blue 80 In Football? (Reasons Explained!)

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Quarterbacks shout blue 80 because it is more like a hearable signal for communicating to the rest of the offense. Basically, blue 80 is a code word used for communications between the offense. 

When you’re watching an NFL game during the weekend, you’ll be surprised to hear the quarterbacks screaming “Blue 80” and “White 80” before the ball is snapped. If you’re new to the game, you might be confused as to what these players are trying to say. For a while now, thousands of football lovers have been searching online for the real meaning of the blue 80. And if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll show you why quarterbacks use blue 80 and its importance to gameplay.

Reasons Why Quarterbacks Say Blue 80 During A Football Game

Reasons Why Quarterbacks Say Blue 80 During A Football Game

As a die-hard fan who watches football games frequently, it is normal for you to notice quarterbacks trying to communicate with their teammates with some strange terminologies. The main reasons why a quarterback will use blue 80 as terminology to communicate with his teammates include; to change the play, describing the defense, starting the play, and changing the play. 

To Describe The Defense 

When a quarterback is trying to describe the defense, it is common to see him scream blue 80 before a play. The term is normally used by quarterbacks to identify the middle linebacker during a football game. With that, the rest of the team will be able to know the opponent on the defense. 

Changing The Play

Another major reason why the quarterback may scream before the ball is snapped is to change the play. A quarterback looks at the defense of the opposition team before taking the field with his premeditated play. One of the jobs of a quarterback is to study the defensive formation of the opponent and inform the rest of the team about his observations. 

Nonetheless, a quarterback will begin his premeditated play when he notices that the defense of the opponents looks susceptible to his team’s intended to play. On the other hand, the quarterback makes an audible call immediately he notices that the defense of the opposition team is rigid and very difficult to break. This audible call comes in form of a code word to the rest of the team, to inform them about the change in the play. 

Furthermore, quarterbacks are very good when it comes to studying the opposition team. As soon as he notices that there’s a weakness in the defense of the opponent,  he’ll immediately swap plays. A weakness in the defense might include the star receiver having one on one coverage against a weak cornerback. The quarterback will call an audible as soon as he notices a way to manipulate the defense of the opponent. 

Blue 80 Quarterback Cadence 

Generally, quarterbacks are the players responsible for starting the play on the offense. Quarterbacks use a cadence to move all ten other players simultaneously. Wondering what cadence means? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! A cadence means a set of instructions that are normally called out by the quarterback used to inform the center when to snap the ball during the game. A quarterback has some vital role in the team, especially in big leagues like the NFL. He can make class and run the play, use a hard count to fool the defense of the opposition team, kill the play and move to the next. All of the scenarios that we mentioned here happen at the line of scrimmage as the quarterback is positioned under the center. 

Using Blue 80 As A Hard Count

When it’s a hard count, the quarterback may make a call to use the cadence blue 80 which is quite effective and efficient. What does a hard count mean? It happens when a quarterback has done his regular cadence and then he bluff it at the end. We’ve seen professional football players like Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton handling a hard count. What they do is shout “but* in a loud manner at the end after going through their regular cadence, signaling to the center not to snap the football. 


We’ve prepared a list of the frequently asked questions and answers. Let’s go through them! 

Why Do They Say Blue 42 In Football?

When. A set of people are trying to make fun of the cadence of a quarterback, then the term “Blue 42” is normally used. And the offense gets ready for contact instead of the quarterback getting to the line of scrimmage and yelling “Go!”. 

What Does Green 18 Mean, Aaron Rodgers? 

Formally known as “in the huddle”, it is the normal snap count and plays called. Aaron Rodgers is one of the popular football players that normally make the green 18 calls during a football game. 

What Does The Quarterback Shout? 

In the game of American football, quarterbacks are known to be more outspoken than the other members of a team. They shout special code words like “Blue 42, Texas 29, Blue 80, White 80, and so on. You can also see a quarterback throwing the ball at the ground to halt the official game clock.

Is The Quarterback The Only Player Responsible For Calling Blue 80? 

Yes! That’s one of his roles on the pitch. He starts the play on the offense. So, he has to study the defense of the opposition team.  

Final Words – Wrapping It Up! 

Just like we said earlier, blue 80 is yelled out by the quarterback during a football game because it is more like an audible signal for communication with the offense. The offense of a team uses the blue 80 as a code word for effective communication. You shouldn’t be surprised anymore when you the quarterbacks screaming “Blue 80” and “White 80” before the ball is snapped during an NFL game. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know why does quarterback says blue 80. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks

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