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A brace in soccer is when a player scores two goals in a single match. It is a notable achievement, with 152 braces scored in the 2022-23 Premier League season. The player with the most braces this season is Erling Haaland of Manchester City, with 9.

Why do they use the term ‘brace’ in soccer?

The term “brace” in soccer, referring to a player scoring two goals in a single game, has its origins in 19th-century British slang. Here’s the detailed explanation:

  1. Historical Slang: The term “brace” in English slang originally meant “pair” or “two of something.” It was commonly used in hunting and shooting contexts to refer to two shots fired in quick succession, often used to kill two birds simultaneously. This concept of a pair or doublet was then adapted to soccer.
  2. Early Soccer Scoring: In the early days of soccer, goals were not as frequent as they are today, and high-scoring games were relatively rare. When a player managed to score two goals in a match, it was considered a notable achievement, much like hitting a pair of birds with two shots. Thus, the term “brace” was applied to this scoring feat.
  3. Linguistic Evolution: Over time, the slang term “brace” was adopted by soccer commentators, fans, and the media to describe a player’s accomplishment of scoring two goals. It became a convenient and colloquial way to express this specific achievement.
  4. Continued Usage: Today, “brace” remains a common term in soccer to describe a player’s scoring of two goals in a single game. It adds a touch of tradition and history to the sport’s vocabulary, connecting the modern game to its origins.

Brace Definition In Soccer

Brace Definition In Soccer

We had said this over and over again but the soccer brace is when a soccer player has the chance and scores two goals in one match. After this brace happens the player adds one goal to it and then it is called a Hat trick. For instance, when a prominent striker like Lionel Messi scores two goals in one match, he is considered to have scored a brace, the whole match is considered as one, it doesn’t matter if the goal is coming from the first half of the second half. It is not even an issue if both goals are from different halves. All that matters is that one player made it happen in one match. 

The term most times is very common in the English Premier League, it is mainly used by the commentators in the game. It is an English word so it is best used in the English Premier League as other leagues speak the language that is associated with the country host of the league. Going back to where the word originated from, we would have to go back to hunting. A person is capable of shooting a brace of birds. This is only suitable when the person shoots down two birds. Remember that every player on the pitch is hunting for a goal for their team. When one striker or hunter gets this goal twice, then logically he or she has gotten a brace.

The term can be traced back to the 19th century. The word became a lot more popular back then. As years came and went, the phrase was cut and turned into one word. The terms hat trick and brace are the two terms relating to soccer goals used most. It is mostly used by English commentators because they describe the major amount of goals scored by one player in a match. When a player scores more than three moving upward then the words to describe this achievement might not be used because those are not popular words. 

How A Soccer Player Can Get Better At Scoring A Brace

How A Soccer Player Can Get Better At Scoring A Brace

The most reliable way to get to be better at scoring a brace should be the training you give yourself to score more goals. You just have to make sure you work on your shooting accuracy and finish. When you don’t work properly on your finishing and shooting then a lot of goals will be missed, which means the chances to become a better brace scorer are lessening. A poor shooter either misses the goal every time or gets the ball blocked by the goalkeeper. 

Just like every game, there is a little bit of luck involved in it but the practice matters a lot. This is why people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldinho are always able to score hat tricks and braces. These people mentioned above are football or soccer legends. They have scored many braces in one lifetime. At their peak, they scored so many braces in one season. Most times the chance of scoring a brace depends on the position that you play on the field. Wingers, midfielders, and strikers are always the players who get to score braces and hat tricks in soccer. The defenders have a very low chance of scoring a goal in a match, two should not even be their aim. This doesn’t mean that they are not useful players on the pitch, they defend other strikers from scoring braces against their team

Those playing midfield and forward, have the higher advantage for scoring braces. This is because they are mostly closer to the opponent’s goalpost. So the strikers and midfielders should always practice shooting and goal-scoring because the chance to score would come, it is left for you to use it. When you practice and ensure that you have been about to practice your finish from different positions on the field then during a game you will be able to deliver when faced with similar positions during the game. 

Another thing that made us say that luck is a big factor in soccer and scoring braces is that you might also practice as much as we have said but then on the field, you won’t be able to make a goal or two. This doesn’t mean that the training is useless, the luck of your opponent is just Shawn on them. Also, just like every other game, the technique used by the team and the whole strategic play are very important because this is what would determine if your team could get a goal. 

Is a Brace Similar to a Hat Trick?

A “brace” and a “hat trick” are similar in that they both describe a player’s goal-scoring achievements in a soccer match, but they differ in the number of goals scored:

  1. Brace: A “brace” in soccer refers to a player scoring two goals in a single game. It’s a significant achievement and is often celebrated because it demonstrates a player’s ability to find the back of the net twice in a match.
  2. Hat Trick: A “hat trick” is when a player scores three goals in a single game. This is a remarkable feat and is highly celebrated in soccer. The term “hat trick” originates from cricket, where players who achieved three wickets in a row received a hat as a reward. In soccer, it signifies a player’s exceptional scoring prowess.

In summary, while both a “brace” and a “hat trick” are noteworthy goal-scoring achievements, they differ in the number of goals scored, with a “brace” consisting of two goals and a “hat trick” consisting of three goals in a single game.


Braces in soccer are very common among very good strikers and midfielders that we most likely know.



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