Stanford Football Helmet Stickers

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Stanford Football helmet stickers are awarded to players who display outstanding performance on the field. The stickers are in the shape of axe blades, which symbolize the Axe, the trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Big Game between Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley.

What Is The Sticker On The Stanford Football Helmet?

The sticker on the Stanford football helmet is known as the “Tree” sticker, which is a reference to the university’s mascot, the Stanford Tree. Stanford football players earn these stickers as rewards for their on-field performance and contributions to the team. Here’s how it works:

  1. Recognition for Plays: Players receive Tree stickers for notable plays and achievements during games, such as touchdowns, tackles, interceptions, and other outstanding contributions.
  2. Visual Representation: These stickers usually feature the player’s jersey number, and the Tree design is added to their helmet, making it visible to fans, teammates, and opponents.
  3. Motivational Tool: The stickers serve as a motivational tool, encouraging players to perform well and contribute to the team’s success.
  4. Team Spirit: It fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among players, as they collectively work to earn and display these stickers.

The Stanford Tree stickers are unique to the Stanford football program and represent a distinctive tradition associated with the team. They also provide a visual way to acknowledge and celebrate individual and team accomplishments on the field.

What do the stars on college football helmets mean?

Stars on college football helmets can have various meanings and significance, depending on the specific team and tradition. Here are some common interpretations:

  1. Achievements: Stars are often used to signify a team’s or player’s achievements. Each star may represent a certain number of conference championships, national championships, or other significant accomplishments.
  2. Helmet History: Some stars are added to helmets over time to mark important moments in the team’s history. For example, a star might be added for every win against a particular rival.
  3. Player Awards: Stars can represent individual player achievements, such as All-American selections or Heisman Trophy winners.
  4. Military Service: In some cases, stars may honor former players or team members who have served in the military, particularly during times of conflict.
  5. Academic Honors: Certain teams use stars to signify academic achievements or scholar-athletes within their ranks.
  6. Uniform Variation: Stars can also be added for the sake of aesthetics, as part of design changes or alternates, with no specific meaning attached.

The History Of College Football Stickers

The History Of College Football Stickers

According to history, it is said that this all began in Ohio state, their football trainer in 1968 named Ernie Biggs was trying to do something to make his players motivated as they played the championship campaign. He had to give them stickers that would help them know their different achievements during the game. After he had adopted the idea, different colleges all over the country saw how effective it was on the players and then they all adopted the idea too. Although different colleges started developing different criteria to use before awarding a sticker. The stickers are mostly given out to the players because of their achievements. These stickers are done mainly because some of these achievements were thrown out of history so the stickers are used to remind the players that the team is appreciating their efforts. It is just a ritual thing that has been placed in most of the player’s heads. 

Ohio State Buckeyes Helmet Stickers

The name Ohio State Buckeyes was derived from a popular tree named buckeye. It is found mainly in the Midwest and it has three to six points on every leaf. One time, an issue arose that the leaves looked just like marijuana leaves. Now, the Buckeye sticker has its set of accomplishment rules too. For instance, in a single match, if the defense is able to get five three, and outs, the players will become liable for the buckeye sticker. Also, if the offense can make up to ten plays in a single game and gain 12 yards, the whole offense players would be given the. Sticker. 

Recently, Ohio State is focused more on what the team can do instead of giving accolades to only one player. This is only normal because everybody has a selfish bone in the body, this means that every player can pursue personal glory without making the team get a good win. 

Michigan State Helmet Stickers

Michigan State gives out a sticker shaped in a block of S and sometimes a Spartan spear sticker. Every player on the team gets an S for every single game the Spartans win. The sticker is placed on the right side of their helmet following their tradition. The spear sticker is given to the player which gives the team good points coupled with field excellence. 

Florida State Helmet Stickers

Florida has successfully given each player they have good ways to either win or lose stickers. Their motto says that as long as the head coach gave it to you, he can take it back from you when he feels like you don’t deserve it anymore. Just like usual, the players are given their tickets based on their performance on the field. This goes for both the defense and offense. In the same way, you got that sticker, you also stand a chance to lose it if you cost the team any unnecessary penalties or losses. 

Georgia Bones Helmet Stickers

The Georgia team started using stickers sincere the year 1971, just three years after Ohio State created the whole thing. They stopped this whole thing later on. They brought it back again in 2001 after they played against the Bones, they awarded their players with stickers based on merit. Georgia is not like other schools when it comes to awarding these stickers because they do not have any specific way in which they follow when awarding the stickers to players. The coach gives it to you if he feels like you earned it. 

Northwestern Helmet Stickers

These guys are funny, they only give out their stickers to players during winning seasons. The players get these stickers and keep them throughout their careers in college football. 

Purdue Train Helmet Stickers

Purdue stickers are also known as the boilermaker special. Well, the name isn’t that important, they give out their stickers based on the performance on the field. They stopped giving out these stickers at some point in 2006 but then it started again when Neil Armstrong died. 

Stanford Axe Helmet Stickers

Players are given the Stanford ax stickers when the team gets one achievement for the year. They have to win their biggest rival Cal. They started this in 2009 for the practice sessions and performances during the game. 

Tennessee 63 Helmet Stickers

Butch Jones created a tradition in this team where the stickers on the helmets would be given out to the players only if every play takes six seconds and three efforts. 


Seeing as we now know some of the stickers from each team and what they entail, hopefully, we have been able to educate you on helmet stickers in football.



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