What Is Stephen Curry’s Real Height?

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We all have this common preconception that all basketball players are soaring giants, but a player still has to be the shortest amongst others on the court, and that credit typically goes to Stephen Curry. If you are talking about one of the greatest shooters of all time, Stephen Curry can not be underscored. He has never allowed his slightly shorter stature to stop him from conquering the court.

This table consists of Curry’s height with or without shoes and also the past and present height.

ParametersRookie Stephen Curry HeightStephen Curry Present Height
With Shoes1.91m1.91m
Without Shoes1.88m1.88m

Rookie Stephen Curry’s Height 

Following the stats gotten from the 2009 NBA Draft Combine, Stephen Curry’s height;

1. With shoes: 6’ 3.25” (1.91m)

2. NO shoes: 6’ 2” (1.88m)

So, we will talk about the real height of the one considered the greatest shooter of all-time. How tall was he when he was still a rookie, and did the NBA begin their analysis and investigation? Did the NBA discover any disparity in his height than when compared to now?

Stephen Curry as a rookie measured up to 6’ 3.25” with shoes and 6’ 2” without shoes according to the state from the 2009 NBA Draft Combine. If you look into some other taller heights of some players that Curry come up against, some of them always effortlessly measure up at 7’ 11”. You can now see clearly the disparity in stature, and why most of the NBA scouts were troubled that Stephen wouldn’t be able to thrive in the NBA. 

NBA Investigation

In 2009, the NBA introduced their players’ investigation; they aimed to uncover the heights of the their basketball to check if the heights were correctly measured and they agree with with measurements on their records. To achieve this, NBA authorized each team to assess and record the heights of all active players in their team just before the normal season started.

This height assessment by the NBA started because there were complaints that by a few individuals that basketball players had lied about their real heights. A player had had an unexpected and sudden development spur inside their very first two years.

The assessment of basketball players heights was an investigation that was just started by the NBA because it occurred to them that there had been disparities between the heights of NBA players.

It was in 2009 that the Lakers made the Franchise history of winning the Championship for the 15th time. This championship run made the Lakers’ legend, Kobe Bryant to come out of retirement for one more season. Like virtually, all the basketball teams in the NBA would want new and fresh talents to continue keeping the game alive; therefore, these NBA can always put up a solid team with a winning mentality.

There was a strong draft class in 2009, but with the NBA constantly improving, it requires the best athleticism from all the team. This is more reason why the teams in the NBA are constantly in search of arising young abilities. Many NBA teams set up their squad with top players at the time, and a Big three-team had not been thought about in the NBA.

In 2009, big and skillful athletic players started cutting to the basket, and it made the game much tougher and busier. In order to be a guard, you had to be physically effective at defending and playing against the opposition’s team massive players, or perhaps massive players in the opposite team, or perhaps strong sufficiently to get around them.

People always view shooters to be the last measure, and most coaches would make them stand in the space till the main scorer had the chance to dump the ball off them in a busted play situation. Following Curry’s three years from being Davidson’s main scorer, he had proved his scoring ability with an average of least twenty goals per game throughout his career in the NCAA.

Nevertheless, partially because of his height, NBA scouts were anxious about precisely how he would go with the NBA. The popular Stevan Provic had thought that Curry could not meet up with high standards of the NBA in terms of explosiveness and athleticism needed to thrive in the game.

He also noted that Curry’s height of 6’ 2” might be too small for the position of shooting guard in the NBA, and it will stop him to thrive as a defender at the subsequent level.”

Also, the NBA legend Aran Smith concurred and said that Stephen’s height of 6′ 2″ was just too small to participate only at the position of 2G. Curry was picked at 7th during the draft by The Golden State Warriors who were without Steve Kerr. However, four other guards would have been picked before him by the NBA.

Here’s how the draft picks went that year:

First-round PG/SG 2009 NBA Draft;

1. James Harden:6’ 4” (3rd pick Arizona State/OKC Thunder)

2. Tyreke Evans: 6’ 4” (4th pick Memphis/SAC Kings)

3. Ricky Rubio: 6’ 3” (5th pick DKV Joventut(int)/MIN Timberwolves)

4. Jonny Flynn: 5′ 11″ (6th pick Syracuse/MIN Timberwolves)

5. Stephen Curry: 6’ 2” (7th pick Davidson/GS Warriors)

According to the stats above, most Timberwolves enthusiasts would be in total mess that their teams missed out on Curry not just once but twice. If we see it from our perspective here, it not difficult to view it as one of the greatest mistakes in the NBA. 

How Tall Is Stephen Curry Now?

1. With shoes: 6′ 3.25″ (1.91m)

2. NO shoes: 6′ 2″ (1.88m)

Steph Curry, however, had not transformed a little, and it is currently classified at exactly the same height as his draft combined measurements directly at the start of his career in the NBA in 2009.

The Athletic claimed the baby-faced shooter commented on the brand new measurements stating that’ Without shoes, I am officially 6 2 & 3 quarters. Though I do not play basketball with no shoes.’ For such a world-class player, I am certain nobody is going to notice the additional quarter-inch, not to mention, he’s right: nobody plays basketball with no shoes. It is a testament to his ability as a professional that Curry’s position has never for a short while stopped him from arriving at his full potential in the NBA.

The typical height for many guards is roughly six foot two; therefore, Curry is not much shorter than other players in the role of his in the NBA. But his smaller frame, as well as more youthful face, marks him out as being an uncommon player in this particular sport of giants. Naturally, Curry is, in fact, the oldest player on the Warriors roster at thirty-two, and the talent of his implies that he is able to not only continue with young players but is huge in his position.

It will be a fascinating feat to assess Curry’s position against some other guard colleagues in the NBA. Still, thinking about the quantity of silverware that Curry’s helped the team of his to take home, as a triple NBA champion & double-time NBA MVP, it isn’t easy to find out that any person will have the ability to beat him. 

Therefore there you’ve it, Steph Curry formally stands at only more than six foot as well as two inches in no shoes, but as the champ himself states, you do not play basketball without the shoes of yours, which means you can very perfectly class Curry as six feet three in the game.

While Curry might seem little compared to various other players, Curry’s bronze cabinet fairly definitively shows that becoming probably the tallest in the game does not always turn you into a champion. Curry revolutionized the game with the utilization of his of the three-point shot and opening the NBA up being much more of a shooter game, totally modifying the court out of the cut and the crash downhill game of the 90s and soon 2000s.

There is little doubt that Steph Curry makes it within the hall of all-time greats in anyone’s mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Stephen Curry

Is Stephen Curry Truly 6′ 3″?

Yes, Curry is 6’ 3”. Although there might have been some presumption about the NBA’s official high records, it is later verified that Curry’s height is accurate. To our surprise, Stephen was precisely the same height as a roomie too. 

How Tall Was Stephen Curry At The Age Of 13?

As a thirteen-year-old boy, he was only 130 pounds and 5′ 7”- extremely too small for a future NBA player. He speedily grew up during his high school, and by his time a senior year, he was already a 6 foot tall and nifty thin boy. Interestingly, during his sophomore year at college, he finally got to his adult height of 6’ 3”. 

Can Stephen Curry Be Considered As Tall?

Going by normal standards, yes, he’s tall. But if we go by NBA standards, Curry is not tall enough. In the 2017-2018 NBA season, the average height of most players was 6’ 7”. This is way taller than Curry’s height. But surprisingly, Curry has not allowed his short height to hold him back in the NBA. 

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