Titleist ProV1 Practice Golf Ball Review

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As a golfer, you need the best golf ball which makes every shot go just right to help give you a thrilling golfing experience out there on the course. When a set of golf balls is well constructed to suit your style of play with some decent golf clubs and necessary golf skills, you’ll surely be out there playing at your best. With a lot of money and hours of hard work spent on improving golf balls, most of these golf ball manufacturers come up with great outputs. 

Certainly, you’ll need to practice more to develop your golfing skills, but a great golf ball will definitely improve your game as a beginner golfer or a professional golfer. It does show a little the difference between an average shot and an outstanding one. 

When you’re out there practicing or playing a serious game where nearly everything counts, you need to use some of the best golf balls available on the market. Since there are hundreds of options on the market to pick from, it’s time-consuming and sometimes stressful. But don’t worry, we’ve picked one of the best golf balls for a single review. If you’re looking to push your handicap to a whole new level, then read on to find out our top pick for today’s review.  

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Who Is ProV1 For? 

For a while now, the advanced players have been said to be the right users of the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, but with the help of recent adjustments and technological advancements to the golf ball, any player of any level can play with it. The ProV1 was basically designed and built to deliver to golfers a great amount of spin on the greens and mid-trajectory ball flight. 

What Is The Cost Of The ProV1? 

The Pro V1 golf ball from Titleist cost about $69 for a dozen. 

Variation Of Golf Balls

Variation Of Golf Balls

There are different types of golf balls out there. You’ll see many golfers of different levels of skill using different types of a golf ball. Low-handicap and long-handicap players prefer certain kinds of balls as well as intermediates and beginners. 

Tour Performance Balls

This type of golf ball is designed and built with multiple mantle layers and a core to deliver an improved feel and control to every golfer. If you want the better choice for spin well and shot-sculpting around the green, the Tour performance balls are your best bet. They are well-suited for low-handicappers and even experienced mid golfers, thanks to the incorporation of a thinner cover for a great spin. 

Soft Feel Balls

Do you love low compression balls that deliver minor deformation on impact? If yes, then soft feel balls are the ideal option for you. Soft feel balls are built with cover and cores with low compression to make it fly straighter and soon slower. 

Distance Balls

Distance balls are designed to offer straighter shots that travel distance effortlessly. These types of golf balls come with a solid core and are normally multi-layered with minimal spin. 

TwoLayer Balls

There are no additional layers in-between two-piece or layer golf balls, just the cover and core. These types of balls are cheaper than multi-layered golf balls and are great for high handicap and beginner golfers. Two-layered golfer balls are very durable and fly fast as they slice past petty obstacles around the green. 

Two-piece golf balls only have the core and cover, with no extra layers in-between. They are great for beginner and high handicap golfers, and they are cheaper than multi-layered golf balls. They fly fast, are durable, and easily slice past minor obstacles on the course.

Multi-Layered Golf Balls

Multi-layered golf balls are great for more experienced golfers, and they provide great improvement on the golfer’s feel, control, and ease with shot-sculpting. Furthermore, this type of layer improves the spin of a ball

Titleist ProV1 Practice Golf Ball Review

The Titleist ProV1 is one of the most popular golf balls available on the market. It needs no introduction! One can say that it’s one of the most used golf balls in the world of golf. For a while now, Titleist has been dominating the golf equipment industry more than any other major brand. 

That’s because they have been consistent in making the best quality golf balls for a very long time. Over the last two decades, we can’t say any other manufacturer has been able to gain any ground on Titleist in any way, they are like the biggest fish in the market. Although you’ll see other brands like Srixon, Bridgestone, and Callaway doing well, the ProV1 from Titleist is just on another level. 

Most critics said that the ProV1 spins are lesser than its brother the Titleist Pro V1x. Well, that’s not a fallacy! But the kind of spins that Pro V1 offers still beat down many other competitors. There has been a lot of changes and modifications in the 2021 model of the Titleist Pro V1 which focuses on making the ball more playable by golfers at all levels. 

Beneficial Features

Thicker Casing Cover

Apart from that, the 2021 model of Pro V1 boasts of a thicker casing cover, features a thinner cover, and spins less. These are modifications that make this newer model playable by even amateurs. The competition on the market between these big manufacturers has lead Titleist into making a high-quality golf ball playable by both elite and good golfers. 

Custom-Crafted Laser Engineering

Titleist has really taken its craft to another level entirely. Just like you know, they design and produce manufacturing molds for making golf balls in the United States of America. With the help of custom-crafted laser engineering, Titleist makes these molds for creating golf balls, after which it is then sent overseas for the complete production process. 

Fairly Firm

There’s a 17% thinner cover on the 2021 model of the Pro V1 than the previous model. With this, you’ll enjoy a better spin profile and chip shots when playing with the ball around the greens. We loved that the 2021 model of Pro V1 is fairly firm than the previous model, giving it a better pop off the face of the club. 


The most popular trend among golf ball manufacturers is the enhancement of the softness of the ball, and sometimes it might just be too much. The Titleist ProV1 doesn’t feel too hard even if it was made to be firmer than the AVX, it feels just solid and that’s a good thing. 

Less Spin, More Distance 

One of the things that makes the 2021 model of Titleist Pro V1 special is it spins less and delivers more distance. Titleist designed and built this golf ball to spin a bit less, offering better distance. The spin rates on mid, long irons and drivers are lowered by the introduction of a thicker casing layer. 

Lower Spin Rates

You’ll get more distance gains and lower spin rates. When you play with the new ProV1, you’ll start picking up 6-10 yards on drives and a couple of yards with your mid or long irons. If you’re not okay with the middle trajectory and lower spin rates of the ProV1, you can opt for the ProV1x model as it delivers more spins to those who are somewhat addicted to spin. 

Patented Three-Piece Design

There has been an inclusion of a thicker casing layer even if the ProV1 is basically a 3-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. One thing we love about Titleist is that they work to improve on the comments from their customers. Take, for instance, some Tour players dropped feedback that they’d love to enjoy added distance without having to lose much of the control and patented high spin around greens. This lead to Titleist creating a patented three-piece design which helps to deliver control and high-spin on the course. 

Exquisite Design 

When used with wedges and for chip shots, you’ll enjoy a high spin rate, thanks to the 3-piece design of the ProV1. Without sacrificing too much spin, about 6-10 yards was added to the ProV1 golf ball by Titleist. 

More Zip

The Pro V1x offers more zip than the Pro V1, this less zip offers better control around the green. For a premium, high-quality ball, one can say that the cover is outstandingly durable. With its average price between $4-$6, it is definitely a value for money. 

Is The Pro V1 Golf Ball For Me? 

If you’re one of these golfers looking for a middle trajectory golf ball equipped with a bit and a couple of distance around the greens, the Titleist Pro V1 is still the best bet. It is much more playable by golfers of all skill levels because Titleist has really improved it.

 What more do you want from a golf ball – when you get an enhanced durability, tight spin control around the greens, and added distance off the tee. The Pro V1 golf ball is probably the best option on the market at the moment. 

What Do I Need In A Golf Ball? 

To have an idea of which golf ball worth your investment, you need to understand some things about the golf balls. The “Squidge” quality which might not seem very technical to many people means the difference between hard and soft golf balls, should be well-understood before buying your preferred option. A softer golf ball delivers greater malleability to your club. 

You’ll be able to enjoy greater accuracy and your errors will be less pronounced at the expense of some power. A harder golf ball delivers greater stability to your impact which helps to retain almost all of the power for longer drives. The enhanced power offered here is a top benefit but at the expense of making your errors more evident. 


1. High performance 

2. Quite durable 

3. More distance 

4. Great feel and control 

5. Less spin


1. Fairly expensive 

Buyer’s Guide – What To Look Out For 

The game of golf is basically dependent on a player’s skill and experience, but some golfing equipment helps to improve your overall performance on the course. Truthfully, the golf ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment of this classic sport

As an avid golfer, it is required for you to always improve your game and lower your handicap as your practice. A good golf ball is one of the recipes for the success of your golfing experience. Quickly, we’ll be talking about the things to look out for before making a buying decision on your preferred golf ball. 

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Golf Ball?

There are important factors to put into consideration before you decide on which golf ball you’d like to purchase. 

Anatomy Of The Ball

The anatomy of the ball solely determines how the ball will travel in the air. Golf balls are not produced the same way. The speed, spin, drag, and travel distance are influenced by the key parts of the ball.  So, take your time to study and pick the ball with anatomy that suits your needs. 

The Core

The finished product of a golf ball is more influenced by the core of the golf ball. The core of the good ball solely affects the compression, spin rates, and initial velocity. High serve golfers would prefer balls with higher compressions while players who wine slower swings would always go for balls with lower compression. 

Cover Material

Urethane and Surlyn are the two common materials used for the covering of golf balls. It was in the 1960s that manufacturers started using these two materials for covering golf balls. Surlyn is made of an ionomer resin, therefore it offers less backspin and a harder cover. If you’re a beginner golfer, go for golf balls covered with Surlyn material. Urethane, on the other hand, is suited for professionals as it provides enhanced control and backspin. 


Dimples are really needed for improving the control, stability, and reducing the drag of a golf ball. The more the dimples, the more speed you get on your balls. Most brands use between 300 to 400 per ball. The speed, trajectory, and control of a golf ball are majorly influenced by its size, shape, and depth. 

Ball Construction

The ball construction or layering is another important factor to consider before making a buying decision. Two very different and unique performance outputs will be provided by multi-layer and two-layer golf balls. So, take note of that before investing your hard-earned money in your preferred golf ball. 

Is Golf Ball Fitting Really Important?

Factors like fancy specifications, numbers, and statistics are okay but there’s nothing compared to when you’re testing out a golf ball quality firsthand. You’ll get to know if the ball is the right one for you when the hour has a good reading on how the ball feels, its numbers, and specifications. 

More of a reason why most golfers use the same kind of golf balls they already familiar with. We can’t blame them though, they are only trying to keep up with the ball they perform consistently with. 

Final Words 

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are top-notch golf balls that every golfer must use for an improved golfing experience. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the best golf gloves for Titleist ProV1 Practice Golf Ball Review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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