Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls Review

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Top Flite golf balls are known for one thing, and that’s with their exemplary features at a reasonable price. During the past few years, Top Flite has maintained its superiority in the golf ball industry for delivering high-quality golf balls despite the recent changes in company ownership. Dick’s Sporting Goods now owns and runs the company, pushing back to be one of the best golf balls manufacturer in the market. 

Top Flite may have suffered some rough time a few years back, but they are back to prestige now. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the Top Flite Distance golf ball which comes with its own unique beneficial features to make golfing much easier for you. Also, you’ll get to know the factors to consider before making a buying decision and many more! 

What Are The Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls? 

Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls

These types of balls are ludicrously long and extremely durable balls that feature distance dimple technology for fast and high launch. Also, these balls come with high resiliency core construction for compression at impact which delivers excellent distance and elevated ball speeds. 

Who Are The Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls For? 

Who Are The Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls For

The [amazon link=”B00K33A7KC” title=”Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls” /] are suited for high handicappers and beginners who are capable of driving the ball well off of the tee. If you’re looking to master your short game and take a spin to get close to the pin, these high-speed balls are the most suitable option. 

How Much Does The Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls Cost? 

The Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls are reasonably affordable and only cost about $15 to 28$ per 15-pack. You can purchase these Top Flite golf balls on Amazon or Walmart

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Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls Review 

Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls Review 

For a while now, Top Flite golf balls have been around, producing great golf balls that are perfect for players of all golf skills and experience levels. There are a lot of Top Flite golf balls out there, but we’re going to talk mainly about the Top Flite 2020 Distance golf ball. 

The Top Flite 2020 Distance golf ball has established a good name for being affordable and being able to travel long distances. You might have to sacrifice the exceptional softer feel that you need around the green, but you will certainly get distance off the tee when you play with this 2020 XL Distance golf ball from Top Flite. 

Wanna get a golf ball with high speed? The Top Flite 2020 Distance golf ball is designed to reduce spin and increase roll, thanks to its Ionomer cover. That’s not all. It comes with a highly resilient core that can be compressed by golfers of all swing speed levels. Let’s look deeper into the beneficial features of this golf ball. 

Beneficial Features Of Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Balls

We’ve listed some of the outstanding features of the 2020 XL Distance golf balls. Let’s check out what makes them special. 

1. Afterburner Core Technology

These Top Flite Distance golf balls feature an Afterburner Core Technology which helps to deliver additional distance. This model has been around for 25 years now, delivering the best accuracy and distance.

2. High Visibility 

This XL Distance golf ball is available in yellow and white colors which delivers excellent visibility to help golfers find errant shots easily. You don’t have to use golf rangefinders before locating your balls in the greens.

3. Distance Dimple Technology

It was well-designed and equipped with Distance Dimple Technology which offers a high and fast launch. If you want the best high-speed balls that are great for fast launch, the Top Flite XL Distance golf balls are an excellent option. With this, you’ll get exceptional playability and performance. 

4. High Resiliency Core Construction

XL 2020 Distance golf ball comes with a High Resiliency Core construction which helps to optimize compression at impact for great distance and elevated ball speeds. These high-speed balls are the most suitable option for people looking to master their short game and make a spin to get close to the pin. 

5. Reformulated Cut-Proof Lonomer Cover

Top Flite XL 2020 Distance Golf Ball packs a lot of beneficial features, one of them is the incorporation of reformulated cut-proof Ionomer cover which minimizes spin for better accuracy and helps to enhance the overall durability of the ball. These golf balls have a softer feel, all thanks to the reformulated cut-proof ionomer cover that also brings about good durability.  

6. 2-piece construction

The 2-piece build complement the High Resiliency Core to enhance ball flight and distance. It is well designed and built to take your game to the next level by delivering better durability and soaring your shots through legendary distance. The 2-piece is engineered to ensure you can easily maximize distance through high ball speeds for optimum ball flight and distance.

7. Dimple-In-Dimple Aerodynamics

Each of these balls has been incorporated with dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics which helps to maintain spin, thereby providing maximum lift and distance. 


1. Delivers exceptional distance 

2. Well-designed and optimized for distance shots

3. Comes with an Ionomer cover which helps to increase its overall durability while minimizing spin

4. Boasts an upper resilient core construction for greater distance and better performance 

5. Offers a softer feel, thanks to the reformulated cut-proof ionomer cover

6. Built to help improve your game 

7. Delivers excellent visibility to help golfers find errant shots easily

8. Its dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics helps to maintain spin

9. Most suitable option for people looking to master their short game


1. Not suited for high-end players 

2. Delivers little spin 

3. Offers less workability

Why Use A Top Flite Golf Ball

Top Flite has always been known for producing a great set of golf balls at fair prices. The company has recovered so well in the industry over the last few years despite changes in ownership recently. Like we said earlier, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the new owner of the Top Flite brand, and so far, they’ve been progressing so well with a revitalized brand and more commercial exposure. So, if you’re looking for a better way to improve your game as a beginner, the Top Flite 2020 XL Distance golf ball is a better choice.  

Top Flite 2020 Distance Golf Ball – Buyer’s Guide 

After extensive research, we’ve composed a buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision on the Top Flite Distance golf ball. You should take each of the factors in our buyer’s guide into consideration when/before making the purchase. 


Accuracy in results is an important factor every golfer should put in mind when shopping for Top Flight golf balls. No golfer would love to buy a set of golf balls that deliver inaccuracy in results. All golfers endeavor to achieve accuracy in results. The accuracy of a golf ball in direction is used to measure the output generated. Top Flite 2020 XL Distance golf balls are accurate and deliver excellent precision. 

Spin And Control

Spin and control are two important factors that golfers consider when looking for a golf ball. All golfers prefer golf ball that delivers straight and direct movement on the green with less spin upon landing. To ensure that your balls don’t go through excessive spin after landing in the grass, go for this ball from Top Flite. It comes with an Ionomer cover and dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics which help to promote control and minimize excessive spin. 


The distance and flight elevation is another important factor to put into consideration when shopping for Top Flite golf balls. The flight elevation and distance you’re going to get depend on the power you put into a golf ball. Most importantly, the flight elevation and distance is influenced by the core at the exterior and interior side of the ball. 


Basically, the construction of a golf ball plays a role in its overall performance on the course. The characteristics of a golf ball are determined by its construction when struck by a club. Golf balls generally range from one-piece construction to five-piece construction. 

1. One-Piece: one-piece balls are normally used for the cheapest, low-end beginner’s balls, found in driving ranges, or on mini-golf courses. They are quite budget-friendly in bulk and generally made from Surlyn material. They do not travel as far as other types of golf balls because they lack compression. Also, one-piece golf balls lack any spin control or feel, meaning that they have limited use on the golf course. 

2. Two-Piece: Top Flite normally designs their golf balls with two-piece construction like the Top Flite 2020 XL Distance golf balls. These balls normally come with a thin Surlyn outer layer and a large solid core. Two-piece golf balls help to minimize spin to deliver longer distances with a noticeable hard feel on impact. They are best suited for beginners and high handicappers. 

3. Multi-Layer: This type of golf ball has three to five-piece construction and are designed with a liquid or rubber core, which is complemented with different types of middle layers. Multi-layer golf balls are normally found among low handicappers and Tour golfers because they offer great workability, better spin control, and a softer feel.  


The cover of a golf ball, which is commonly referred to as its final layer comes in two different materials. It’s either made of Urethane or Surlyn (or Ionomer) material. 


You’ll normally find Ionomer material on two-piece and few three-piece golf balls like Top Flite Distance 2020 XL golf balls. This material is built to be extremely durable and it’s perfect for transferring energy to produce exceptional ball speeds for longer distances. Surlyn materials are normally used in most Top Flite Distance golf balls. Urethane, on the other hand, is a softer material and commonly used on multi-layered golf balls. It helps to deliver a softer feel and better spin control. 


The compression of a golf ball refers to how much it deforms when struck by a club. In most cases, the lower the compression, the more the ball will be squashed when hitter by a club. Low compression golf balls create a spring-like effect that helps go deliver longer distances, hence, they are best suited to slower swing speeds. Lastly, low compression golf balls feature reduced spin rates which reduce severe slices and hooks. 


The price tag of a golf ball doesn’t simply denote its overall value or quality. Just because a golf ball is cheap or expensive doesn’t mean it will or will not deliver the best result on the golf course. Go for a cost-effective option that is best suited to your preference or needs. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to buy a set of good golf balls especially if you’re a beginner. 

About Top Flite Golf

In 1971, This manufacturing brand started as a line from Spalding. Golf Hall of Fame Member Lee Trevino was the first professional to endorse the Top Flite golf balls. In 2003, Callaway Golf bought the Top Flite brand and started running it. Unfortunately, the brand started dwindling for several years before Dick’s Sporting Goods bought it in 2012. 

Ever since the change in ownership, Top Flite saw a rise to the top in the golf ball industry after focusing on long-distance performance. The improvement beings bout endorsement and more popularity in the market. Top Flute balls we’re even used as the official ball of the World Long Drive Championship for several years.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up! 

The [amazon link=”B08F56QZ9F” title=”Top Flite 2020 XL Distance golf balls” /] are quite durable, high speed, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to play with. They have excellent precision and minimizes excessive spin and promote control. The trade-off for those outstanding beneficial features, however, is that the Top Flite 2020 XL Distance balls deliver little spin and are great for only beginner golfers. 

Apart from that, the 2020 XL Distance golf ball from Top Flite is a great option for golfers who optimized balls for great distance and elevated ball speeds. We’ve come to the end of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the Top Flite 2020 XL Distance golf balls review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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