What Are Football Pants Called? (Well Explained!)

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Football pants are typically called either football pants or football trousers. They are also sometimes referred to as gridiron pants or soccer pants. They are an essential part of a football kit, providing comfort and protection to players during matches and training.

What are football pants called?

football pants

1. Football Pants

Football pants, also known as gridiron pants, serve as a significant piece of the football uniform. They are specifically designed to provide protection and flexibility to football players during their game.

2. Integrated Football Pants

Integrated Football Pants have built-in padding to protect players from injuries. The padding is sewn directly into the pants, making the football uniform slightly easier and quicker to wear.

3. Snap-In Football Pants

Snap-in football pants come with removable padding which can be snapped in or out of the pant pockets. This provides ease of cleaning and replacement and variation in padding levels.

4. Youth Football Pants

As the name suggests, youth football pants are specially designed for young, budding football players. They combine protection, resilience, and comfort.

5. Compression Football Pants

Compression football pants are preferred by athletes for their ability to boost performance and reduce injury risk. They feature tighter fitting and provide significant muscle support.

6. Practice Football Pants

Designed for practices and drills, practice football pants are often lighter weight and provide less padding to allow for maximal movement and flexibility.

7. Girdle Football Pants

Girdle football pants are another type of football pants that score high in terms of protection. They come with a built-in girdle, which helps in protecting the hip, tailbone, and thigh regions.

8. Game-Day Football Pants

Game-Day football pants are the final type in this listicle. They are designed to provide maximum protection and are thus, heavier than the practice ones. They are made from resilient fabric materials to withstand the stress of a game.

What kind of pants do football players wear?

NFL football players wear specially designed pants that are made from a durable material such as polyester or nylon. These pants are designed to protect the player’s legs from injury and to provide a comfortable fit. Football pants are typically worn with pads to protect the player’s hips, thighs, and knees.

The most common type of football pants worn by NFL players are integrated pad pants. These pants have the pads sewn directly into them. They are the most popular type of football pants for youth and adult players alike. Integrated pad pants are typically available in a variety of colors and styles to match the team’s uniforms.

NFL players also have the option to wear slotted waist pants or snap-in pants. Slotted waist pants have slots on the inside of the waist where the pads can be inserted. Snap-in pants have snaps on the inside of the pants where the pads can be snapped in place. These types of pants are less common among NFL players, but they can be a good option for players who want to be able to adjust their pad placement or who prefer a more secure fit.

How many game or practice pants types do we have?

How many game or practice pants types do we have

Football pants are made in three different versions which will highlighted and discussed below.

Slotted game or practice pants

These pants are designed with pockets where pants can be slipped into the inner lining of the pants. Pads for protection of hips and tailbone are attached to the belt while the pockets fittingly hold the knee and thigh pads firm and tight. It is mostly preferred by professional players and college football athletes as the pocket fit guarantees maximum security. In addition to that, pads can be customized to suit diverse players choices and it is generally available both in youth and adult versions. However, the few major downsides are its expense and occasional replacement of pads.

Snap-in game or practice pants

Snap-in football pants are designed with snap attachments on the inner lining where the protective pads can be attached. Snap-in pants are comfortable and are available for knees, hips, thighs, and tailbone pads. These types of pants are mostly used in youth football leagues and it is not expensive.

Integrated pad game pants

These types of pants are made with all protective pads already sewn into them fittingly. Some sets are designed with hip, thigh, tailbone, and knee pads already sewn into them while some come with knee and thigh pads, which are the protective requirements to play youth and pro league football. However, pads cannot be customized as it is already sewn into them and damaged pads must be replaced or repaired. Integrated football pants are simple to wear and it is highly useful for training purposes.

Do NFL players wear pads in their pants?

Yes, NFL (National Football League) players wear various types of pads in their pants to protect themselves during games. These pads are crucial for player safety and typically include:

  1. Hip and Thigh Pads: These are foam or plastic pads that cover the hips and thighs, providing protection against impacts, tackles, and collisions.
  2. Knee Pads: Knee pads offer cushioning and support to the knee joints, reducing the risk of injuries like sprains or contusions.
  3. Tailbone Pad: This pad, also known as a coccyx pad, shields the tailbone from injury in case of falls or hard tackles.
  4. Girdle or Compression Shorts: Many players wear girdles or compression shorts with built-in pads for added comfort and flexibility.
  5. Integrated Pants: Some NFL players wear pants with integrated pads, which are designed to fit securely and offer comprehensive protection.
  6. Thigh and Knee Sleeves: In addition to hard-shell pads, players may use sleeves made of compression fabric with integrated padding for added protection and support.
  7. Padded Shorts: Some players opt for padded shorts that provide extra cushioning to the hips and tailbone.

Do football players wear compression pants?

Yes, football players often wear compression pants, also known as compression tights or leggings, as a part of their attire during games and practices. Here are the details:

1. Muscle Support: Compression pants are designed to provide support to the muscles in the legs. They offer a snug fit that helps reduce muscle oscillation, which can lead to fatigue and soreness during and after physical activity. This support is particularly important for football players who engage in explosive movements, quick direction changes, and sprinting.

2. Improved Circulation: Compression garments are known to enhance blood circulation. The pressure applied by these pants helps blood flow more efficiently from the extremities back to the heart. This can reduce the risk of cramps and muscle injuries, which is crucial for football players who often experience intense physical exertion.

3. Reduced Muscle Vibration: When running or performing dynamic movements, muscles can vibrate, leading to energy loss and muscle fatigue. Compression pants minimize these vibrations, allowing players to maintain their energy levels and performance for longer periods.

4. Moisture Management: Many compression pants are made from moisture-wicking materials that help keep sweat away from the body. This feature helps regulate body temperature and keeps players dry and comfortable, even during intense physical exertion.

5. Recovery: Football players often wear compression pants not only during games and practices but also after to aid in recovery. The improved circulation can help reduce muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process.

6. Injury Prevention: By providing support to the muscles and joints, compression pants can contribute to injury prevention. They help stabilize the lower body, reducing the risk of strains, pulls, and muscle injuries.

7. Uniformity: In addition to their performance benefits, compression pants can create a uniform look when worn under football uniforms. They provide a sleek appearance and can help keep other protective gear in place.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about what football pants are called. Let’s check them out!

What should I consider before buying a football pants?

Firstly, the pant size pants that fit you without discomfort should be your first consideration. Other things to consider include your preferred color and your budget.

Do you have to wear shoulder pads in the NFL?

As a designed rule to improve safety and enhance the protection of players, it is mandatory for all players in the NFL to wear shoulder pads and all other protective equipment before stepping into the field of play.

Why do football players have towels in their pants?

Simply to keep their hands during the games. There are sensitive positions in players NFL that require players to hold or grab the ball at regular intervals and a moist hand might find it difficult to have a tight grip on the ball. These towels keep the player’s hands free of moisture and it is commonly used by players occupying the quarterback position.

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