What Are Football Pants Called? (Well Explained!)

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Football pants are usually called game pants or practice pants as there is no particular name officially assigned for the outer pants in the NFL kit. As an essential part of protective clothing worn by NFL players to improve safety and prevent injuries, game pants are often produced in an integrated version with thighs, knees, and hips and tailbone pads already sew in to prevent fractures and other serious injuries that can result from a collision in NFL games. 

Game or practice pants are an integral part of a football uniform and it is specifically designed with appropriate protective materials to prevent severe injuries and bruises in NFL games, particularly in the lower extremity of the body parts. In general, game or practice pants are made up of Nylon and spandex materials. The  Nylon material makes the pants to be lightweight and resistant to wear and tear. On the other hand,  spandex enables the game pants to be stretchable and allows players to move freely without discomfort. 

These unique features give the game or practice pants suitable ventilation and the right stretch needed for players to enjoy free movement and comfort during games. In addition to that, its tight-fitting nature ensures all protective pads remain intact and stay in the right place throughout matches. In finer detail, football pants are usually called game or practice pants and are produced in three different types. It is an essential part of a football uniform and contributes largely to the safety and prevention of injuries during NFL games. 

Further in this article, we will be taking a more detailed look into what purpose the game or practice pants serve to players and the different versions of football pants with their physical qualities. Let’s get right into it!

What are football pants called?

football pants

In general terms, there are no particular names for football pants. However, it is usually called game or practice pants by the majority of football includes and fans and it is important clothing worn by NFL players as protective wear to prevent injuries. It is designed to tightly hold the protective girdles and pads worn by players as a means of protection against serious injuries, particularly in the upper leg region of the body.

What kind of pants do football players wear?

NFL is an absorbing game with a lot of movements during matches. Pants worn by players are tight-fitted but flexible to allow free movement and comfort for players. Practice or game pants are tied firmly with laces as opposed to zippers which can be injurious if it catches the skin during tackles or other dangerous movements. Also, football pants that don’t come with protective pads already sewn into them must have on the thigh and knees that protective guards can be inserted to improve safety and enhance players’ protection.

How many game or practice pants types do we have?

How many game or practice pants types do we have

Football pants are made in three different versions which will highlighted and discussed below.

Slotted game or practice pants

These pants are designed with pockets where pants can be slipped into sew on the inner lining of the pants. Pads for protection of hips and tailbone are attached to the belt while the pockets fittingly holds the knee and thigh pads firm and tight. It is mostly preferred by professional players and college football athletes as the pocket fit guarantee maximum security. In addition to that, pads can be customized to suit diverse players choices and it is generally available both in youth and adult versions. However, the few major downsides is its expensiveness and occasional replacement of pads.

Snap-in game or practice pants

Snap-in football pants are designed with snap attachments on the inner lining where the protective pads can be attached. Snap-in pants are comfortable and are available for knees, hips, thighs, and tailbone pads. These types of pants are mostly used in youth football leagues and it is not expensive.

Integrated pad game pants

These types of pants are made with all protective pads already sewn into them fittingly. Some sets are designed with hip, thigh, tailbone, and knee pads already sewed into them while some come with knee and thigh pads, which are the protective requirements to play youth and pro league football. However, pads cannot be customized as it is already sewn into them and damaged pads must be timely replaced or repaired. Integrated football pants are simple to wear and it is highly useful for training purposes.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about what football pants are called. Let’s check them out!

What should I consider before buying a football pants?

Firstly, the pant size pants that fit you without discomfort shifted be your first consideration. Other things to consider include your preferred color and your budget.

Do you have to wear shoulder pads in the NFL?

As a designed rule to improve safety and enhance protection the of players, it is mandatory for all players in the NFL to wear shoulder pads and all other protective equipment before stepping into the field of play.

Why do football players have towels in their pants?

Simply to keep their hands during the games. There are sensitive positions in players NFL that requires players to hold or grab the ball at regular intervals and a moist hand might find it difficult to have a tight grip on the ball. These towels keep the player’s hands free of moisture and it is commonly used by players occupying the quarterback position.

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