What Are Greenies In Baseball? All Your Questions Answers Is Here

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Greenies in baseball are amphetamines, a type of stimulant drug that was once commonly used by players to improve their focus, energy, and alertness. However, amphetamines are now banned by MLB due to their health risks and potential for abuse.

Greenies And Baseball History 

Once upon a time in the history of baseball, amphetamines were common amongst most major league baseball players. At the time, they were passed around casually because it was turning into a normal routine for baseball players. At the time, they mixed it with coffee, water in the clubhouse, they were eaten like by baseball players all over the country like biscuits. Talking about drugs in baseball, you might think firstly about the recent steroids, but this was how it started, with greenies. 

Greenies were found all over the place in major league baseball clubhouses, it was like they made them for baseball players. Greenies were stuck with them for about 40 years. Some rumors were carried around that Ted Williams and some other players that were drafted were responsible for bringing these drugs from the military after World War II. These green pills were called Dexedrine by medical personnel. They were kept by the bubble gums and sunflower seeds in most clubhouses just before any game. It was established that about 85% of the major league baseball players were using greenies and they were legal until 2006. Until then, it was no secret that most baseball players depend on greenies to stimulate them during play. This drug was nothing to joke about, it could speed up your heart rate, heighten your senses, increase your alertness, aggression, and reaction time. These players took the pills for speed, and it was referred to as beaning up, at that time, if you didn’t “bean up” it meant that you were playing naked. The pills were good for baseball games, hangover recovery, and putting sleep away. Some players said it helped them see clearly, which was a result of the stimulants in the drugs. With all these wonderful features, we wonder why 100% of the players weren’t using them. 

Some time ago, Paul Lo Duca was interviewed about his time with the Dodgers and other major league teams. He made it clear that players presently would prefer greenies to steroids without thinking twice. He said a lot of things about how one pot of coffee in the clubhouse would be normal and the other one filled with greenies. Only one cup of coffee with greenies would get you through the day. Also, a story of when one of the security guards at Dodger stadium drank a cup and his face turned red so he was rushed to the hospital. 

Although this kind of story is not new at all, so many clubhouses tell stories of how someone who wasn’t trying to get beaned up makes a mistake and drinks the coffee with greenies in it. Most of these stories were just trying to create awareness and tell people to be careful what they drink in baseball clubhouses. Most of these players used greenies just to stimulate them for the field. We don’t even blame them, Major league baseball has a tough schedule, unlike most sports, there are 162 games per season, cross-country flights, and games flooded consecutively. Of course, some players needed a little extra strength. Remember greenies keep you awake, now players had to take booze to help them sleep and get through their flights. 

Everyone at this time was doing it, or most people, the problem with these drugs was that players who retired from the big leagues kept taking them even though they didn’t need it. It has now become a habit. Greenies were banned in 2006, and third baseman Eric Chavez said something about it: He said, going to play for the big leagues without extra stimulation is not reasonable, he made it clear that there will always be a replacement because it wasn’t easy to go through seasons of games without the greenies. He also said banning the greenies is a good thing but there will be a replacement. 

The funny thing is he wasn’t wrong, when greenies were banned, players started looking for legal energy drinks and painkillers. They started getting prescriptions for Adderall and ADHD, then they would mix them with locker-room painkillers. Energy drinks like Monster and Ten Bull were given to players by the team. 

Greenies Are Illegal Right?

Yes! However, most managers know that their players are taking this drug, called greenie commonly known as beans. Some reporters knew about the ongoing trend too. But that was when it was winked at, you can’t go unpunished if you use this kind of drugs in the major leagues. 

How Was Using Greenies Seen In Baseball?

In major league baseball, the darkest flaw of all time has been steroids, but the vast use of amphetamine back then wasn’t checked. Back then, the use of greenies mixed with coffee was seen to be game-day preparation and not cheating. 

What Do Greenies Consist of?

The edible drugs were made of wearable products like wheat, gluten, and fiber. Drug experts say that the molding process undergone by this drug is what makes it very firm and hard. It is so hard, it can only be properly chewed by a dog. 

Closing Thoughts

Greenies were drugs that helped players play better. The only downside we see to this drug is the addiction and the fact that it wasn’t fair to those who did not use it. The players kept relying on drugs to work that they had to get a replacement that was worse than “steroids.” We’ve reached the end of this informative article. We hope that this article helped you find resources in your quest to know what greenies are in baseball. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks!



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