What Are Some Gender Mixed Sports In The World? (Listed & Analyzed!)

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Some of the gender-mixed sports in the world include badminton, luge, tennis, ice skating, sailing, horse racing, darts, motorbike racing, and equestrian. These are the major sports where men and women either form a team to compete with another mixed term or compete against each other regardless of sex. 

Sport is one of the activities that segregate its participants by sex despite the fact that both men and women interact in day-to-day life. The main reason why sport segregates men from women is that they are physically built contrary. We all know that men are created to be quicker, taller, stronger, and heavier than women. Meaning that it will not be good enough to have men compete with women in most sports. That’s why it is common to see most sports segregating men’s and women’s competitions to ensure the game is more enjoyable and highly competitive. However, some sports have men compete together with women or compete against women. In this article, we are going to talk about gender-mixed sporting events and true gender-mixed sporting events. 

Gender Mixed Sporting Event

Gender Mixed Sporting Event

Like we said earlier, some sports allow mixed events where women and men form a team to compete against another mixed team. We’ve handpicked some of the gender-mixed sporting events. 

Badminton: Here, men and women are allowed to compete as a duo in mixed doubles competitions. 

Luge: Traditionally, the luge involves a doubles competition where men and women were allowed to form teams. 

Tennis: Just like badminton, men and women are allowed to compete as a male/female team in mixed doubles games.

Ice Skating: In this sport, women and men are allowed to be paired as a team to compete together when dancing on the ice. 

True Mixed Gender Sports

True Mixed Gender Sports

There are not many sports in today’s world where men and women are allowed to compete against each other regardless of gender. The outcome of any competition is seen not to be affected by the physical differences between the two gender. We’ve listed some of the true mixed-gender sports. Check them out! 

Equestrian: This is an Olympic sport in which participants ride horses. The game of Equestrian involves jumping, dressage, and eventing. Both men and women participate in this sport together. This sport is a true gender-mixed sport because all the skills required to succeed are to be a confident and able rider of horses, which is something that’s not influenced by gender. 

Sailing: The Nacre 17 class is the only class that all men and women to compete together in sailing. The truth is that other classes in this sport are distinguished by sex.

Horse Racing:  This classic sport allows women and men to ride and compete against each other equally on the flat and over the jump. Horse racing is one of those sports that women perform no better or worse than men on horses of equal ability according to a recent study.


We’ve handpicked some of the frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand some of the gender-mixed sports in the world. Let’s check them out!

Why Are Mixed-Gender Sports Better?

Firstly, mixed-gender sports are a good way of promoting mutual respect between the interaction of the gender. Players have mutual respect and better friendship with one another. Participants will be valued and respected for their gender and not only for their own unique ability or experience. 

What Are The Cons Of Mixed-Gender Sports?

Mixed-gender sports may promote low efficiency because women won’t be able to perform at the same level as men in the same team. Bu the way, it is normal that a team coach may offer special treatment to the women in the team. Also, injuries are common due to differences in the genetic makeup. 

Why Females Should Not Play On Male Sports Teams?

Since men are physically stronger and bigger than women, they may get injured easily when they play in male sports teams. Men just by their genetic makeup are usually bigger and stronger than women. More of a reason why most sports do not allow women to compete with men. But that’s not to say that there are no other sports that women are allowed to participate in with men. 

How Many Mixed-Gender Sports Are There?

Multiple new mixed-gender events were introduced by the International Olympic Committee at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to encourage remarkable gender diversity. In total, there are 18 mixed-gender sports at the Games. They were held in badminton, equestrian, judo, archery, athletics, sailing, tennis, triathlon, shooting, swimming, and table tennis. 

What Are The Only Mixed Team Sports In The World?

The only mixed team sport in the world is Korfball. From its inception, a korfball team consists of male and female players. It doesn’t matter the playing level. Whether it’s from the foremost international athletes to children in the playground, Korfball remains the only mixed team sport that allows both sexes to play together on exclusively even terms. 

What Sports In The Olympics Are Mixed-Gender?

In the Olympics Tokyo 2020, a number of mixed-gender sporting events were hosted including sailing, shooting, swimming, archery, athletics, judo, table tennis, tennis, triathlon, badminton, equestrian, and many more. In addition, the Olympics moved four International Federations (IFs) to gender-balanced events for the first time. They include canoe, weightlifting, rowing, and shooting.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up!

Generally, most sports do not allow men to compete with or against women. But there are still some sports where men and women either form a team to compete with another mixed term or compete against each other regardless of sex. Just we said earlier, some of the gender-mixed sports in the world include badminton, luge, tennis, ice skating, sailing, horse racing, darts, motorbike racing, and equestrian. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know some gender-mixed sports in the world. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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