What Are The Best Slap Boxing Techniques? (In-depth Explanation!)

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Slap boxing is a variety of the sport of boxing where fighters stand face to face and continue to slap one another around the face with bare hands until submission. This physical activity is quite dangerous and is not suitable for people below the age of 18 as it can inflict brain injuries. Slap boxing isn’t a sport, but it is participated by different people in Europe.  In this article, we’re be looking at slap boxing in detail and answer some frequently asked questions about the quadi-martial art form

History Of Slap Boxing

History Of Slap Boxing

The advent of slap boxing is quite opaque. We believe that quasi-martial art has been in existence since the inception of boxing which is made popular by the Sumerians. The inclusion of boxing gloves within the sport brought about slap boxing as it is an adaptive form of boxing for people interested in boxing but couldn’t afford the protective gears and gloves used in the game. Slap boxing matches can easily be carried out anywhere, whether it is the gym, a basement, a garage, or any place where adequate space is accessible 

Can You Slap In Boxing?

No! In boxing, you’re not allowed to hit an opponent below his belt. That’s not all. You’re not allowed to kick, push, hold, trip, spit on, bite, or wrestle your opponent. More so, boxers are not allowed to hit one other with their head, shoulder, forearm, or elbow. You’re not allowed to hit your opponent with an open glove, the inside of the glove, the wrist, the backhand, or the side of the hand.

What Are The Rules Of Slap Boxing?

Rules Of Slap Boxing

The rules and techniques of slap boxing are quite straightforward to understand – two opposing fighters stand face to face and continue to slap one another around the face with bare hands until submission. Each fighter is given five attempts at slapping the opponent unit submission. 

Is Slap Boxing Dangerous?

Yes, it is. Slap boxing is a dangerous physical activity that involves two opposing fighters slapping themselves to submission without wearing any head protection. Slap boxers are exposed to the risk of death and life-threatening brain injuries. 

Why Do Boxers Hug?

In boxing, fighters clinch or hug to prevent getting strike at close range and to slow down the pace of the fight. Fighters do this in the quest to take a short break from getting hit by the opponent and to maximize energy. A hug is an effective way to prevent a hit from an opponent that’s trying to come close with full force. 

Who Invented Slap Boxing?

Victor D. LaValle is an American author who invented slap boxing. 

Who Is The World Slap Champion?

The world slap champion is Vasily Kamotsky, who is a Russian first-ever male to win the slapping competition. 

Who Is The Strongest Slapper?

Vasily Pelmen, otherwise known as “Dumpling” is the strongest slapper in combat sports. He clocked in at around 370 points of physical slapping prowess. 

Can A Slap Kill You?

Yes. When a fighter received a hard slap, it will cause a shock to the brain inside the skull, leading to a transfer of huge energy into it which will kill a lot of cells. If an exhausted boxer receives a hard enough slap, the cells in his brain will be damaged which might lead to death or life-threatening injury. 

Can You Slap In UFC?

Not really. In UFC, you can use a slapping technique if you won’t be hitting the groin, throat, back of the head, or spine, which are prohibited parts of the body. However, not all combat sports allow fighters to use slapping techniques because it is seen as a dangerous weapon. 

Why Does A Slap Hurt?

Why Does A Slap Hurt

Every fighter is a human with sensitive body parts. When a fighter is heavily slapped, his pain and touch receptors are triggered and messaged and sent to try brain where the pain is felt seriously. We do not recommend slap boxing as it is dangerous. 

Is A Slap Better Than A Punch?

Not really. A well-executed slap in boxing is more damaging than a punch because it targets the ear causing ruptures in the eardrum. Generally, in boxing, slapping isn’t allowed since it is dangerous and can cause serious injuries to fighters. So, a punch is a more preferable technique to learn as an amateur boxer. 

Is Slap Boxing A Thing?

Slap boxing isn’t a sport, but it is a physical activity where fighters use open-handed slaps in place of fists or arm techniques. It is somewhat illegal in professional boxing because it is a conjunction between sparring and fighting where boxers use slap techniques instead of fists. 

Is Slap Boxing illegal?

Yes! Slap boxing techniques are never allowed to be used by professional boxers. Amateur boxers are also prohibited from engaging in slap boxing as it can hurt or cause serious sensitive injuries to your opponent. 

Is Slap Boxing Dangerous?

Slap boxing is quite dangerous and it is only allowed in the high levels of boxing. Amateur and beginners are not advised to participate in slap boxing. It targets the ear of your opponents which is a sensitive part of the body, causing eardrum ruptures. 

Is A Slap Harder Than A Punch?

No! A straight punch is harder and more potent than a slap in mixing. A slap is efficient but not as powerful as a well-executed punch. You need to practice more to win your traditional punches than you do with slaps. 

Final Words

Slap boxing is a physical activity or a quad-martial art form where fighters use slaps instead of fists to fight. Its technique is quite easy to learn than boxing traditional punches. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know what are the best boxing techniques. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks

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