What Are The Sports Starts With Letter T?

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A lot of sports are played on earth that many of us do not know about. There are a lot of sports that start with the letter T, although most of them are not major league sports so we don’t know about them. The major ones we know of that start with the letter T are sports like Tennis, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and Triathlon. Outside these sports listed now, there are several other sports that begin with the letter T that won’t be mentioned here because we cannot talk about all of them. Just know that there are more than 50 sports with this feature. 

A Complete List of Sports That Start With The Letter T

  1. Tennis
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Triathlon
  5. Track and Field
  6. Team Handball
  7. Trap Shooting
  8. Tug of War
  9. Thoroughbred Racing
  10. Target Archery
  11. Tai Chi
  12. Touch Rugby
  13. Trampoline Gymnastics
  14. Tai Chi Push Hands
  15. Taekkyeon
  16. Touring Car Racing
  17. Team Roping
  18. Thrianta Rabbit Show Jumping
  19. Tandem Skydiving
  20. Torball (Goalball for the Visually Impaired)
  21. Tractor Pulling
  22. Trugo
  23. Tee-Ball
  24. Trike Drifting
  25. Tricycle Polo
  26. Tennis Polo
  27. Team Penning
  28. Tag Rugby
  29. Tower Running
  30. Topiary Pruning
  31. Target Sprint
  32. Telemark Skiing
  33. Tandem Cycling
  34. T’ai Chi Ch’uan
  35. Tarp Surfing
  36. Toe Wrestling
  37. Trotting Racing
  38. Tractor Soccer
  39. Tennis Volley
  40. Tug-o-War
  41. Target Football
  42. Table Football (Foosball)
  43. Tour Skating
  44. Telemark Ski Jumping
  45. Tricycle Racing
  46. Tchoukball
  47. Trolley Ice Hockey
  48. Trail Orienteering
  49. Tower Jumping
  50. Tumbling

Major Sports That Start With The Letter T

1. Table Tennis 

Table Tennis 

This game is also known as ping pong and sometimes whiff whaff in some regions. This is a game that requires two players or on a more complicated level, four players with two on both sides of a table tennis board. They have to hit the ball back and forth on a board with the help of small tennis pads. The tennis balls are lightweight balls so they are being carried easily by the small rackets used to hit them. The game is played on a hard table that is divided into two courts by a net. 

Firstly, the player whose turn it is to start the match has to make a service where the player on the other side has to let the ball bounce on his or her side of the court once before hitting the ball back to the opponent’s court. Just the way it bounced once on the first player’s court, it has to bounce once on the other side of the court too before playing but back to your court, and then it goes back and forth like that increasing pace until a player either hits the ball too hard that it goes outside the board without bouncing or plays the ball goo low that it hits the net instead of going to the other side. 

2. Taekwondo 

This is known as the Korean form of Martial arts mainly filled with different techniques of hitting the next man. For example, punching, kicking, and other extra skills are added to make it a little more interesting. Some enticing skills are the ones that involve head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking. When translating the word Taekwondo to English, it spells out kicking, punching, and the art or way of. 

This is the kind of Martial arts where one is allowed to defend and attack using his or her hands and feet without the help of any extra weapon. There is no space for using weapons when taekwondo is involved. There are other martial arts where people are allowed to use sticks, swords, and other things. The whole physical training that people undergo for Taekwondo would have a purpose and would be able to channel the strength of the man through his or her mental strength. 

3. Tennis


Tennis is a sport played using a racket, it can be played between two people with two people on each side of the court with a net crossing them. There can also be two players on both sides playing the ball back and forth to each other. Every player on the court at every given point in time has a racket on hand using it to hit a hollow rubber ball, mostly green across the net to the other side of the court in an uncomfortable area for the opponent to try and win the game. The main aim of the game is for one player to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to receive and return the ball even if he or she tried. 

After maneuvering your opponent and making him unable to return the ball, you get a point and rob the opponent of a point. It is a sport played in the Olympics by pros at all levels of society and every age group. The sport is very easy, anyone can play, even those using wheelchairs can play this game as long as he or she can hold the racket to play. 

4. Triathlon

The triathlon is the last major sport on this list, it is a sport that involves endurance while going through different sports. It is a Multisport race that has swimming, cycling, and running as part of the whole thing. Triathletes compete to become the tastes person to finish before the other opponents. They have a lot of pressure because they are not just focused on one sport. They have to be good in all three aspects because whoever wins the first two sports doesn’t matter, the first man to cross the finish line is the main guy. That is, for instance, when triathletes go to competition, swimming might come first before cycling and running. It doesn’t matter if a player finishes swimming and cycling first, you just have to make it past the finish line first after the last stage before you are given the trophy. 

What Are Some Other Sports That Start With T?

Table football, Tag Rugby, Tamburello, Target Archery, Target shooting, Tee-ball, Tchoukball, Team handball, Team penning, Te Ano,  and Tejo. Telemark skiing, Tennis polo, tennis bowling, Tent Pegging, Test cricket, Tetherball, and others. 


We have given you a lot of sports that have the letter T at the beginning of the spelling. As we said before, there are more of these types of sports but some of them are not even played in most regions of the world, some of them are not sports anymore, that is, no one plays them anymore, some of them are one of the ones we have mentioned. Most of these sports came alive some decades ago and today they are sports in one of the biggest events of the world. The Olympics host so many of these sports today. 



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