What Hurts More Between Paintball and Airsoft?- Let’s Find out!

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The supremacy battle between paintball and airsoft games is far from over. This article might interest you if you’re one of the many paintball or airsoft players who love the sport but hates the pain. Which hurts more between Paintball and Airsoft? Determining which is more painful depends on how you play the game and what safety gear you use. However, the consensus is that paintball hurts more.

Let’s break down some factors that influence the pain and key differences between the two sports to help you decide which causes more pain when playing paintball or airsoft.

Comparing Paintball and Airsoft: What Are the Differences?

Reasons Why Paintball Hurts More

Paintball and airsoft are both popular games that simulate combat. They both require players to wear protective gear and use guns that shoot projectiles. However, there are some critical differences between the two games;

  • Paintball guns shoot larger pellets at a higher velocity than airsoft guns, which can cause more pain when they hit a person.
  • Paintballs also break upon impact, leaving a minor wound.
  • Airsoft pellets are smaller and travel slower, so they generally cause less pain than paintballs. However, they can penetrate the skin and cause bruising because they don’t break upon impact.
  • In addition, while paintballs may be more painful in the short term, airsoft injuries may worsen over time because they do not heal.

Factors Influencing the Pain Felt by the Hit

Factors That Influence Pain Felt By The Hit

The type of gun you’re shot with makes a difference- a pump action paintball gun will hurt less than an automatic one. Airsoft guns fire at a lower velocity than paintballs, but they’re often used at close range, making the hit feel just as painful.

The type of ammunition can also affect the amount of pain felt- Biodegradable pellets cause less pain than non-biodegradable ones. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and tolerance for pain. If you want to be able to take some shots and keep going without too much interruption, then go with airsoft. If you prefer a sport that causes immediate pain so that you know when the game is over, then go with paintball. Here are other factors that influence the pain felt:

1.     The Gun’s FPS

When determining which will hurt more, you must look at the gun’s FPS or feet per second. This measures how fast the projectile is moving when it hits you. A higher FPS means a faster-moving projectile, which will, in turn, cause more pain.

2.     The BB’s Weight

 The next aspect to look at is the weight of the BB. Heavier BBs will not only travel slower, but they will also pack a bigger punch when they hit you. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to hurt less, go for a lighter BB.

3.     The direction of the Wind Flow

The wind flow’s direction can significantly impact how much pain you feel when hit by a paintball or airsoft pellet. If the wind blows toward you, it will magnify the pain. If the wind blows away from you, it will lessen the pain. So, if you want to minimize the pain you feel, choose a day when the wind is blowing in your favor!

These small and lightweight pellets don’t hurt as severely as larger projectiles like bullets or arrows. That being said, this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other-they both hurt just about equally!

4.     Distance Between two Players

When playing airsoft, the average distance between players is around 50 feet. The average distance between players in a paintball game is 30 feet. So, if you want to be hit with less force and pain, it’s better to play airsoft.

Also, the type of surface you’re playing on can make a difference. If you’re playing on a hard surface like concrete, the impact will be more significant than if you’re playing on grass. Finally, your pain tolerance should be considered when deciding which game to play. If you’re someone who can’t handle much pain, it’s probably best to stick with airsoft.

Safety Precautions When Playing Paintball and Airsoft Games

It is critical to partake in safety precautions when playing any sport, especially contact sports like paintball and airsoft.

  • Wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from being hit.
  • Always use eye protection.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know where the safe areas are.
  • Don’t run with your gun; keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Most importantly, have fun!

Paintball and airsoft games can be a great way to spend time with friends while simultaneously exercising and developing tactical skills.

Which Body Part Hurts More When Hit

Paintball and airsoft are physically demanding sports that require a lot of running, diving, and rolling around on the ground. Because of this, players are often hit in the same body areas– the legs, arms, and chest. So which sport causes more pain when you’re hit? Here are the parts that hurt the most:

1.     Eyes

When getting hit in the eyes, paintball and airsoft can cause much pain. Paintballs are larger and often break upon impact, causing shards of paint to fly into your eyes. Airsoft pellets are smaller but travel at a higher velocity and can cause serious eye injuries. You risk serious injury with either sport if you’re not wearing proper eye protection.

2.     Neck and the Back of the Head

A few areas on the body seem to be universal when taking hits from either paintballs or airsoft pellets- the neck and the back of the head. These are both sensitive areas, and even with protective gear, you will feel it when you get hit. In terms of which hurts more, it’s a close tie. Paintballs tend to break upon impact, so they can cause a lot of bruising. On the other hand, airsoft pellets don’t break but can pack a serious punch. It depends on how well protected and how direct the hit is.

Which Hurts More Between Paintball and Airsoft

Most people think paintballs hurt more because they are larger than airsoft pellets. But actually, it relies on the type of gun you are using. If you use a pump action paintball gun, the balls will be more petite and hurt less. Also, if you wear a lot of clothing, the pellets will bounce off and not hurt as much.

On the other hand, when using an automatic airsoft gun, the pellets will come out faster and hurt more. So it depends on the situation. Airsoft guns use many small plastic pellets that can come out quickly. These can sting even if you have clothes on, but these don’t always break the skin as paintballs do.

Paintballs are softer and larger, so they can cause injury with little effort from the person shooting them. They also make blood splatter, which is gross for anyone watching!


In conclusion, paintball and airsoft can hurt depending on where you hit. Paintballs tend to hurt more because they are larger and travel faster, while airsoft pellets are smaller but can still pack a punch. It depends on personal preference and tolerance for pain. Whichever game you choose, make sure to wear protective gear!

You can find the necessary equipment online and in local sporting goods stores. You will want to invest in gloves, kneepads, mouth guards, goggles, masks, a gun safety kit, and extra ammo for your weapon. We recommend not aiming for the head, so the opponent doesn’t get knocked out or sustain severe injuries like blindness from the paint.

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