What Is A Red Sock In Reference To The Boston Red Sox? (Detailed Explanation!)

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Historically, the Boston Red Sox started without a nickname for over Six years after its establishment. The baseball team was generally referred to as the Americans as they are the second baseball team in Boston. During this period, The Boston nationals are regarded as the number one baseball team in Boston and played officially in the Boston national league. However, the Americans – as the Red Sox were called during the period, plays in the American Baseball league. 

In 1907, the baseball nationals changed the club name and become the Boston Braves.  With the turnout of events, the Boston braves abandoned its name and it was quickly adopted by the Boston Red Sox. In a broad term, the Red Sox nickname was adopted from the traditional red stocking that has been the official uniform color of the Boston Braves before it was eventually taken up by the Boston Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox is an American professional baseball team and it is arguably one of the most successful teams in the Major League Baseball. The club is rich in history and has enjoyed several decades of success, particularly in the 1990s and 2000s. The club was established in 1901 and its official stadium called the Fenway Park is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world of sports. 

The team was without a nickname official for its first seven years of operation until Red Sox was chosen by John Taylor, who was the owner after the 1907 season. The choice of the Red Sox nickname originated from the red stockings in the team’s uniform. Red stocking or hose is an essential part of the team’s uniform when it was founded. 

Interestingly, the team’s name is usually written as ‘Sox’ instead of the normal sock or stockings and this has always been a subject of interest for a while. If you are on the lookout for reliable resources in your quest to know what a Red Sox is in reference to the Boston Red Sox and how the word Sox came about, this is the right place for you as we will be having a detailed look into such queries. Let’s proceed!

What is the Boston Red Sox?

What is the Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox is an American baseball team and is part of the Major League Baseball. It is a team with a rich history in baseball and is considered the oldest baseball team in Major League Baseball. They are popular with their iconic Fenway Park stadium, which is regarded as the oldest stadium that is still operating in full fledge. Boston Red Sox is one the most successful baseball teams and has enjoyed a considerable achievement in recent years.

What is the origin of the name Red Sox?

During the 19th and In the 20th century, it is a usual practice for baseball teams to coin a nickname from the official colors of their respective teams. An instance in this regard is the Cincinnati Reds. This baseball team was founded in 1882 and adopted the red part of its nickname from its red uniform colors. The Boston Red Sox we have today adopted its name officially in 1908 after playing through the 1901 to 1907 seasons as Boston Americans without an official nickname. 

They took up the red sox nickname from the Boston nationals who abandoned it in favor of the Braves. The name was fully embraced by the club and the owner decided to model his club uniform with the Boston nationals abandoned dashing Red stockings.

What was the original name of the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox are informally been referred with so many names in the past. They are called Boston Beaneaters, the Plymouth rocks, the Boston pilgrims, the Collinsites and the Somersets among other names in their history. Originally, they are the Boston Americans from 1901 to 1907 but have been officially called the Boston Red Sox since the adoption of the name in 1908.

Why is Red Sox spelled with an ‘X’?

As a successful baseball team with several decades of success, There is a curious spelling in the team’s official nickname. Decades ago, particularly in the 19th century, baseball teams are nicknamed unofficially by their uniform colors. Baseball became more professional in the 20th century and those unofficial nicknames given to baseball teams became a reference point of each team’s brand. 

However, sport writers and newspapers found it wordy to write ‘stockings’ as headlines and came up with the idea of shortening the words to generate a more catchy headline. In that regard, Socks was written as Sox on newspapers and the trend was eventually embraced by club and it has been the official way of writing the team’s name since 1908.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions and answers about what a red sock is in reference to the Boston Red Sox. Let’s have a look at them!

Who was the biggest player in the history of Boston Red Sox?

The greatest player in the history of Boston Red Sox is undoubtedly the legendary George Herman Ruth. Famously called Babe Ruth, he was signed by the team in 1914 and led the Boston Red Sox three world series triumphs. 

What is the capacity of the Boston Red Sox stadium?

The official stadium for Boston Red Sox home games is the historic Fenway park. The seating capacity of the stadium 37,755 and the baseball team boasts a loyal fan base which usually brings almost a 100% attendance rate during games.

Is there a baseball team with the nickname White Sox?

Yes! The national league Chicago Cubs are previously know as the Chicago white stockings before the Chicago White Sox of the American league took over the name.  

Final words 

We have come to a conclusive end of this article and we hope it have provided you with good and reliable resources in you quest to know what a red sock is in reference to the Boston Red Sox.  For more questions regarding the article topic, kindly contact us through the comments section. Thanks!

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