What Is Check Hook In Boxing? (Detailed Explanation!)

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A check-hook is a lead hook that combines defense and offense with elusive footwork. This kind of footwork is done with a small side-step followed by a pivot on the lead foot. You need to maintain balance, discern your range, and predict your opponent to make this offensive movement. Some people call “the check-hook” a step-back hook because it is used as a counterpunch against an opponent that’s approaching quickly. 

Generally, when you’re faced with an aggressive forward moving opponent, you need to be decisive and quick in your decision. What such an opponent aims to do is revert you to a defensive shell, so that you can retreat to the ropes where you will be vulnerable to further attacks. That’s where the check-hook comes in. It will definitely help you deal with aggressive forward-moving opponents in this type of situation. Executing a powerful check-hook punch depends on your movements. Your step back needs to be fast and explosive so that this punching technique will be more potent. At the boxing gym, train well on your step back continually until you’ve mastered exceptional footwork which helps you move in and out of range swiftly. That’s why boxing requires you to be physically fit. You need to be light on your feet when you’re performing your step back. Executing check-hook punch should land with unexpected force if you’ve mastered your footwork, timing, and balance. 

Master Timing

Master Timing

Every boxer needs to have great timing ability. As a boxer, you must be able to quickly calculate your next move at the right time. That’s not all. You’re also expected to study the capacity and movements of your opponent during practice or a boxing bout. When you’re able to study an opponent, you’ll know when he wants to defend or attack. Learning the capabilities of your opponent will help you know their predictable footwork fronts and the speed of their punches. People used to say that speed is the most important skill a boxer should have. But that’s not entirely true.

There’s nothing as good as having a timing skill to help you neutralize the speed of your opponent. When you predict the next move of your opponent, you’ll be in an advantageous position, no matter how fast he is. You need to fully understand the movement and timing of your opponent before you execute a check-hook punch. A check-hook punch can be used as a counterattack to hinder the momentum of your opponent. This type of punching technique is great for aggravating the mental health of your opponent. If you’re an amateur boxer, it is advisable to master timing using speed bags. You can also master exquisite timing via regular regulated sparring with many distinct techniques of experienced boxers. You’ll definitely become a promising boxer when you master timing skills. 

Improved Balance

Improved Balance

For you to throw a perfect check-hook, you need to maintain momentum. You won’t be able to avoid getting hit by your opponent if you are unable to maintain balance and momentum after throwing a lead hook. Pivoting on balance and punching on balance are the two skills every boxer who loves to execute a check-hook should master. If you execute the punching techniques properly, you’ll be in an advantageous angle to add a combination of punches and also evade counterattacks from your opponent. That’s why we advise every boxer to learn the basics of footwork and balance during practice and drilling at boxing gyms. 


We’ve prepared a list of the frequently asked questions and answers about check-hook in boxing. Let’s check them out as they will help you have a better understanding of the punching technique. 

What Is A Left Hook In Boxing? 

If you’re looking for one of the most powerful punches to knock down an opponent, the left hook can be a decisive option. The left hook generates its power from pushing into the ground from a powerful boxing stance. You can perform a left hook by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart with one foot. 

What Is The Strongest Cross-Hook Punch?

Francis Ngannou, an MMA fighter and the reigning Heavyweight Champion in UFC has the current record for punching power with 129,161 units. It was noted that his punch was the hardest on the planet. 

How Do You Defend A Hook In Boxing? 

You can defend against a hook in boxing in several ways. To defend a hook, slightly move your right arm outward and then weave it under shots while staying at the left side. 

Is Cross The Same Punching Technique With A Hook? 

No! Cross isn’t the same punching technique with a hook. A cross punch, which is otherwise known as a rear hand or straight punch, is executed with the dominant hand immediately an opponent leads with his opposite hand. This type of punch can be classified as a power punch just like the hook and uppercut.  

What Hand Do You Hook With? 

You can execute a hook punch with the front hand. During a boxing posture, it is most common that this won’t be your dominant hand. Draw back your left arm to execute the punch if your left foot is forward. With your elbow bent, move your arm back as you keep it parallel to the ground. 

What Is A Shovel Hook? 

A shovel hook is a cross between an uppercut and a traditional hook. If you want to execute a shovel hook, it needs to be done at a fairly 45-degree angle. This type of punching skill helps you attack your opponent from an unorthodox position, giving you the ability to circumvent his defense. 

Closing Thought 

The check hook is an important punching technique that every boxer should master. If you want to hit your opponent without getting a hit, the check hook punching technique is your best bet. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know what check hook is in boxing. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks. 

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