What Is Farmers League In Football? (Full Details!)

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The Farmers League term is a phrase used mostly online today to refer to leagues that do not have enough competition to be regarded as a proper league in soccer. Fans of the English Premier League teams are known to always use the phrase online as they believe that their league is compared to no other league. Three particular major leagues are part of the leagues that have been labeled as farmers’ leagues. 

The name has grown this viral today because we have platforms that help people spread information within seconds across the world. Soccer, as we all know, is the biggest sport in the world today so when it comes to the people online, there are a lot of people there who have different opinions towards everything. The football platforms spread their information through these networks and the game is the most popular sport in the world today so billions of people are involved when talking about football. With so much audience, there are several people amongst the fans who don’t appreciate some things done in the game. Football was created to create peace and unite people of different races to get together and defeat their opponents. Some football leagues today are not appreciated because some people online think that these leagues are not competitive enough like others. 

The term farmers league comes from somewhere, it is used to depict something, and some leagues today are referred to as farmers leagues. We will learn about all of these in this article. 

Farmers League In Soccer

Farmers League In Soccer

The term farmers league is used to depict something in football, this is something most football fans use when referring to leagues that are not competitive. These leagues mostly have one to three particular winners. This is an insult to the league. Other terms like Pub league, village league, and Sunday league are used to depict these leagues. They use the term farmers league because they say that the players in the league are local farmers and don’t get paid enough like the elite players in other competitive leagues.

The term is a term used to belittle a football team and is developed by the fans online, this is why the article tried to let you know the bad side of these networking platforms so you can understand what we are saying. The fans online created all of these names that help them insult players and teams. The term describes a team without quality and competition. The leagues referred to as farmers leagues are mainly the ones with very few strong clubs that are in every way better than most of the other teams in the league. The slang is used mostly by people who support teams that play for the English Premier League. Without any doubt, for year’s they have had the most competitive league in football and so their fans seem to see other leagues as lesser leagues because of this. Although this is arrogant and insulting to other leagues that are victims of these insults, the English Premier League is by far the most competitive League in football today. The fans come online to troll on the other teams because they are not as competitive as their league. They refer to even some of the elite leagues as farmers leagues, this is very insulting. 

Leagues Referred To As Farmers League

Leagues like Ligue 1 from France, Serie A from Italy, and Bundesliga from Germany. All of these leagues are part of the elite leagues in football today but the fans online don’t mind that, they see them as farmers leagues because they are not as competitive as the others. Every now and then some fans are known to use the term farmers league to insult the other leagues in Europe. Most times these leagues mentioned above are always involved in the list of insulted leagues. 

The French League (Ligue 1) Being Called Farmers League

Most times when online slang starts catching on, the origin is very difficult to track but with the tracking so far and what people remember, the farmers league term has been associated with the France league for a very long time. According to most people, the French league is the easiest league in Europe so far. When Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-German, the term started coming up again on the internet because Neymar is skilled and would have no trouble getting through the defense of most teams in that league. Videos came out showing the world the skills that he possessed because they believed that he would scatter the defense of all the teams in the French league. 

He arrived in France alongside Mbappe in 2017 that made them a lot stronger than the other teams in the league. Although since then some teams have been able to defeat them, the league is known because they have the Paris Saint-German team there. The English league fans tend to use the fact that the teams in the France league are not as strong as some of the small team’s in their league. This isn’t a very fun insult to the French because it is belittling and annoying. Also, the French league player Mbappe once commented on Twitter trying to let people know that the French league produced two semifinals qualifiers of the champions league in 2020. 

The Italian League (Serie A) Being Called A Farmer’s League

Although the chronic EPL fans would call this league a farmer’s league without any remorse, they shouldn’t be called that because the players in every league are just as good as the players in the other leagues. We know that some shine better than some others but Inter Milan and AC Milan have more champions league titles than any EPL team in history. 


Although this is a joke to most people and something used to just make fun of others, some people feel insulted by it so this is a term that should be abolished for some people’s sake. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know the meaning of the Farmers League in football. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks

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