What To Expect At Volleyball Tryouts? (Find Out What Volleyball Tryouts Are Like!)

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At volleyball tryouts, expect skill assessments, drills, and scrimmage play. Coaches evaluate your serving, passing, hitting, and teamwork. Fitness tests and mental attitude may be considered. Typically, tryouts last 1-3 days.

What To Expect At Volleyball Tryouts?

Tryouts are the significant first steps in any sports journey, and volleyball tryouts are no exception. It provides players with a chance to show off their skills and make a lasting impression on the team’s coaches. Here’s what you can expect at volleyball tryouts:

1. Introduction and Overview

Most volleyball tryouts usually start with a brief introduction to the staff and an overview of the tryout process. This section also includes a discussion about the team’s expectations and goals.

2. Physical Warm-Up

You can expect a physical warm-up session to kick-start the tryouts. This is crucial to prepare your body for the physically demanding tasks ahead and prevent any potential injuries.

3. Skill Assessment

Following the warm-up, coaches will assess key volleyball skills. These skills may include:

  • Serving: You will be expected to perform various types of serving techniques, such as underhand, overhand, jump, and float serves.
  • Setting: Your ability to set the ball for your team’s attackers will be evaluated.
  • Passing And Digging: Accurate passing and robust defensive skills are essential in volleyball.
  • Hitting: Coaches will be looking at your attacking capabilities including spikes and tips.
  • Blocking: If applicable, your ability to block the opposing team’s attacks will be evaluated.

4. Physical Fitness Test

Fitness tests are commonly done during volleyball tryouts. The testing can range from sprint tests to evaluate your speed, to vertical jump tests to determine your leaping abilities.

5. Scrimmage Games

Tryouts often include scrimmage games, providing you with an opportunity to demonstrate how well you operate in a real match scenario. Coaches will observe how you take your practice skills into a game setting.

6. Announcement of Results

Once the tryouts conclude, the coaches will review the players’ performance and make their selections. This could take a few days, depending on the number of participants.

7. Feedback Session

Whether you make the team or not, you can usually expect some form of feedback session. This feedback is invaluable for understanding where your strengths lie and what areas need improvement.

What To Wear To Tryouts

Volleyball players wear a lot of things. However, what’s more important is that you have to be confident while playing. Here are our suggestions for how to look and feel like a professional volleyball player. 

Shoes: As a potential professional volleyball player, you’ll need a good pair of volleyball shoes. To be honest, volleyball shoes are not cheap but you can wear tennis shoes if you don’t already have some or can’t afford some. Although you’ll still have to purchase a pair of court shoes later in the future. If you’re going for the best volleyball shoes, then go for Nike and Mizuno volleyball shoes. They are the best! 

Spandex: We recommend spandex shorts even if some girls would prefer it because it’s somewhat short, it’s more preferable in the game of volleyball. Spandex allows you to move freely without any restrictions so that you can play the game at your best. We suggest you go for the color black or grey, and we love Adidas, Nike, or Mizuno spandex. 

Socks: You also need some socks for a volleyball tryout. You can either get knee-high socks or medium-length socks, depending on your choice. Medium-length socks (also called basketball socks) are preferable as they make you look more professional. However, most girls love knee-high socks because of their unique crazy styles and patterns. 

Kneepads: Kneepads are important volleyball gear. Go for thick kneepads that protect your knee when you slide, dive, or fall. Also, make sure you get snug kneepads that won’t easily slide off your knees when you’re sliding during games. 

Elbow Pads: These are extremely helpful as they help to protect your elbow from bruises when you slide, fall, or dive. 

How To Physically Prepare For Tryouts

Becoming fit is an enormous part of volleyball. Volleyball is about quick bursts of energy and speed to get to the place that the ball is going. It’s essential to be fast as a volleyball player. Some of the training exercises we did while at high school were running, running stairs, sprints, and jump rope workouts. 

How To Mentally Prepare For Tryouts

One of the most important preparations for volleyball tryouts is mental preparation. You have to be mentally prepared. You need to believe in yourself and be confident that you’re prepared and that you’re going to give your best. However, don’t get discouraged if you mess up at tryouts! 

What Should You Not Do In Volleyball Tryouts?

Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do at a volleyball tryout. 

1. Don’t try to form cliques 

2. Don’t do things halfway

3. Don’t argue or talk when the coach is talking

4. Pay no attention to your family or friends on the sidelines

5. Don’t take your cell phone to the gym 

6. Avoid giving your setter a hard time

7. Don’t ever quit on a ball. 

This Table Contains What To Wear To Volleyball Tryouts And Their Benefit.  

What To Wear To A Volleyball TryoutUses
ShoesHelps to protect your feet and makes you look professional. 
KneepadsHelps to protect your knees when you fall, dive or slide. 
SocksMake you look more professional. 
Elbow PadsHelp expect your elbow when you fall or dive. 
SpandexAllows you to move freely without any restrictions so that you can play the game at your best.

What Do Coaches Look For At Volleyball Tryouts?

Like we said before, most volleyball coaches and managers love players who are flexible and versatile to play in different positions. During tryouts, both boys and girls are asked which positions they’ll love to play. But if you truly want to improve your chances of landing a bid with a top club volleyball team, you should have the ability and willingness to play in different positions. 

How Long Do Volleyball Tryouts Last?

Normally, a volleyball tryout should last over three days, with a maximum of two hours per day. 

What Should I Eat Before Volleyball Tryouts?

You need to eat a solid pre-game meal, which should be taken several hours before the tryout matches. Make sure you stay away from any food you’ve not eaten before on tryout days. Stick with fruits, carbohydrates (pasta, bread, and rice), vegetables, and lean meats. 

Closing Thoughts – Rounding It Up! 

The bottom line is that you are expected to be in tryouts like you’re ready for a professional game. Bring all your kits and be fully kitted and fitted. We’ve come to the end of this informative article. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know what to expect at volleyball tryouts. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!




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