What Weight Are UFC Gloves? (Explained!)

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The UFC gloves are mostly packed with enough padding which makes up its weight of four to six ounces. It is padded this way because the gloves are used to protect the hands of the fighter and give them the power to maneuver using their fingers. 

The UFC gloves are small gloves with opened finger spaces at the top. They are mainly used by mixed martial art fighters. They are mostly packed with about four to six ounces of passing and have this design that gives them some sort of protection for the fighter with the glove. The spaces are left in the glove to enable the fighter a chance of maneuver. If by any chance you just became a fan of the UFC world and you don’t know much about it, then the weight of the gloves would always come as a shock to you. 

There are no competitions, but these gloves should be the best thing a UFC player can own to start up his career. Without these gloves, they are not UFC fighters because most times the gloves give them an advantage during a match. This article focuses mostly on the details of the UFC gloves. 

A UFC Glove

A UFC Glove

For now, let us just talk about the UFC gloves on it’s ow without talking about the features and the weight with other things that make it a standard UFC glove. There are several gloves in the market, they are all different from a UFC glove for its specific features. UFC gloves are now as grappling gloves which are very small with the finger holes opened for the person’s fingers. 

Also, talking about weight now, they are usually made with four to six ounces of padding. The UFC gloves were made especially to help protect the fighter and leave your fingers opened and accessible so grappling tactics can be used during a fight. Players usually employ the use of special tactics like clinch fighting and submission during a fight so that their opponent doesn’t get the chance to win. 

Types OF UFC Gloves 

Types OF UFC Gloves 

Although some people who don’t know used to agree that there is just one particular glove used by everyone. They never knew that these gloves have three types normally with differences in weight. 

Competition Gloves 

Most of the professional fighters today usually use their gloves that weigh at least 4 ounces to fight. The amateurs in the game are majorly the ones that use heavier gloves like 6 bounces so that they can get the maximum protection that they would need normally for every fight they encounter. When the rules of UFC are being consulted, every fighter is only allowed to use gloves that weigh at least 4 ounces and not more than 6 ounces. Although they allow larger gloves than the ones that are used by most fighters because of the person’s hands. Sizes like the 2xL and 4xL. 

Sparring Gloves 

On a normal basis, the MMA uses sparring gloves that weigh about 7 ounces. With gloves like this, when a player is sparing, there is always a lot of impact on it. The gloves that you are putting on would help you keep your knuckle in check while you go ahead and throw a punch with the mindset of knocking down your opponent. Your knuckles need all the protection they can get so that they don’t get dislocated in the middle of a game. Just so you know, the weight of your glove is not because of the material used to make it, it is the material that they use to pad it. 

Grappling Gloves

These gloves areas known as the hybrid of gloves because they are training gloves, the gloves are used to practice clinch work and grappling. This type of glove here has smaller padding because you won’t need the impact when practicing. Wearing these gloves gives you the ability to move your fingers independently. 

Impact Of Gloves

The impact of the gloves on most injuries that is a result of a fight is also a very strong issue that is looked at mostly relating to boxing. The padding on the gloves doesn’t protect the person getting hit because the main aim of the man wearing the gloves is to knock his opponent down. Brain injuries can still occur during these fights if a hit with the gloves on your head is what your opponent does to you. The gloves can only protect the fingers of the guy giving the punch unless the gloves used is large glove that is very hard to use, then the brain injury can be prevented. The gloves also give the fighters the chance of giving stronger punches to their opponents than when the players are using their bare knuckles. The glove is not what causes the brain injury, the glove doesn’t just protect you from having it. 

How Heavy Exactly Are The UFC Gloves?

As e have mentioned before, the UFC gloves that we see and have been used over the years always weigh within the measurement of about 4 to 6 ounces because of the padding. The gloves are made like the a that the fighter’s hands can be protected from impact water he hits his opponent. One major piece of information is that most of the UFC gloves in a tournament don’t officially have more weight than the number of ounces that have been measured before. The UFC rules are the major reason why the gloves are not as heavy as 8 to 9 ounces. 

What Causes The Weight Of The Gloves?

Normally, the major thing that causes the UFC glove to be this heavy is the padding that is used inside of it. Since there are finger holes in the glove, it gives the fighter a chance to perform some useful tactics so he can win the fight.


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