When Is Ice Hockey Season (State-wise How Many Hockey Games In A Season?)

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The current ice hockey season started on the 12th of October 2021 and it will run through to early April 2022. The standing of each team will be determined by the result of the 82 games they have to play in a regular season. The Stanley Cup champion is further determined when three highest-placed teams in each division and two wild card teams per conference enter the playoff elimination tournament.

As an NHL fan, it is normal for you to have questions about the NHL schedule, whether it is the start, middle, or end of the season. Perhaps you might want to know the chances of your team making it to the playoffs or perhaps you want to know how long the season will be. The truth is that it is not always guaranteed to know the total games played in a season even though the NHL has been consistent for a long time. In this article, we’ll walk you through the number of hockey games in a season and when the ice hockey season commences. 

How Many Hockey Games In A Season?

Hockey Games In A Season

During a regular season, each team in the NHL plays 82 games which normally runs from October to April. 16 teams qualify for the playoffs based on their standings after the conclusion of the regular season. Teams that are qualified for the playoffs normally play anywhere from 4 to 28 additional games in an elimination tournament. Don’t forget some teams participate in the preseason games, and that will surely influence the total number of games played in the season. 

How Many Games In The Preseason?

Normally, NHL teams play between 8 preseasons (or exhibition) games during the last 2 weeks of September. These exhibition games are organized so the coaching staff can their established players back up to speed and as well evaluate new players. The idea of preseason games is to give new players (rookies) a chance to win a spot on the first team. 

How Many Games In The Playoffs?

Just like we said earlier, Teams that are qualified for the playoffs normally play anywhere from 4 to 28 additional games in the playoffs which is an elimination tournament. The playoffs include four best-of-7 elimination rounds. Any team that wins four games will move to the next round. A team gets eliminated from the tournament if they lose the first four games in the opening round of the playoffs. 

How Long Is A High School Hockey Season?

High School Hockey Season

The high school season commences in September then runs to February with each team playing 20 games season. Any team that qualifies to become City champion will get to participate in the playoffs at the end of the season.

NHL 2021-22 Home-Opening Game Schedule

The table below contains a list of the home openers for all 32 teams, including the start times and TV channels.

(All times are Eastern)

Anaheim DucksWed., Oct. 13 vs. Jets10 p.m.BSSC, BSSD, SN360
Arizona CoyotesMon., Oct. 18 vs. Blues10 p.m.BSAZ, BSMW
Boston BruinsSat., Oct. 16 vs. Stars7 p.m.NESN, BSSW
Buffalo SabresThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Canadiens7 p.m.MSG-B, TSN2, RDS
Calgary FlamesMon., Oct. 18 vs. Ducks9:30 p.m.BSSC, BSSD, SNW, SNF
Carolina HurricanesThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Islanders7 p.m.MSG+, BSSO, TVAS
Chicago BlackhawksTues., Oct. 19 vs. Islanders8 p.m.ESPN
Colorado AvalancheWed., Oct. 13 vs. Blackhawks10 p.m.TNT
Columbus Blue JacketsThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Coyotes7 p.m.BSOH, BSAZ
Dallas StarsFri., Oct. 22 vs. Kings8:30 p.m.ESPN+, HULU
Detroit Red WingsThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Lightning7:30 p.m.BSSUN
Edmonton OilersWed., Oct. 13 vs. Canucks10 p.m.SN
Florida PanthersThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Penguins7 p.m.BSFL, ATTSN-PT, SN360
Los Angeles KingsThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Golden Knights10:30 p.m.BSW, ATTSN-RM, TVAS
Minnesota WildTues., Oct. 19 vs. Jets8 p.m.BSN, TSN3
Montreal CanadiensSat., Oct. 16 vs. Rangers7 p.m.MSG, TVAS, CITY, SNE
Nashville PredatorsThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Kraken8 p.m.NHLN, BSSO, ROOT-NW
New Jersey DevilsFri., Oct. 15 vs. Blackhawks7 p.m.NHLN, MSG+, NBCSCH, TVAS
New York IslandersSat., Nov. 20 vs. Flames7 p.m.MSG+, MSG+2, SN1, SNW
New York RangersThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Stars7 p.m.MSG, BSSW
Ottawa SenatorsThurs., Oct. 14 vs. Maple Leafs7 p.m.TSN4/5, RDS2
Philadelphia FlyersFri., Oct. 14 vs. Canucks7 p.m.NBCSP, SN1
Pittsburgh PenguinsSat., Oct. 16 vs. Blackhawks7 p.m.NHLN, ATTSN-PT, NBCSCH
St. Louis BluesSat., Oct. 23 vs. Kings8 p.m.BSMW, BSW
San Jose SharksSat., Oct. 16 vs. Jets10 p.m.CITY, SNW
Seattle KrakenSat., Oct. 23 vs. Canucks10 p.m.ESPN+, HULU, CBC, SN1, CITY, TVAS2
Tampa Bay LightningTues., Oct. 12 vs. Penguins7:30 p.m.ESPN, ESPN+, SN, SN NOW, TVAS
Toronto Maple LeafsWed., Oct. 13 vs. Canadiens7 p.m.SN, TVAS
Vancouver CanucksOct. 26 vs. Wild10 p.m.SN1, BSN
Vegas Golden KnightsTues., Oct. 12 vs. Kraken10 p.m.ESPN, ESPN+, SN, SN NOW, TVAS
Washington CapitalsWed., Oct. 13 vs. Rangers7:30 p.m.TNT
Winnipeg JetsThurs. Oct. 21 vs. Ducks8 p.m.BSSC, BSSD, TSN3

Final Thoughts – Wrapping It Up! 

A team in the NHL may have played 128 games in the season at the end of the Stanley Cup. In addition, that’ll be 8 preseason games, 82 regular-season games, and the unbelievable 28 playoff games. We’ve reached the final session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know when ice hockey season commences. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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