When Is Volleyball Season? (Find Out When Each Level Of Volleyball Is Competing So You Won’t Miss The Action!)

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The volleyball season varies depending on the level of play. For high school and college volleyball, the season typically runs from August to November. For professional volleyball, the season can vary depending on the league and the country. For example, the FIVB World League for men runs from May to July, while the FIVB World Grand Prix for women runs from June to August.

When Does the Volleyball Season Start?

National School Volleyball: USA

For American middle and high school students, the volleyball season typically begins in the fall. Both boys and girls’ leagues start their regular season from late August to early September.

College/University Volleyball: USA

College volleyball in the United States follows a similar timeline to schools. The NCAA women’s volleyball season kicks off in the fall, around late August or early September. However, the NCAA men’s season usually starts in the spring, primarily in January.

Professional Leagues

Professional volleyball leagues worldwide don’t have a unified timeline. For example, the volleyball season in the Brazilian Men’s Superliga begins in October, while Japan’s V.League commences in October as well. In contrast, Italy’s SuperLega usually starts in October, and the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) launches their season in November.

CountryLeagueSeason Starts
JapanV.L eagueOctober

Beach Volleyball

For beach volleyball competitions, the timelines could vary based on geographical location. For most parts of the world, it is common to play beach volleyball in the warmer months from April or May through to September.

Olympic Games

In the case of the Olympic Games, Volleyball season is dictated by the overall schedule of the event. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, for instance, the volleyball events took place from late July through early August.

Does Volleyball Start At Different Times Depending On The Country?

Yes, the start of the volleyball season can vary depending on the country. Volleyball seasons are often influenced by the climate, culture, and local sporting traditions. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Indoor Volleyball: The indoor volleyball season usually aligns with the school or university calendar in many countries. In Europe, the top professional leagues often start in October and run through April or May. However, countries in warmer regions may start their seasons earlier or have a longer season due to milder weather conditions.
  2. Beach Volleyball: Beach volleyball typically follows a different schedule due to its outdoor nature. In countries with four distinct seasons, the beach volleyball season is concentrated in the warmer months, often starting in spring and extending through the summer into early fall. For example, in the United States, the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) tour usually begins in May and ends in September.
  3. Global Variations: The start of the volleyball season can also be influenced by international competitions. National teams may begin their preparations for major tournaments like the Olympics or World Championships well in advance of these events, which can lead to variations in the start of the season.
  4. Local and Regional Differences: Within a single country, the start of the volleyball season can also vary by region. For example, coastal regions with milder climates might have beach volleyball tournaments year-round, while inland areas might adhere to a more seasonal schedule.
  5. Youth and Amateur Leagues: Youth and amateur volleyball leagues often follow local and school schedules, with variations based on the availability of facilities and coaches.

Middle And High School Volleyball

High schools and middle schools are normally the first levels of play to locate seasons of volleyball and structured competition. Finding out when most high and middle school solely depends on your location. Most school districts have seasons that are different for various age groups and for every sex. Please remember that in the U.S., many High School competitors are going to follow the National Federation of State High School Association guidelines as well as regulations for volleyball.

Even though it can vary, in many instances, females have the volleyball months of in the autumn, from late August until the conclusion of October as well as companies have theirs in the springtime, from March until May. The average season of theirs is going to span between 10 to twelve weeks of competition. As we pointed out earlier, this can differ based on where you live. Numerous competitions, as well as leagues in a District/State, have their own schedules for volleyball months where Middle/High school teams compete. If you’re a guardian/parent or a student who wants to get more information about when the middle and high school volleyball season starts, we would recommend asking the coaching staff or the school management. 

Professional Volleyball

The more popular professional leagues are mostly found in Europe even if there are so many of them in the world. If you’re talking about the biggest organized men’s leagues in Europe, the Russian, Italian, Polish, and British leagues. Among the biggest organized women’s professional volleyball, you’ll find the Italian, Turkish, and Swish leagues. Most professional volleyball seasons are played all year long. However, you should take note that most of the big International leagues and events take place in the summer, that is between June and August. Although there are still some professional levels of play outside of that season. 

Which Month Does The Most Club Season Begin?October, and it ends April.
High School Volleyball Is Played In Which Season? Spring Sports for Boys and Fall Sports for Girls.
What’s The Duration Of Volleyball Season In High School And Middle School?All middle school volleyball season is usually about 8-10 weeks. While in high school, volleyball season last for 8-10 weeks.
Volleyball! A boy’s Or Girl’s Sports? Volleyball is a sport designed for both females and males.

How Long Is Volleyball Season?

It’s in October that the normal club season begins with team tryouts and typically ends in late April. However, any team that qualifies for a National Championship tournament will start their games in either late June or early July. 

What Season Is Volleyball Played In High School?

Normally, all high school volleyball except in a few states is a spring sport for boys and a fall sport for girls. Also, some schools typically have freshman teams and varsity, and some schools have a junior varsity team. 

How Long Does Volleyball Season Last In Middle School?

Apart from the extra weeks for end-of-the-season tournaments, all middle school volleyball season is usually about 8-10 weeks. Also, in high school, volleyball season lasts for 8-10 weeks plus extra for end-of-the-season tournaments. However, if teams are playing in Nationals, almost all USA Volleyball Club seasons are about an extra two months. 

Will There Be College Volleyball 2020?

The DI Volleyball season has been discontinued due to the ongoing pandemic to the spring. However, the regular season should be from the 22nd of Jan to the 3rd of April.

Final Words – Rounding It Up! 

The bottom line is that it isn’t easy to know when the season starts if you’re new to the game. We’ve come to the end of this blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know when is the volleyball season. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!




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