Which Football Game Is Best FIFA Or PES? (Find Out Now!)

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FIFA is the more popular football game, with more licenses and game modes. However, PES is praised for its more realistic gameplay. Ultimately, the best football game for you depends on your personal preferences.

Which Football Game Is Best FIFA Or PES?

1. Graphics and Realism:

FIFA’s graphic quality and player likenesses have always been sharper and more realistic, making it the go-to choice for players who prioritize visual aesthetics in their gameplay. While PES has made significant improvements over the years, FIFA still holds a slight edge in this category.

FIFA: 1 PES: 0

2. Gameplay Mechanics:

PES offers a more realistic simulation of the beautiful game. The action on the pitch is slower and more deliberate, allowing for strategic play. FIFA, on the other hand, provides a more arcade-like experience, which can be more fun but less realistic. Thus, for the most part, PES has an advantage in gameplay mechanics.

FIFA: 1 PES: 1

3. Licenses:

FIFA has always enjoyed a clear advantage in terms of licenses. From the English Premier League to the Spanish La Liga, FIFA carries official licenses for most of the world’s top leagues, meaning greater realism in terms of team names, player names, and kits. PES has struggled in the past in this aspect.

FIFA: 2 PES: 1

4. Commentary and Presentation:

With its superior commentary and broadcast-style presentation, FIFA aims to make every match feel like an epic event. From Martin Tyler’s familiar voice to detailed player introduction sequences, FIFA’s production quality is unrivaled.

FIFA: 3 PES: 1

5. Online Gameplay:

Both games are robust in their online offerings, providing a variety of online modes to cater to different kinds of players. However, FIFA’s online games tend to be more stable, and its FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode is one of the most popular online gaming modes in the world.

FIFA: 4 PES: 1

6. Replay Value:

The replay value of both games is immense, with both offering depth in their respective career and manager modes. Depending on personal preference, players might lean towards one or the other. Despite a slight edge for FIFA due to the superior multiplayer experience, a draw in this category seems fair.

FIFA: 5 PES: 2

In this comparison, FIFA holds the advantage over PES in most categories. However, players who place a high value on realism and tactical gameplay might find PES appealing. It ultimately comes down to personal preference as both games provide a satisfying football gaming experience.

What are the Main Differences between FIFA and PES?

  1. Licensing:
    • FIFA: FIFA holds exclusive licenses for many teams, leagues, and stadiums, providing an authentic experience with real team names, player likenesses, and official kits.
    • PES: PES may not have as many official licenses, leading to generic team names and kits. However, it compensates with an extensive Edit Mode, allowing players to customize teams and create real-life players.
  2. Graphics and Presentation:
    • FIFA: Known for its stunning graphics and lifelike player animations, FIFA offers a visually impressive experience with detailed stadiums and realistic crowd reactions.
    • PES: PES is praised for its realistic player movements and facial animations, focusing on gameplay authenticity rather than extravagant graphics.
  3. Gameplay:
    • FIFA: FIFA is often considered more accessible with simpler controls, making it appealing to a wider audience. It emphasizes fluidity and responsiveness.
    • PES: PES is known for its deep and realistic gameplay, offering a more tactical and simulation-oriented experience. It’s favored by players who seek a challenging soccer simulation.
  4. Game Modes:
    • FIFA: FIFA offers various game modes, including Career Mode, Ultimate Team (FUT), Volta Football (street soccer), and The Journey (story mode).
    • PES: PES features modes like Master League (career mode), MyClub (similar to FUT), and a focus on realism in gameplay modes.
  5. Online Play:
    • FIFA: FIFA’s Ultimate Team is a popular online mode with a large player base. It features online tournaments and a market for buying and selling player cards.
    • PES: PES MyClub is its online mode, offering a similar experience to FUT but with a smaller online community.
  6. Community and Modding:
    • FIFA: FIFA has a massive global player base, and modding communities create additional content like custom kits, faces, and gameplay tweaks.
    • PES: PES also has a dedicated modding community that enhances the game’s authenticity with option files, patches, and customization.
  7. Realism vs. Accessibility:
    • FIFA: FIFA aims for a balance between realism and accessibility, making it suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.
    • PES: PES leans towards realism and simulation, catering to players who prefer in-depth soccer experiences.

FIFA (Federation Of International Football Association)


Developed by EA Sports, the FIFA football game console is arguably the best-selling franchise in the world of sports gaming. Aside from a few significant clubs, FIFA has the licenses of almost all stadiums, clubs, and players and this plays a critical role in its popularity. FIFA has numerous unique features such as the ultimate team, street football, and career mode. 


1. Realistic dribbling with the required skill set.

2. Tackling and defending is manual though there could be room for more improvement.

3. The pace of the game is optimal.

4. Attackers and defenders are well-balanced, both in speed and agility

5. Passes are more intricate and skill techniques are effective.  


1. Shooting from a distance is far too easy.

2. Recovering possession is a bit too easy.

3. Considering the pace of the game, matches should be more than 12 minutes.

4. Through balls should be easy and without precision during counterattacks.

5. Match officials are inconsistent.

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)

Developed by Konami Entertainment, Pro Evolution soccer Remarkably shared the podium with FIFA as the two biggest titans in the football gaming world. The focus of this franchise is realness, fluidity, and smoother gameplay that satisfactorily comes with a great graphical appearance. Although they are not licensed like their FIFA counterparts which makes them less marketable, PES offers their players a real-life experience with skills and thrills with a fascinating master league feature.


1. Unique and Realistic gameplay.

2. Improved player awareness.

3. Annual improvements on licensing of top teams.

4. The top-notch graphics of players, both in looks and movement.

5. Stable and ever-improving visual interface.


1. Lack of licenses from top clubs.

2. Easy and unrealistic free kicks.

3. Lack of enticing offline and online game modes.

4. Inconsistent performances by match officials.

5. Lack of new features to the existing game modes.

FIFA VS PES – Similarities And Differences

Both franchises share an obvious similarity in what they produce, which is a football game released annually by their respective companies. They differ in features, graphics, gameplay, frame rate, licenses, and presentation.

FIFA is more realistic and natural both on and off the pitch. PES offers more real-life game experiences than FIFA.
FIFA has more game modes which ultimately gives an improved gameplay experience.Unlike FIFA, new game modes are lacking.
FIFA gameplay is designed to be more offensive.PES gaming leans more on the defensive side.
FIFA is officially licensed to almost all top football teams in the world.PES is only licensed to a few football clubs.
Animations and visual experience in FIFA are quite impressive.Graphics and presentation in PES are fairly decent but require a consistent annual upgrade.
FIFA offers a more realistic game with great technique, skills, and footballing fantasies.PES provides more satisfying gameplay but comes with less content compared to FIFA.


Below are compilations of frequently asked questions and answers on which is better between FIFA and PES. Let’s take a look at them!

Which One Is More Difficult Between FIFA And PES?

FIFA is a fairly difficult PES  in terms of match competitiveness, sleek passing, and smooth movements, which ultimately reduces ridiculously high score lines.

What Are The Differences Between FIFA And PES?

FIFA is licensed to almost all major top clubs in the world and this is a key difference between the two franchises. FIFA also offers more unique game modes to its players, more than PES.

Should I Buy FIFA Or PES?

FIFA offers more game modes with smooth gameplay while PES offers a more real-life gaming experience to its players. FIFA seems to be more appealing but the preference of the buyer should be the deciding factor.

Is FIFA Better Than PES?

FIFA has the edge over  PES as it offers a variety of options to its players, both online and offline. Although PES is better in terms of gameplay, FIFA is superior in graphics, commentary, and official licensing.

Which One Is More Popular Between FIFA And PES?

Exclusive rights to the Champions League and Europa League ultimately made FIFA popular and more marketable between the two franchises. FIFA also possesses the Official licensing of almost all top teams across the globe.


It’s always going to be a tough call to choose which one is better between the two franchises as they have their merits and uniqueness in their own way. FIFA was programmed and designed to fulfill football fantasy while PES brings more real-life gaming experience. FIFA offers more excitement to its players while PES on the other hand is better in the graphics and gameplay. 

Conclusively, for a variety of options, better commentary, and realistic simulations, FIFA is your option. But if you want a real-life gaming experience and gameplay, then PES is your best bet.



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