Which Sports Uses The Largest Ball In Professional Play? (Full Details!)

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Basketball is the largest ball in professional play. Basketball balls have a diameter of 23.8 to 24.8 centimeters (9.4 to 9.8 inches).

Which Sports Uses The Largest Ball In Professional Play?

1. Basketball


Starting with basketball, it is a spherical-shaped ball that is used to play basketball games. It is mainly a resistive orange ball that is played around on the basketball. Basketballs used in professional games range from very small promotional items that are just a few inches in diameter to extra-large size that is about 2 feet in diameter. The extra-large ones are used in training exercises. Professional balls are much bigger than the balls used by the smaller teams in basketball. For instance, there could be a scenario where a youth basketball is about 27 inches in circumference, and in a professional league, it is about 30 inches in circumference. 

2. Netball

The balls used here are almost the same sizes used in professional football. Some people practice with a football before they finally get a Netball. Netballs were once made of leather but they had one fault. The balls were very slippery when they got wet. It is kind of hard to keep hold of the Netball when it is wet, the players would lose the ball because of this. When this became a real issue, they had to change the material and then they started using rubber and waterproof materials to make the ball for better grip throughout the game. 

3. Water Polo

Water Polo

The water polo ball is used to play the sport known as water polo and canoe polo. Most of the time, this ball is yellow colored and can give players an easy grip. With this feature, players can hold the ball steady with one hand, not minding how big the ball is. The biggest size of this ball is a size 5 with a circumference of about 0.68 meters, maybe a little more than that but not more than 0.71 meters. The ball weight has been measured to be around 400 to 450 grams, which is about 14 to 16 ounces. 

4. Korfball

A korfball is a fitted ball. The korfball when being played has to have its face aiming at the center of the field and the top edge of the ball has to stand about 3.50 m from the floor. The korfball is known to have a cylindrical shape without a bottom they are known for their strong yellow color. The rim or top edge of the Korfball has to be 2.0 – 3.0 I’m wide. The korfball should be made of synthetic material. They have to be 23.5 – 25.0 cm high, the inner diameter has to be 39.0 – 41.0 cm. The upper side should be 40.0 – 42.0 cm. 

5. Football/ Soccer ball

This is the ball used to play professional games in soccer. The name of the ball varies depending on the region where you are. It is either a soccer ball or a football ball. The ball, just like the basketball has a similar shape. It is also a spherical ball just like basketball. The weight and the material it is made of just align with the laws that the association has set aside. At first, the soccer ball was made out of the animal’s bladder. This didn’t work out when they noticed that it would fall apart if it were to be kicked too many times. After that, they made rubber balls when they discovered vulcanization in the 19th century. The new balls used currently are the 32-panel ball that was developed in 1962. 

6. Bowling Balls

The bowling ball is known as the ball which is used in bowling to hit the bowling pins down. It is a very hardball in a spherical shape. The ball could break a bone. The balls are made with holes for your fingers for easy throws. Different bowling for different kinds of balls. First, the ten-pin bowling, there is a hole to fit two fingers and a thumb, then there is also five-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, duckpin bowling, and kegel. They all don’t have holes because the ball is small enough to hold using your palm. 

7. Volleyball

The ball here is used to play indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, and other ways the sport is played. Volleyballs are usually round and they have almost 18 rectangular panels that are filled with synthetic or genuine leather. It is configured in six panels that look exactly the same and is wrapping a bladder underneath. A valve in the ball allows the air pressure in the ball to be adjusted or controlled so that we don’t get too much or too small. 

8. Team Handball

The ball used to play team handball is known formally as an ace ball or is sometimes referred to as blackball. Although blackball used to be the name in the oldies. When a racquetball is used, it is called the big ball or the big blue. The small ball used is hard, it usually bounces higher and moves faster. 

9. Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball

The ball is the apparatus used in rhythmic gymnastics. Some of them are made of rubber or synthetic material, this doesn’t matter. The main aim is for it to have the same elasticity as rubber. The ball is usually 18 to 20 centimeters in diameter and always has a weight of 400 grams. The color of the ball doesn’t matter here. 


We have successfully given you a list of professional sports that have large balls that they use in professional games. The article is mainly about the ball and not the game itself.



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