Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short (Find Out Why Female Players Wear Short Volleyball Shorts!)

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Volleyball shorts are short to provide freedom of movement and reduce interference with play. They typically have a 2.5-inch inseam, allowing players to move comfortably while meeting international regulations.

Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short?

1. Enhancing Mobility:

The primary reason for short volleyball shorts is to offer players increased mobility. Volleyball is a sport that requires quick movements and high jumps. Having short, fitted shorts allows for less restriction during these actions.

2. Improving Team Homogeneity:

Uniformity in team clothing can foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among players, propelling them toward cooperative success. Teams equip themselves with identical shorts that are often short to maintain this aesthetic uniformity.

3. Mitigating Risks of Injury:

Long and baggy shorts can pose trip hazards, impede swift movements, and increase the risk of accidents on the court. With short, fitted volleyball shorts, players can dodge these risks and concentrate more effectively on their gameplay.

4. Pronouncing Agility and Skills:

Longer and baggy shorts may conceal the volleyball player’s precise movements and agility, making it difficult for the spectators to appreciate the player’s skills. Short shorts enable showcasing the strength, agility, and skills of the player more noticeably.

5. Ensuring Comfort:

Shorter shorts are often more comfortable for rigorous play over long durations. They prevent overheating and allow better breathability, improving the overall comfort of the player.

6. Reducing Distraction:

Loosely fitted or excessively long shorts can create unwanted distractions during a volleyball match. It can cause unnecessary adjustments during crucial points in the game. To prevent such hindrances, short volleyball shorts are a preferred choice.

7. Legacy and Tradition:

Historically, volleyball shorts have always been short. Over the years it has become a tradition that’s closely related to the identity of the sport. So, quite simply, volleyball shorts are short because that’s how they have always been.

Why Girls Wear Short Shorts In Volleyball

Female volleyball players wear short shorts primarily for practical and performance reasons:

  1. Freedom of Movement: Short shorts allow for unrestricted leg movement, essential for quick lateral and vertical motions, jumping, and diving.
  2. Reduced Interference: Longer shorts or pants may catch or impede players during play, affecting performance and potentially causing injury.
  3. Aerodynamics: Short shorts reduce air resistance, aiding agility and speed during games.
  4. Comfort: The lightweight, breathable fabric of short shorts helps players stay cool and comfortable during physically demanding matches.
  5. Uniformity: Short shorts are a standard part of the volleyball uniform, ensuring a consistent look across teams.
  6. International Regulations: The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and other governing bodies have guidelines specifying the acceptable length of shorts, promoting uniformity and fair play.
  7. Tradition: Short shorts have been part of the sport’s tradition and have become a symbol of the sport over time.

The History Of Volleyball Shorts 

Volleyball was created in the late 1800s but was mainly a male game for the novice. It was not played by females at the global level until the 1950s and this was not a widespread college as well as high school level sports activity until the 70s when the NCAA and NAIA had created it to be a varsity level sports activity. The female volleyball uniforms of the 70s mirrored the manner of the period. Measurements shorts, type connecting (but not tight) tops.

As the artificial substance spandex started to be very popular during the late 1970s, a lot of teams began changing over to spandex as part of their uniform. Both in the Country and worldwide, females have been wearing what was known as “bun huggers” with higher frequency. These spandex soles resembled bikini briefs. They were a greater cut “short” which allowed for the total range of motion. One of several downfalls to this cut of volleyball brief was the shorts would frequently “ride up” and also locate themselves absolutely wedged in one’s bottom part, subjecting significantly greater quantities of the back end than wanted or intended. Despite their many shortcomings “Bun Hugger” stayed for quite a long time. Teams only started transitioning back to more traditional short styles around the late 80s and early 90s. 

The spandex volleyball shorts began to resurface into style in the late 90s. Although they came back style with a little more length to them. Initially, numerous teams had an extended approach to 4″ spandex light while they transitioned from the standard shorts & back into the spandex shorts. Though the teams often quickly relocated to the 2″ spandex shorts. The truth is that longer volleyball shorts moved too much! Most volleyball players find longer shorts difficult to play with since they’ll have to tug at these shorts to get them back into place. Some even complained that the fabric of these longer shorts creeps upward into uncomfortable locations. 

Why Are Spandex Preferred In Women’s Volleyball Today?

This is a very hot debate, isn’t it? Not minding the fallacies that many people have made you believe, the spandex shorts were not designed to add sex appeal to sexualize your daughters, or even add spectators to the game of volleyball. Spandex shorts were designed for practicality and comfort. The main reason for choosing. Spandex shorts used today is because it offers a great range of motion. Most volleyball players loved that the spandex shorts didn’t inhibit their range of motion.

The table below contains questions and answers on the length of volleyball shorts, why girls’ shorts are so short, and what female volleyball players wear under their shorts. 

When Did Volleyball Teams Transitioned To The Traditional Shorts Styles? Teams only started transitioning back to more traditional shorts styles around the late 80s and early 90s. 
An Average Volleyball Short Is Of What Length. Normally, an average volleyball short is 2 ¾ for small sized spandex.
Girls’ Shorts Are So Short, Why?Girls’ shorts are generally short because it help them move and play well.
Do Female Volleyball Players Necessarily Need To Wear Anything Under Their Spandex Shorts? No! Female volleyball players do not necessarily need to wear anything under their spandex shorts.

What Length Are Volleyball Shorts?

If you want a direct and short answer, 2 ¾ is the average length of inseam for a small-sized spandex. 3 ¼ is the average length of inseam for a medium-sized spandex short. For slightly larger-sized spandex short, the average inseam length is 3 ¾. 

Why Are Girls Shorts So Short?

Women’s shorts are so short to help them extend the visual length of the leg. Also since they have long legs and short torsos, shorter shorts will help them move and play at their full potential. 

What Do Female Volleyball Players Wear Under Their Shorts?

Women do not necessarily need to wear underwear when wearing spandex volleyball shorts. However, you can wear a thong with no visible lines. Also, you can wear something that helps protect the private parts from the fabric. 

Why Are Beach Volleyball Outfits So Skimpy?

Most people wonder why men wear tank tops and shorts while women are allowed to wear bikinis. The simple answer to this question is that women beach volleyball players wear bikinis because they want to, not because it is imposed. 

Closing Thoughts 

Since longer shorts move a lot, players prefer shorter volleyball shorts. These volleyball shorts do restrict movement, and they allow players to play with full confidence. We’ve come to the end of this blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know why volleyball shorts are so short. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!




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