Why Do Golf Commentators Whisper? (Find Out Why Golf Commentators Whisper!)

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There are specific reasons why golf commentators whisper. Golf commentators whisper mainly because of their closeness to golfers on the golf course. Since golfers are standing close to them, they whisper so as not to cause a distraction for professional golfers who need so much concentration. You should know about some unique things about watching or even playing golf if you’re truly a lover of golf. 

There are a lot of rules and etiquette in the game and are sometimes difficult. As a spectator or a golfer, you’ll certainly notice the commentators whispering to one another during a golf game. As opposed to whispering, all other sports are mostly about celebrating, screaming, and yelling, making whispering a bit odd in the game. However, you should know that commentators whisper for some certain reasons. Let’s find out! 

This Table Contains The Two Most Common Important Etiquette Rules Of Golf.  

Important Etiquette Rules of GolfExplanation  
Never Step In Someone’s LineJust about the most vital rule is ensuring never to step in a lines on a putting green. The line on the putting green is definitely the line out of a golfer’s ball. 
Stay Out Of A SightlineDon’t stand anywhere you can be seen by a golfer trying to take a shot. Try to find a spot behind or away from the golfer trying to take a shot.

Why Do Commentators Whisper During A Golf Game? 

A lot of things go into hitting a golf ball, and if a pro golfer is distracted during his swing, he might end up hitting a poor shot. There’s a lot on the line when pro holders are participating in a tournament. Since the slightest miss can cost a golfer a shot or perhaps two, it doesn’t matter if it’s a few yards away. This slightest miss could determine the winner and loser of the game, putting the loser at risk of losing a significant title or a great amount of money. 

Certainly, commentators do not want to be the cause of situations to pro golfers, so that’s why you see them whisper gently to avoid making loud noise that might distract any golfer participating in a tournament. It’s not a problem for them though, they have certainly learnt how to work smoothly with the golfers and still get their commentary work done.

Golfers sometimes find themselves on tees boxes or greens behind these commentators even if it seem like they don’t play golf near them. You will definitely want to maintain total quietness when you’re at a professional golf tournament.  

Do I Need To Whisper When Playing Recreational Hold With My Friends? 

The game of golf remains rigid with its etiquette and rules and it is nothing different even when you’re playing golf with your friends. Even though people might say recreational games are not or less competitive, they are still part of the game, and it’s essential to play by the rules and etiquette by respecting other players. While other players are hitting the ball, you are expected to remain quiet. To be honest, you loud voice during a golf game might have a slim chance of affecting someone’s shot. Although the green and the tee are the most important areas where your quietness is needed on the course. When it comes to concentration in the game of golf, the most crucial part is putting and hitting the ball well with the driver off the tee. So, you need to be as quiet as possible to avoid distracting other players. 

What Are The Most Important Etiquette Rules In Golf? 

You need to follow some other basic etiquette rules and steps in the game of golf apart from staying quiet while other golfers are hitting the ball. 

1. Never Step In Someone’s Lines

Just about the most vital rule is ensuring never to step in a line on a putting green. The line on the putting green is definitely the line out of a golfer’s ball on the gap. This’s the road you’d assume a golf ball is going to travel on to reach the hole. Because most players use golf shoes, stepping in a series is able to alter the way the ball rolls along this particular line.

Any type of a mark or an indentation on a putting line is able to throw the ball away from the series and succeed miss the gap. Should you have to go across a putting green and also believe you might need to step in a series, you just part over it. Some golf greens will be in rough shape, along stepping over the series will likely not have a lot of an impact. For greens that are in great condition, this may wind up simply being a problem. No matter the greens’ situation, it’s crucial to ensure you admire the line of an additional player.

2. Try To Stand Out Of A Sightline 

Don’t stand anywhere you can be seen by a golfer trying to take a shot. Try to find a spot behind or away from the golfer trying to take a shot. Doing this will help make the sight of other golfers clear. The problem with standing in the sightline of other golfer is that you will definitely distract them if you move while they are trying to swing. 


Golf commentators whisper since they’re respectful to the tour players. This respect type is recommended due to the effort and time that professional golfers place into scoring winning and low events. Since golfers are positioned near to them, they whisper so as never to bring about distraction for professional golfers that require a lot of awareness. As a golfer or a spectator, you will surely see the commentators whispering to each other during a golf game. We’ve come to the final chapter of this informative blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know why commentators whisper during golf games. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks! 

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