Why do Italian Football Fans Have so Much Hate For SSC Napoli Even Though it’s a Small Club? (Explained!)

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In principle, the perceived hate for SSC Napoli as a football club in Italy is largely due to the political divide between the northern and southern regions of the country. The club is adorned by the southerners and has been hugely successful for several decades, consistently staying competitive with the top teams in the Italian league. As a  successful club that is regarded as one of the top five teams in Italy, the term ‘small club’ is a usual trolling phrase used by opposition fans to taunt the club. The club is the biggest and the most popular football club in the Neapolitan area and has constantly been a very appealing club to top players in the football game, as they notably once had the late iconic Argentina legend Diego Armando Maradona in their ranks.

Napoli as a city has suffered negative comments from Italians in general for several decades. Derogatory remarks are constantly thrown at them are they are considered dirty, rude, pretenders and cowards. However, these inciting comments did not affect the club from performing consistently against the upper-class clubs. 

SSC Napoli has been quite successful on the pitch in recent years but the perceived hate from football fans shows no sign of abating. This article will provide a detailed look into why SSC Napoli is hated by football fans in Italy and why they are regarded as a small club. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Why is SSC Napoli hated by football fans?

Why is SSC Napoli hated by football fans

Historically, there is visibly a long-standing regional rivalry between the Italian north and south region. The Southern region where SSC Napoli is located is blessed with passionate fans who are consistently backing the club to challenge the top team for trophies. Football-wise, The perceived hate on SSC Napoli is from the fans of teams in the northern region of the Italian capital. Aside from SSC Napoli, no other football club offers competition and challenges the big clubs like Juventus for championship titles. Other Southern region teams are ignored and given less attention as they pose little or no threats to the quest of the dominant teams for league titles. The challenge the club offers and the success they have enjoyed through the years have invariably increased the envy and hate from rival fans.

Is SSC Napoli a small club?

Is SSC Napoli a small club

In terms of population and magnitude, Napoli is the third-largest city in Italy and the football club is rich in history and magnitude. The football club is the biggest in the Neapolitan area and has regularly stayed competitive with the best teams in Italy for several decades. Having enjoyed an elite team status in the 1980s, the club endured a steady decline which culminated in their relegation to the second tier of the Italian league. They managed to secure promotion back to the top division in the year 2000, only to suffer a series of bad results which ultimately led to relegation back to the Seria B after just a season. The club’s worst nightmare came when it went bankrupt in 2004, hitting its all-time low in the process. However, the club has bounced back under the ownership of Aurelio De Laurentiis to rise back to prominence as one of the best teams in Italian football.

Which club is SSC Napoli’s biggest rival in Italian football?

Southern Italy is not considered a football powerhouse region n the Italian capital as just a few clubs have been privileged of playing top-flight football. Local derbies between city rivals are usually the biggest games in club football. However, SSC Napoli being the only recognizable team in the Seria A from the southern region makes it impossible for Napoli to enjoy keenly contested rivalry encounters.

Taking into account the long-standing regional rivalry between the north and southern region of the country, Juventus football club is regarded as the biggest rival for SSC Napoli in Seria A. Although Juventus is located in the country’s northern region, contests between the two clubs have produced thrills and spectacles for football fans in Italy and across the globe for several decades.

How successful is SSC Napoli football club?

The club was founded officially on the 1st of August 1926 and is regarded as one of the top 5 teams in Italian football. As trophies won is the usual yardstick in measuring how successful a team is in football generally, SSC Napoli has done quite well in that regard. The club has won the Italian top-flight titles on two occasions in the year 1987 and 1990 respectively. Other silverware won by the club includes six Coppa Italia titles,, two Italian supercups, and a solitary UEFA cup.

Who was SSC Napoli’s biggest signing in history? 

The recent resurgence of the club from financial problems has seen them snap up high-profile players with huge transfer fees in recent seasons. However, the biggest signing in the history of SSC Napoli was the late iconic Argentine legend – Diego Maradona. His arrival produced a perfect turnaround in the club’s fortunes which led the club to its first Italian league title in 1987. Maradona’s impressive performances also delivered the coveted UEFA cup and he remains a cult hero in the club.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions on why Italian football fans have so much hate for SSC Napoli. Let’s check them out.

What are the biggest rivalries in Italian football?

I against Juventus is undoubtedly one of the rivalries in Italy. Other notable mentions include local derbies between inter Milan and Ac Milan and the Rome derby between AS Roma and Lazio. 

What is the name of SSC Napoli’s stadium?

The official name of the club’s stadium was Sao Paolo for several decades before it was renamed the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in memory of the legend when he died at the age of 60 years.

What is the meaning of  SSC usually written in front of Napoli football club?

As a custom fit several decades, the Napoli football club is written as SSC Napoli. The SSC is an abbreviation of the Italian sentence ‘Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli’ which simply means Napoli soccer sports society.

Closing remarks

The Perceived hate by football fans towards SSC Napoli is largely due to historical regional division between the south and north region of the country. Clubs from the northern region have been the dominant force in the league for decades and Napoli’s success as the only recognizable team from the southern part has ultimately made the club less appealing to the opposition fans, particularly from the northern region.

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