Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners?- (Get a Detailed Explanation)

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All running shorts have liners for a reason. Manufacturers have made efforts to ensure that your short’s liner provides better moisture management to help keep things cool, comfortable, and dry. Additionally, they are built to provide enough support, compression, and comfort for men who don’t like wearing jocks – who said you need jocks anyway?

These days, more and more sports suppliers are coming out with a product that Package two items as one. Many running shorts now feature a sewn-in liner used to protect the sensitive skin on your legs from moisture and prevent chafing while running or cycling in short cuffed trousers (shorts). If not checked, running shorts will cause us more harm than good, thanks to how tightly they fit over our legs.

The idea of liner protection is not new. It has been done since the days when we wore underwear. However, some people run without underwear since they think that the seams in their shorts create enough friction to avoid wearing anything underneath.

Why Do Manufacturers Put Liners in Running Shorts?

Why do they put liners in running shorts

Compression shorts (Running shorts with liners) are becoming increasingly popular as men’s and women’s underwear options. These briefs often have a lining on the inside to offer support and prevent chafing of the genitals. The lining is not necessarily restricted to running shorts. You can use them for other sports activities such as cycling and workouts.

Are shorts With Liners Good for running?

It is an open secret that runners value comfort while on the move. Besides the reality that not everyone is accustomed to wearing shorts with liners, the naked truth is that this gear ensures your comfort by minimizing chafing incidents that often hinder performance. Therefore, shorts with liners are critical to veteran runners and beginners as they enhance performance and ensure that your skin doesn’t get sore.

Why Do Running Shorts Have Built-In Underwear?

Different fitness pants for men and women provide various functions to protect against chafing, especially during warm conditions. Some are designed with built-in underwear, and some do not include it. Having underwear sewn into the pants helps athletes move better even when just wearing the other apparel due to their lightweight nature while providing minimal but necessary coverage.

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Five Benefits of Built-in Underwear

Five benefits of built-in underwear

1. They Wick Sweat and Moisture Away

The liners inside most running shorts are made with moisture-wicking material to move moisture away from your thighs and crotch area. This fabric wicks the sweat away from your body so that you don’t feel clammy while working out, which may be uncomfortable or cause chafing. Additionally, many pairs of running shorts are designed to allow maximum airflow through the legs or have side slit openings to allow runners to easily maneuver their legs as they often bend their knees during workouts.

For serious athletes and sports enthusiasts, technical workout clothing is a must. These are thinner and lighter than ordinary fabrics and create a wicking effect for heat to escape the body when it is hot outside. The material has better breathability, hence keeping your skin dry. Shorts with liners create an incredible and relaxed feeling after doing runs, workouts, or any other outdoor activities.

2. They Provide Support to Men’s Genitals

Running tights with a liner are popular among male athletes because they provide added security and storage. These tights were initially designed to hold what was needed for comfort in men, including the genital region and even small packages of tissues! Our bodies have become more well-equipped over time as we have become more athletic as our lifestyles demand it, and we can rely on things like exercise.

Are you looking for that comfortable pair of running shorts with a design that gives you the confidence to hit your target distance? Compression shorts with liners allow you to run comfortably, knowing it’s possible. This specially designed underwear for runners has lightweight materials for the liners that can provide the right amount of support during long-distance runs. Liners comprise various materials such as spandex, nylon, and viscose.

3. They Prevent Women’s Shorts from Riding Up

While most women would prefer fleece-lined shorts, they seldom have a chance to enjoy them as they need a roomy fit that wouldn’t show underwear lines. Fortunately, there’s a variety of athletic wear with built-in boxer briefs made of spandex and sweat-wicking fabric for enhanced comfort in any athletic activity. They are designed for men and women and come mainly in red and black colors, but may also come in grey or blue. Always remember that comfortable lining ensures sweat doesn’t get out of the pants.

4. They Prevent Chafing

Wearing liners with your running shorts helps prevent chafing, thus, keeping you comfortable. Chafing happens when there is a lot of rubbing over the skin from clothing moving around while you’re on the move. If the material on the fabric were to be held tightly against your body, it is unlikely that this kind of movement could happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to wear underwear with running shorts?

Each person’s experience with running clothes is different. When you are training, it is good to experiment with the functions of your clothing, particularly what you wear underneath your running shorts. You may feel more comfortable wearing underwear, but there are also strides in textile engineering that minimize fabric-to-skin friction while providing ample ventilation and compression. So, using a liner is not necessary. Remember, it all comes down to what makes you comfortable.

Can you cut the liner from running shorts?

The Running shorts’ liner can be cut externally. Pull out the underwear that doesn’t match your skin color as a reference and make slices where they have been sewn.

The latest running shorts have built-in underwear, and others come without. Shorts with liners are convenient as they slip in neatly inside the shorts, so you don’t have to buy another layer of underwear. However, if you find them uncomfortable, we recommend giving separate underwear a try because it has been known to offer more comfort.


Every athlete understands that the right running gear tremendously contributes to their track success. Suppose you are a beginner and unsure whether you will try a running short with a liner. In that case, there is no harm in giving it a go. after all, the garment has proven to be effective due to its moisture-wicking, breathability, and comfort abilities.

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