Why don’t Skilled Futsal Players Prefer Performing in Football Leagues? (Detailed Explanation!)

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Technically, Futsal football and football are two different sports even though they both share obvious similarities. The required skill set to excel in futsal football is different from football and both the technical and physical requirements are not the same for each game. In a broader sense, futsal football is a technique-based sport and is more fast-paced than football with a significantly smaller playing field and shorter duration of the game. Futsal football is closely related to regular football in terms of rules and regulations. However, the tactics, gameplay, and decisions are quite distinct.

In general terms, futsal football is regarded as a smaller version of regular football specially designed to improve the technical aspect and quick reasoning due to a smaller field of play with little requirement for physical fitness. Regular football on the hand requires physicality and strength to cover a longer distance due to a wider playing field. Technical skills and intrinsic passing are essential requirements to play futsal football which only allows players a small pocket of space to decide and operate while regular football is not necessarily an avenue to display skills as long the players have the athletic skills and stamina to defend and execute various tactical formations.

Reasons why skillful futsal players didn’t usually fancy a move into league football have been a subject of interest for a while. Here in this article, we will explore the reasons and also go through the similarities and differences between the two sports. Let’s dive in!

Why don’t skilled futsal players prefer performing in football leagues?

futsal players prefer performing in football leagues

With the high display of skills and accurate passes in futsal football, it is only natural for questions to be raised about why didn’t the skillful futsal players take a sojourn in the more popular regular football? Is it a question of lacking some attributes to excel in football or it is just a matter of preference? These questions are begging for answers which will be provided below.

Futsal football is more of an entertaining game with skills and tricks and places less importance on speed, players size, long range vision, shooting from long distances and headed goals to mention a few. While regular football requires certain physical characteristics for players to efficiently deliver, futsal football is more about displays of tricks and skills, close control dribbling, and quick decision-making in tight spaces. Through futsal football, players can develop dribbling skills and short-range passes which can ultimately become a valuable tool for players all-around. Development in the game. However, valuable attributes and skills that can be tactically deployed to win games in regular football such as long-range shots, headed goals, and set pieces are missing in the way futsal football is designed to be played. Summarily, futsal football players have the necessary skills and attributes to excel in football leagues as long as they are ready to work on their stamina and physicality. In the end, the decision to make such a move from futsal to regular football is down to an individual player’s preference.

What is futsal football?

What is futsal football

Popularly called ‘the 5 aside game’, futsal football is a form of indoor soccer officially endorsed by FIFA in the 1980s. It is a small-sided game consisting of just five players on each team. Futsal football is played with touchline boundaries on a hard-surfaced playing field size of a basketball court. Interestingly, this version of football is played across the globe and it is a suitable game for regular football players to refine their magic touches and maintain their control skills. Futsal football is officially played by over 12 million players across 100 countries in the world. This sports game has proven to be a great skill developer as legendary superstars like the great Pele, Zico, Lionel Messi and Kaka gave credit to futsal football for its contribution to their skill development.

What’s the difference between futsal and regular football?

Futsal football and regular football are two games of the same family but require a different skill sets to play. Both sports share complimentary characteristics but are fairly different in terms of format and gameplay. The football rules and regulations are applicable to both sports but there are slight adjustments in how the rules are applied for either sport.

 For clarity, below is a table showing few highlighted differences between distal and regular football.

Futsal footballRegular football
Only 5 players are fielded in each team.Each team consists of 11 players.
Playing field is relatively small in size.Pitch is larger and wider.
It requires skills and tricks.Skillful displays are not necessarily required.
The futsal ball is small and heavy. Regular football is of a standard size.
The playing field is made up of a hard-surfaced gymnasium floor. Regular pitch is made up of natural or artificial turf, usually green in color.
The total duration is 40mins with 20mins each for both halves.Both halves of regular football are 45mins, making it 90mins in total.
Unlimited substitution is allowed.Substitutions is restricted to 3 or 5 per game. 
A flurry of goals is a usual occurrence in futsal football.Goals are limited due to a larger field of play and various tactical formations.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions about why skillful futsal players don’t prefer performing in football leagues. Let’s check them out!

Is futsal football easier to play?

Not exactly! Rather than being an easier game, it is physically less demanding than regular football. That is why a lot of retired footballers excel at futsal football tournaments while futsal players find the transition into regular football leagues difficult.

What is the biggest difference between futsal and regular football?

Out of several differences between the two sports, the most significant one is the size of their respective field of play.

Can futsal be as popular as regular football?

No! Although futsal football has gained popularity since it was endorsed by FIFA less than 30 years ago, regular football remains the most populous sport globally.

Closing thoughts

Both futsal and regular football are challenging sports with obvious similarities and differences in terms of the skillset required to play either sport. Futsal players have the skills required to perform in the regular football league as long as they are ready to work on their strengths and stamina, which is an essential requirement to cope with the rigorous and physical demands of regular football.

We have come to the end of this write-up and We hope you find this article informative enough to answer your queries regarding the article topic. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.


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