Wilson NFL Super Grip Football Review (Well-Researched Guide!)

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The game of football is a classic sport, and over the last century, it has fascinated news headlines and some of the most mainstream spotlight. The game has produced some of the most popular athletes in the world, and it hasn’t stopped entertaining its fans, keeping them focused on their television sets for some hours. However, this revolutionary sport has one important gear and that’s the football ball. 

American football wouldn’t have been so popular and entertaining without a good ball. Even players like Tom Brady wouldn’t have become legends if these balls were not created. A well-designed and built ball are one of the basic pieces of equipment needed to begin a football career. The right ball will be helpful in learning and understanding the game much better and easier. 

On the market today, you’ll find many footballs with differences in prices, designs, and quality. The fairly-used ones in the NFL are quite expensive while some are reasonably affordable. If you’ve been looking for the best football for kicking or throwing, then you’re at the right place as I’ve found and reviewed the [amazon link=”B0012SNLJG” title=”Wilson NFL Super Grip Football” /] for you. That’s not all. We’ve also composed well-detailed buyers to help you with the buying process. Without wasting time, let’s roll! 

What Is The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football?

What Is The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

The NFL Super Grip Football is an official ball manufactured by Wilson for beginners or avid footballers who want to practice football. This ball is well designed and built to be helpful in learning and understanding the game much better and easier.

How Much Does The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football Cost? 

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football Cost

The ball is quite affordable for everyone. It cost about $18 on Amazon

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Who Is The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football For? 

Who Is The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football For

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football was designed and built for juniors to practice football and also for competitive games. 

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football Review 

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football Review 

Looking for a high-quality practice football? Then look no further than this Wilson NFL Super Grip Football. Wilson isn’t a new manufacturer of sportswear and sports equipment in the sports industry. They’ve been around for a while now, delivering premium quality sports equipment with top performance at affordable prices. If you truly want to buy a practice football from a reliable and trusted brand, then Wilson won’t disappoint you! 

They manufacture and supply a lot of footballs for the NFL, and also deliver some of the best practice footballs for both professionals and beginners. This ball is made of durable and high-quality leather with a tough cover that improves its grip. It comes with a standard sizing that allows you to get acquainted with the game easier and better even if it’s not the official ball used in the NFL.  It boasts a multi-layered lining which increases the rigidity of the ball and makes it retain its shape even on heavy-duty usage. 

The tacky cover of this ball is what really makes it special when compared to other models on the market. Beginners would find this ball useful especially during training of catching the ball in the air. Also, we love that the ball can be used in wet weather conditions. Super Grip Football doesn’t wear out quickly, and it comes with a great grip. 

This incredible ball from Wilson is your ideal practice ball if you’re in search of something consistent for playing the game of football. What more? The ball is available in official and junior sizes which makes it perfect for players of all ages. At first glance, you’ll like this ball because it combines durability, grip, and performance. 

Overall, it is a durable football made from high-performance composite material. You’re assured of rigidity and consistent shape, thanks to its multi-layered lining. Its tacky, textured surface delivers superior grip. 

Notable Features Of Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

We’ve listed a few of the beneficial features of this incredible football. Let’s check them out! 

Multi-layered Lining 

This ball comes with a multilayered lining which increases the resilience of the ball and makes it rigid enough to withstand heavy use. The ball will retain its shape no matter how hard you kick or play it. 

Synthetic Cover 

Wilson designed and built this ball with durable and high-quality leather and tough cover for overall grip improvement. If you’re looking for a good football with the best grip feature, then this is your best choice. 

Tacky Material 

The adhesive cover of this ball adds to its overall rigidity. It makes the ball very durable and stable. Beginners would find it useful especially during throwing and catching training in the air.

Two Color Options 

This ball is available in two color options. You can either go for the gold color or the black color. Just choose the one that suits your personality. 


1. Available in junior and official sizes 

2. Comes with a tacky cover for maximum grip 

3. Boasts a multilayered design 

4. Equipped with a durable leather construction 

5. High-performance composite material 

6. Synthetic cover, ready for play 

7. Deliver a consistent shape and durability 


1. Not suited for official game

Buyer’s Guide 

It is always advisable to pick the right football ball whether you’re a beginner who wants to develop a career in the sport or you’re an avid footballer who’s looking to improve throwing or kicking skills. With this practice ball, you can easily train at any time at home in your basement, lawn, or backyard. And this ball is a reliable and easier way to practice any time you want. 

There are a number of different footballs out there with different manufacturers and designs. With this, you might find it a little bit confusing to choose the right one for your immediate training needs. That’s why we’ve prepared a well-researched and detailed buyer’s guide to help you with the buying process. Our buyer’s guide contains all the factors that need to be considered to make the right buying decision. 


Different materials are used to make footballs, and the most affordable option is composite football. Synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing process of composite footballs. Composite footballs are great options for excellent grip, but cannot be used for competitive games. If you’re a serious player who wants to become a professional someday, authentic leather footballs are your best bet for training. 

People who want to play football for a recreational purpose should go for the balls with foam on the inside. This is because footballs with foam on the inside make it easier to play by first-timers and beginners. 


Generally, it is a smart move to play with a football that’s the right size for you depending on your level of play and age. If the ball is too big for you, you’ll be left with a falsity of your techniques as playing with a smaller football will be a little difficult during a competitive game. So, please try to look out for the right size that suits you properly. You can choose from the four different sizes available. 

Grip Technology 

Manufactures ensure that they include unique technology which improves the overall grip of a football. Each manufacturer has its own special way of incorporating grip technology into footballs. Wilson has a better way of equipping their footballs with the best grip technology. Just so you know, once the grip of a ball is great, then the ball will be useful in all weather conditions. During the rainy season, your preferred football must not be slippery in hand, it must be firm. Make sure you pick a football that delivers maximum grip so that you can enjoy your practice. 

Spiral Technology 

If you’re practicing football to become a quarterback, then you should go for a football that offers a tight spiral in the air. Normally, many features attribute to the spiral ability of a football. So, check out the overall design of the ball to know if its spiral is top-notch or not. The overall design and linking of a ball will tell a lot about its spiral ability most especially if you’re a potential quarterback. Note that this feature is quite rare. You can never find it in common balls. It is mostly found in balls used for NFL games. NFL-approved balls we’re designed to offer spiral function so as to help quarterbacks perform at their best. 

NFHS, NCAA, Or NFL Approved

Another thing to look out for when shopping for a good football is whether it is approved by either NFHS, NCAA, or NFL especially if you’re getting it for professional use (game or training purposes). The governing bodies of American Football must approve the ball that you want to pick so that you can be sure that it will meet all your gaming needs. Why would you practice football with a ball that is not approved by the NFL? Most balls that are not approved by the NFL do not meet the needed requirements. You must always play and train with the best and authentic balls as a professional footballer. 

Variation In Sizes 

You shouldn’t find it difficult to choose the right size for your needs since there are four different sizes available. Normally, the sizes range from Peewee football to the official footballs used for NFL competitive games. For more enlightenment, we’ve listed the sizes below so as to know which one would suit your needs. 

Pee-Wee: This type of ball is generally size 6 and is regarded as the smallest-sized ball. It is more suitable for players from the age of 6 to 9 years. 

Junior: This ball is mostly used by junior players, and it is generally size 7, which is a little bigger than size 6. It is more suitable for players from the age of 10 to 12 years. 

Youth: Youth players should make use of a slightly bigger football. This youth ball is generally size 8, and it’s recommended for ages 12 to 14.

Official: This official size football is used by anyone who has passed the age of 14, and it’s the biggest of all the sizes available, measuring a standard size 9. 

By the way, there are mini footballs for little kids who love to play with something. Some kids naturally love football, therefore, brands now design some smaller size footballs for them to play with. 

How To Inflate The Ball 

Football is quite easy to inflate. Inflating your football can be done anywhere in the school or at home if you have the right ball pump. All you need is an electric or manual ball pump and a perfect-sized nozzle for your ball’s valve. Be careful not to use the wrong nozzle as it will cause more damage to the ball’s valve or just waste your time and effort. Modern ball pumps usually come with a built-in pressure gauge which helps you with the accurate pressure needed for the ball. A ball pump is quite important and should be carried along to the field whenever you’re going for practice. 

Final Words

The [amazon link=”ASIN” title=”NFL Super Grip Football” /] has a gripping technology and it’s quite durable, stable, cost-effective, and comes with a multilayered design. It is well-designed and built with multilayered lining and high-quality leather with a tough cover to deliver a convenient way for people who want to improve their accuracy and swing skills anywhere. The downside for these incredibly beneficial features, however, is that the ball is not suited for official games. 

Ensure that you go through our buyer’s guide. It will help you decide whether this model is the perfect option for your football practices and games. We’ve come to the end of this single product review. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know about the NFL Super Grip Football review. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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