How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In A Boeing, Airplane, Bus, Truck, And Other Storages

How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In A Boeing, Airplane, Bus, Truck, And Other Storages? (We Bet You Never Know What The Answers Are!)

This is a question that many people have been trying to find possible answers to and to be honest,  more people come across this type of question. We need to borrow a mathematical approach to get the answer since booing, airplane, bus, truck, and golf balls have actual measurements. Please follow up to figure out … Read More

Walkers Have Tennis Balls

Why Do Walkers Have Tennis Balls

Tennis balls have been utilized on walkers to make a bit more stability and grip when going around.  The normal rubber tips which are on the base of walkers may be a bit too fragile and slippery sometimes.  Tennis balls offer an inexpensive solution that’s easily replaceable when they begin to show a lot of … Read More


What Is The Age Limit For NCAA Division?

Well, according to the NCAA, there’s no particular ordained age limit for any athletes. However, Division I and II are given the grace of one calendar year after high school graduation.  Your eligibility will kick off in all sports except for tennis, skiing, and hockey, after one year of high school class graduate. Whereas, the … Read More

Dodge Charger

Is A Dodge Charger Considered A Sports Car?

Not really! Even if most people think Dodge Charger a sports car, the recent Chargers should not really be considered as sports cars, but rather as muscle cars. Since they are full-sized family sedans with mostly base 6 cylinder engines, which are capable of decent power at 300 BHP.  A simple description of a sports … Read More

Running 5 Miles a Day

Running 5 Miles A Day

Weight loss solely depends on calorie depletion.  Running 5 miles a day will help you burn over 3500 calories a week, which is equal to one pound of fat. If you keep to the recommended day-to-day calorie intake, which is generally 2500 calories daily for men, and 2000 calories daily for women, you should surely … Read More

Best Sports For 6 Year Old

Best Sports For 6 Year Old

The best sports for 6-year-old, in short, are Soccer, Cheerleading, Rugby, Swimming, Bicycle, Basketball, Inline Skating, Baseball, Hockey, and Golf. Just make sure your kids engage in any of these sports activities because sports activities have a lot of physical and mental benefits. Kids should not always be allowed to stay indoor with the TV, … Read More


Is Running A Sport?

Running is both a type of training for sports and a competition that has the endurance or sports components. As a sport, it is sub-divided by different distances into events and sometimes includes permutations such as hurdles and obstacles in the steeplechase. Most people define running as a gait in which at some particular points, … Read More

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