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SportBlurb is a blog about sports and the news that surrounds it. We aim to give fans a deeper look into the games they love, including analysis and discussion about recent events, game-play rules and technical know-how. Lets dig them deeper –


Let’s learn about Football and find interesting stats and numbers from your favorite Football Players and teams.


Love American National Football League (NFL)? Then this section is for you. Keep exploring the awesome NFL.


Rugby is a contact team sport that is descended from soccer and shares much of the same terminology and rules.


Golf is a sport that is played on a large course, usually by two people, using a club with a narrow, long, pointed head to drive a ball into a cup. Keep reading…


Tennis has been around for hundreds of years; the first set of rules were written down in 1875 by the newly formed Lawn Tennis Association in 1913.


Pickleball is a paddle sport that’s good for all ages. It combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Keep Reading….

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