What Do Professional Golfers Do With Their Old Golf Shirts? (In-depth Explanation!)

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Most professional golfer’s old golf shirts are sold or auctioned away to charity, especially those with bigger names. However, the majority of their shirts are likely to be given away by the golfer to family or friends.

The more high-profile the golfer is, the fewer times they will wear the shirt again, especially during a tournament round. Clothing manufacturers want their golfers to look sharp both in-person and live on TV, and when a shirt is washed and ironed, it can cause the collar to not look great or to curl at the tips. Professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and other top players for example have their outfits preplanned for each day of the major championship by their clothing companies months ahead.

Things That Professional Golfers Do With Their Old Golf Shirts

Things That Professional Golfers Do With Their Old Golf Shirts

Get Auctioned

An auction is usually a process  of selling and buying and goods or services by offering them up for bids, taking bids, and then buying the item from the lowest bidder or selling to the highest bidder. 

The open rising price of auction is arguably the most widespread part of auction being used throughout history. Participants can bid openly against one another, with each subsequent bid required to be higher than the previous. An auctioneer announce prices, bidders may call out their bids themselves or have their proxy call out the bid on their behalf, bids can also be submitted electronically with the highest current bid publicly displayed on the screen.

Auctions are applied for trade in different contexts. These contexts are paintings, rare collectibles, antiques, expensive wines, commodities, livestock, real estate, online advertising, vacation packages, radio spectrum, used cars, emission trading and many more. Most professional golfers old golf clothes are also part of items to be auctioned.

Donated to Charity

The practice of charity is the voluntary rendering of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act. There are  numerous  number of philosophies about charity, often closely associated with religion. Effective altruism is the use of reasoning and evidence to determine the most effective ways to render help to others. Charitable giving is the act of giving goods, money, or time to those consider to be  less opportune, either by means of trusted organization or to a worthy cause. 

Charitable giving as a religious duty or act is referred to as alms or almsgiving. The name was gotten from the most obvious expression of the virtue of charity; giving items to recipients by means for they to survive. The impoverished, particularly those orphaned or widowed, and the injured or ailing, are generally regarded as the proper recipients of charity. The people who cannot by any means support themselves and lack outside means of support sometimes become “beggars”, directly soliciting support from strangers encountered in public.

Most forms of charity are driven with the provision of basic necessities such as clothing, healthcare, food, water, and shelter, but other actions may be performed as charity: ransoming captives, educating orphans, visiting the imprisoned or the homebound, even social movements. Donations to causes that benefit the unfortunate directly or indirectly, such as donations to fund cancer and research of deadly diseases, are also charity. Most professional golfers old golf clothes are also part of items being donated to charity or sold to raise money for charity.

Given to Family/Friends

Family: In human society, pro golfers may decide to give out their golf shirts to their family or a group of people related either by affinity or consanguinity. The purpose of the family is to maintain the well-being of its members and of society at large. 

Friends: Pro Golfers may also decide to give out their old golf clothes to their friends or close relatives. That’s mainly because friendship is all about reciprocal relationship of admiration and appreciation between two or more people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do professional golfers pay for their clothes?

Many golfers also have endorsement deals that covers their clothing, with some sponsorship requiring a player to wear a particular outfit during a specific round at high-profile events. 

How do professional golfers keep their shirts tucked?

The key is to find the sweet spot of room-to-move without the fabric overlapping into a muffin-top look. Look, too, for golf trousers/pants and shorts with grippers

Do professional golfers get free balls?

Yes but the balls must adhere to the PGA’s standards of brand, size, and model. During practice, the players often receive unlimited number of balls to do away with as confusion regarding retrieval.

Is there a dress code for professional golfers?

At all PGA Golf Management tournaments has no strict dress code but demands players to present themselves with a neat and clean appearance. Khakis and collared shirts should be worn by all male players. Female competitors may wear skirts or shorts.

Do professional golfers mandated to wear long pants?

All caddies are mandated to wear solid-colored long pants, which should touch the top of the shoe, knee-length tailored shorts or skorts, or solid-colored, and a collared shirt while on club property. Culottes, skirts, capris, cut-off shorts, T-shirts, jeans, and cargo-style shorts are not permitted.


Professional golfers have a lot of options as regarding what they intend to do with their old golfing shirt. They could give it to their preferred friends or family, have it auctioned to generate money to donate to charity. What a professional golfers does to his old golfing shirts depends on his mood, hubbies, preference, and what he hopes to achieve.

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