Most Physically Demanding Sport

Most Physically Demanding Sport (Explained!)

The most physically demanding sports are the ones that require you to work a little harder than others. Work in the sense that you have to train hard and do a lot of challenging tasks to be fit for the sport. Most sports require training but some of them would need you to work harder … Read More

Barnett Heat Pro Helmet Sizing Chart

Barnett Heat Pro Helmet Sizing Chart (With Head Shape Types!)

The Barnett Heat Pro Helmet sizing is quite easy to read and understand. The size head measurement include: XL; 60 cm / 24”, L; 58 cm / 23″1/4, M; 56 cm / 22″1/2, S; 54 cm / 21″1/2, XS; 50 cm / 20″3/14.  Barnett Heat Pro Helmet is one of the most reliable head helmets … Read More

American football

Can Rugby Players Play American Football?

Yes, but it will not be as easy as many people say it. The two sports are unique to their languages, terms, flange, physicality, limitations, rules, and culture. So if a rugby player wants to switch to the NFL, he will need some adjustments and need to train differently for the NFL games. Although rugby … Read More

Rugby Players Tape Their Legs

Why Do Rugby Players Tape Their Legs?

Rugby players tale their legs because it allows them to have a better grip of other players who will be thrown. Taping of legs is mostly done by rugby players that are going to be thrown in line outs. You can also see rugby players put rings of tape around their thighs. They all work … Read More

Fastest Growing Sport in America

Fastest Growing Sport In America

There’s a new sport around, and the way it is, it’s here to stay! Rugby is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States of America and there’s no doubt about it – it’s entertaining, fun, requires passion and enthusiasm. Here is some more information about the fastest growing sport in America. People that … Read More

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