Why does Los Angeles have two NFL teams

Why Does Los Angeles Have two NFL Teams? (All You Need To Know)

Have you ever wondered why there are two NFL teams in Los Angels? Well, Los Angeles has two NFL teams because the Rams returned to Los Angeles from St. Louis and the Raiders  from San Diego. While the raiders played for Los Angels in 1960, the Rams played for Los Angels for the longest period; … Read More

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What is a WRT in Fantasy Football

What is a WRT in Fantasy Football? (Analyzed!)

WRT stands for Wide Receiver, Running Back, and Tight End. This is a slot in the lineup that means WR RB TE. You can slot any of your skillful players in those positions. Depending on the fantasy league, it would probably allow either 1 or 2 “flex” options. WRT is a multipurpose spot where anyone … Read More

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What Is A Blackout Football Game

What is a Blackout Football Game? – Let’s Find Out!

Are you a new football fan who has come across the term blackout football for the first time? Do you even know what it means? Well, a blackout football game is an NFL home game not televised on local television for lack of selling 85% of the tickets within 72 hours before kick-off. NFL designed … Read More

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difference between a running back, half back, tail back and full back in American football

Understanding American Football: What’s the difference between a running back, halfback, tailback, and full back?

In American football, the running back (RB) is a position in the offensive backfield. Generally, the difference between running, halfback, tailback, and fullback is their roles and playing positions on the field. The primary functions of running backs are receiving handoffs from quarterbacks for a rushing play, blocking, and catching the passes from out of … Read More

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What’s Better – Fruit Of The Loom Or Hanes

What’s Better – Fruit of the Loom or Hanes?

Fruit of the Loom or Hanes? Which brand is better? For decades, Fruit of the Loom and Hanes have been the two biggest underwear brands in the United States. But which brand makes better underwear? Which one has the better fit, higher quality, or better value? The answer comes down to individual preference more than … Read More

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What Does Ath Mean In Football

What Does ATH Mean in American Football? Find Out Here!

What does ATH mean in American football? If you’re going to be an avid football fan, then it’s essential to know all the lingo! One common abbreviation that you’re sure to encounter often during a game is ATH. What does ATH mean? If you were wondering, ATH stands for All-Purpose Yards, which refers to the … Read More

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