Why are Golf Courses Always Located Next to Airports?

Why Are Golf Courses Always Located Next To Airports

It is not by chance that you will find most golf courses adjacent to airports. Some of the reasons you will find a plethora of golf courses near airports in the US include the government’s initiative to encourage locals to put up a public facility near plain airport surroundings. It is also worth noting that … Read more

Are Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Any Good? (Find Out Today)

Are Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Any Good

Absolutely! Tommy Armour golf clubs are made to high specification and guarantee consistency in feel and performance. In terms of quality, this brand is best suited for beginners who are just learning the game and higher handicappers that craves for forgiveness and ultimate distance.  In general terms, selecting a brand to buy equipment from is … Read more

What Do Golf Players Think Of The Honma Brand? (Analyzed!)

What Do Golf Players Think Of The Honma Brand

In the league of golf club manufacturing brands over the world, Honma is arguably the most exclusive and outstanding club maker for several decades. Traditionally, Honma brands of golf clubs are usually expensive and are uniquely produced with materials of high quality.  With several versions designed to suit different players’ profiles and expectations, the Honma … Read more

What Does GOLF Stand For? (Find Out Now!)

What Does GOLF Stand For

GOLF stands for “Gentlemen Only; Ladies Forbidden” As an ancient sport that originated in the 15th century, golf is one of the oldest sporting games in history. It is an interesting 18 hole game established at the old course in Andrews, Scotland way back in 1764. The sport is popular around the world, particularly in … Read more

Why Are PXG Golf Clubs Expensive?

Why Are PXG Golf Clubs Expensive

As we all agree, golf is generally an expensive sport and its required playing equipment is costly to purchase and requires appropriate maintenance. Manufacturers of golf clubs and other equipment like PXG have varying degrees in price and quality, which are important considerations before golfers decide on the kind of golf clubs suitable for their … Read more

What Brand Of Golf Balls Does Top Golfers Use? (Listed & Explained!)

What Brand Of Golf Balls Does Top Golfers Use

Golf balls are categorized by spinning ability, flight consistency and distance control for a better playing experience. With aerodynamics importantly considered, manufacturing brands create new golf designs to suit the need of the player that chooses their model. Interestingly, top golfers select different brands of golf balls to play according to how well it can … Read more

In Golf, What Is The Difference Between Euro Pro Tour And Pro Golf Tour (In-depth Explanation!)

Difference Between Euro Pro Tour And Pro Golf Tour

For good measure, the major differences between the euro pro tour and the pro golf tour are the entry requirements, host countries, prize money, different level of players and difficulty level. Euro pro tour is a United Kingdom based developmental golf tournament designed to provide an entry point to a career in golf tournaments for … Read more