Who Has The Simplest Golf Swing? (Find Out Now!)

Who Has The Simplest Golf Swing

Mickey Wright!!! Normally, the majority will pick Ben Hogan or Sam Snead had the simplest and greatest swing of all-time, but Hogan, himself, said Mickey Wright’s trick was the best he had ever come across or seen. It was easy, metrical and flawlessly steadied. Mickey’s counterparts also said she could whack a 2-iron exactly like … Read more

What are the Odds of Being Selected to Buy Tickets to See Golf Tournament at the Masters? (Well Explained!)

What are the odds of being selected to buy Tickets to See Golf Tournament at the Masters

The Masters committee doesn’t specify how many practice round or tournament badges are issued, hence it’s different to say what the odd of being selected to see the tournament are. A golfer expert once estimated that the chances of individuals getting selected for a tournament badge is “slim to none” but others have had the … Read more

Is Golf A Sport? (Explained!)

Is Golf A Sport

The argument that golf should be recognized as a sport is analogous to the argument that poker, chess and cheerleading should be considered sports. The fact that such activities require practice and skill does not qualify them to be considered sports. 15th century Scotland is the birthplace of modern golf, although the other option is … Read more