6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

List Of Top 6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries With Reviews

Golf carts are an excellent investment for businesses, providing them with everything they need and much more. Golf carts can also offer a better experience to your clients, as well as making the job of your employees easier. Having golf carts around gives customers an enjoyable tour through your course and venues so they will … Read More

How Good Are Cleveland Golf Clubs

How Good Are Cleveland Golf Clubs? ( Explained!)

Cleveland is a good golf brand that are dedicated to providing golf equipment from high-quality irons to tailoring their irons to low-range handicappers. One great thing about this brand is that they incorporate the best golf technology in each piece of their equipment Some golfers are passionate about their sport, and collect memorabilia to display … Read More

Can You Return Clubs To Golf Galaxy

Can You Return Clubs To Golf Galaxy? (Find Out!)

Yes, whether or not you get a replacement, substitute or replacement depends on myriad factors: the method of how you chose the club, the brand, condition of the clubs when returned, how far off standard spec; maybe more. If you fitted the club, and the golf Galaxy got you a set with your not-standard spec, … Read More

How Long Does 18 Holes Take

How Long Does 18 Holes Take? (Well Explained!)

In an average 18-hole golfing game, it takes a team of four roughly 4-5 hours to finish their round – especially when they’re playing on a course that isn’t too crowded. When there aren’t any waiting times involved on each hole, the golfers should be able to complete in under 4 hours. However, if the … Read More

How Long Do Golf Carts Last

How Long Do Golf Carts Last? (Find Out Today!)

Golf carts have a long-lasting life span of more than 20 years, to the best of our knowledge. In order to debunk rumors when it comes down to the various makes and models we’ve seen throughout the years, gas carts have not been discontinued – at least not that we know of. Golf carts are … Read More

Differences Between The D4 & D2 Swing Weight

Differences Between The D4 & D2 Swing Weight

The head weight is about 4 grams. Not many golfers will notice a 2/4 gram change, but notwithstanding if you a switching lighter from D4 to D2 to heavier from D2 to D4. This change in swing weight posed such an insignificant difference for many to even perceive. The lucky few who could perceive the … Read More

Standard Height For A Golf Club

What Is The Standard Height For A Golf Club? (Analyzed!)

The standard golf club has a height of approximately about 5’7″ to 6’1”. Speaking about golf cubs, the size of a golf club is very important, and not just the size, but a correct golf club size which will aid you in becoming a better and a good golf player and make the sport more sensational, … Read More

Pin High Mean In Golf

What Does Pin High Mean In Golf? (Explained!)

In golf “Pin high” means that a golf ball has been hit as approaching a shot to the very direction as the flag (which makes the location of the hole). It is possible to hit the ball pin high and yet miss either left or right of the hole but it indicates that you got … Read More

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